(88710) 2001 SL9

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 1 September 2005

Orbital elements and other data (Assumed or derived values in parenthesis, my estimates in italics and parenthesis. Source identifications in brackets, see this link for sources):

orbital data, primary (osculating elements) [JPL]:
semimajor axis a: 1.0613064820094 AU
orbital period P: 1.0934 y (=399.4 d)
eccentricity e: 0.270023160524823
perihelion distance q: 0.774729151451741 AU
aphelion distance Q: 1.34788381 AU
inclination i: 21.898289533398°
argument of perihelion omega: 329.255393913696°
ascending node OMEGA: 202.906047989506°
mean anomaly M: 233.204897769253°
perihelion passage TP: 2005-06-19.6564426
Epoch: 30 JAN 2005
data arc: 1954-2004 (489 obs.)

orbital data, secondary:
semimajor axis a: (1.8 km)
semimajor axis/primary radius a/Rp: 3.6 [A3a]
orbital period P: 16.40 ± 0.02 h [I7742]
eccentricity e: ?

other data, primary:
diameter: 1.0 km [A3a]
absolute magnitude H: 17.43 [JPL]
rotation period: 2.4003 ± 0.0003 h [I7742]
amplitude delta M: 0.08 [H03a]
color index B-V: ?
color index V-R: ?
color index R-I: ?
slope parameter G: (0.15) [a]
geometric albedo: (0.16) [a]
mass: (1x1012 kg?)
density: (1.8 g/cm3?)
type: ?

other data, secondary:
diameter: (0.31 km)
diameter ratio Ds/Dp: 0.31 ± 0.02 [I7742]
component magnitude difference: ?
rotation period: ?

--(88710) 2001 SL9--discovery and notes:

Primary discovered 18 September 2001 by the JPL/NEAT program from Palomar Mountain Observatory, California, USA, but linked to prediscovery observations from 1954.

Companion discovered from observations made 2-22 October 2001 by P. Pravec, P. Kusnirak, and B. Warner; announced 3 November 2001.

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