Contact Binary Asteroids and Comets

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 15 July 2017

Of those asteroids for which shapes have been determined, a number have bilobated or contact binary shapes. These objects likely relate to true binary asteroids (i.e. with physically separated components) in origin.

The following table lists 62 known and suspected contact binary asteroids, plus 4 contact binary comets. "Method" column indicates method used to determine shape; "morphology" column indicates shapes other than strict contact binary. Sources regarding shape are listed below the table, along with other sources (e.g., for rotation periods).

This table does not include a number of asteroids that are known or believed to be genuine binaries, with two distinct components, but with very small separations. These include: near-Earth asteroids (5143) Heracles, (363027) 2000 CO101, (374851) 2006 VV2, and (488453) 1994 XD; main belt asteroid (11264) Claudiomaccone; Jupiter Trojans (17365) 1978 VF11 and (29314) Eurydamas; and trans-Neptunian object (139775) 2001 QG298.

dimensions (km)rotation
period (h)
numbernameprov. des.ABC
92Undina main belt126  15.941    
110Lydia main belt86  10.927    
121Hermione main belt2501201205.5513AO imagery 2005M05a
129Antigone main belt113  4.957radar/lightcurve 2010S15a
201Penelope main belt10572623.7474radar/lightcurve 2015S15a
216Kleopatra main belt21794815.385radar"dog bone"2000O00a
413Edburga1896 CLmain belt46292515.772radar/lightcurve 2015S15a
624Hektor1907 XMJup Trojan3632072076.924lightcurve 1978H78a
678Fredegundis1909 FSmain belt40  11.616    
758Mancunia1912 PEmain belt90  12.725    
779Nina1914 UBmain belt81  11.186    
2063Bacchus1977 HBApollo1.110.530.5014.904radar 1998B99a
3169Ostro1981 LAmain belt4. 2007D07a
4179Toutatis1989 ACApollo4.62.291.92176radarbilobated1992H95a
4450Pan1987 SYApollo1  56.48radar 2008B16a
4486Mithra1987 SBApollo2.351.651.4467.4radar 2000B10a
4769Castalia1989 PBApollo1.7114.095radar 1990O90a
5836 1993 MFAmor   4.9543 lightcurve 2017 
8567 1996 HW1Amor3.781.641.498.76243radar 2011M11b
11066Sigurd1992 CC1Apollo4.2~2~28.4958radar 2004B12a
25143Itokawa1998 SF36Apollo0.5350.2940.20912.132SC imagerybilobated2005D06a
52387Huitzilopochtli1993 OM7Amor1.22  >26radar 2003B16a
68346 2001 KZ66Apollo1  2.7radar 2003B16a
85989 1999 JD6Aten1.8  7.6638radar"peanut"2014W14a
85990 1999 JV6Apollo~0.45  6.538radar 2016B16a
137126 1999 CF9Apollo0.9  6.7radar 2013B15a
141593 2002 HK12Apollo0.6  12.69radar 2002B15a
144411 2004 EW9Apollo21149.94radar 2012B16a
152664 1998 FW4Apollo0.3  17.38radar 2009B16a
163696 2003 EB50Apollo   62.4radar"peanut"2015B16a
179806 2002 TD66Apollo0.3  9.455radar 2008B16a
192642 1999 RD32Apollo6  17.08radar 2012B16a
242191 2003 NZ6Aten0.60.30.313.531radar 2015B16a
242643 2005 NZ6Apollo1.99  5radar 2013B15a
275677 2000 RS11Apollo0.6980.5780.7584.444radar 2014B15a
348306 2005 AY28Aten0.2  6.292radar 2014B15a
388188 2006 DP14Apollo0. 2014J14a
398188Agni2010 LE15Aten0.44  21.99radar 2015B15a
413260 2003 TL4Aten0.4  27.2radar 2017B17a
438661 2008 EP6Apollo0.4  5radar 2016B16a
443880 2001 UZ16Apollo0.4  13.719radar 2016B16a
462959 2011 DUApollo0.2   radar 2017B17a
  2000 YF29Apollo0.4  <12radar 2001B12a
  2002 AY1Aten~0.2  8radar 2013B15a
  2002 FCApollo0.7  >40radar 2002B15a
  2002 NY40Apollo0.4  19.98radar 2002T12a
  2003 UV11Apollo0.4  24radar 2010B16a
  2004 RF84Apollo2.4  >300radar 2005B15a
  2004 XL14Aten0.3  24radar 2006B12a
  2005 CR37Apollo1. 2006B06a
  2007 TU24Apollo0.3  26radar 2008B16a
  2007 VD12Apollo0.5  7.418radar 2007B16a
  2008 SV11Apollo0.8  32.4radar 2009B16a
  2009 DL46Apollo0.1  42.26radar 2017B17a
  2012 QG42Apollo0.25  24.22radar 2013B16a
  2013 JB36Amor~0.25   radar 2013H13a
  2013 JR28Apollo0.1  >10radar 2013B15a
  2014 HQ124Aten0.325  20radar 2014B15a
  2014 JO25Apollo0.87~0.65 4.5radar 2017#17c
  2014 UF206Amor1  6.83radar 2015B15a
  2015 BN509Apollo0.3   radar 2017B17a
  2017 BWApollo0.05   radar 2017B17a
8P/Tuttle comet105.754.1111.385radar 2010H10a
19P/Borrelly comet4.8     2002 
67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet4.14.13.312.4043SC imagery"rubber ducky"2014S15b
103P/Hartley 2 comet2.3  18.236SC imagery 2011H11a


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