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Wm. Robert Johnston
Ph.D. (Physics), M.S. (Physics), B.A. (Astronomy)

At the National Atomic Museum in 2000--with a Snark intercontinental cruise missile.

I am a research physicist in the field of space physics: the study of the space environment, encompassing realms from the ionosphere to the magnetosphere to interplanetary space. My current concentration is in the study of the Earth's radiation belts.

My Ph.D. is in physics from the University of Texas at Dallas (in Richardson). My dissertation research examined the relationship of the plasmapause and the outer radiation belt, using observations from the DMSP and SAMPEX satellites. UT-Dallas's William B. Hanson Center for Space Sciences is a leading group in the study of space physics.

My M.S. is in physics from the University of Texas at El Paso in cooperation with the University of Texas at Brownsville. My work there in the relativity group was concerned with data analysis for gravitational wave detection. While there I worked on data analysis methods for triggered burst searches, on stochastic searches, and made two summer research visits to the LIGO-Livingston site.

My B.A. is in astronomy from the University of Texas at Austin. For three years I participated in the Dean's Scholars Program in the College of Natural Sciences.

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