Recent Baptist General Convention Resolutions on Abortion

12 November 1991, Resolution VI, Abortion:

Whereas the Bible consistently affirms the value of human life; and
Whereas Jesus calls His followers to care in a special way for the most vulnerable people in society; and
Whereas fetal lives which are threatened by abortion are defenseless and require the advocacy of God's people;
Be it therefore resolved that the messengers of this Convention urge Texas Baptists to oppose the practice of elective abortion; and
Be it further resolved that we urge Texas Baptist individuals and churches to communicate effectively the Biblical instructions concerning sexual responsibility and the sanctity of life; and
Be it further resolved that we encourage all Texas Baptist institutions, cooperating churches, and members to work diligently to support counseling, housing, adoption placement services, and appropriate health care for women in crisis pregnancy emphasizing a reconciled relationship with Jesus Christ; and
Be it further resolved that we urge our agencies and institutions to provide leadership for our cooperating churches in opposing elective abortion; and
Be it finally resolved that we support the passage of laws to address the tragedy of abortion.

12 November 1996, Proposed Resolution IX, Abortion and the Sacredness of Human Life:

Note: this resolution was amended to read as follows by a 64% vote, but due to procedural constraints the resolution itself did not come to a vote.

Whereas the sacredness of human life is of great concern to Baptist people; and
Whereas abortion as a means of birth control violates the sacredness of human life; and
Whereas more recently the procedure of partial birth abortion and the development of new drugs that will induce spontaneous abortions compound the tragedy of abortion as a means of birth control; and
Whereas these procedures raise new moral and ethical issues that must be confronted by all of those concerned about the sacredness of human life.
Therefore be it resolved that we strongly urge this convention and Texas Baptists to continue to publically oppose any type of abortion as a means of birth control.
Finally be it resolved that this convention go on record as commending the congress of the United States of America for passing the 'Partial Birth Abortion Bill' and strongly condemn President Bill Clinton for vetoing that bill.

10 November 1998, Resolution VI, Support for Parental Notification:

Whereas abortion is a tragic alternative, permitted by law, and sometimes chosen by persons facing an unwanted pregnancy; and
Whereas parents are the major source of support and guidance for children and are responsible for them both spiritually and legally until such time as they become adults; and
Whereas under current Texas law, peers and secular organizations can advise abortions and such abortions can be performed on children without their parents' knowledge; and
Whereas the right of parents to consult with and participate with their children in a decision as serious as whether to end a pregnancy by abortion or to seek other solutions should be protected by law:
Be It Therefore Resolved that the Baptist General Convention of Texas in session on November 10, 1998, in Houston, Texas express support for legislation which would require parental consent 48 hours before any abortion could be performed on a minor child; and
Be It Further Resolved that such legislation should include a judicial bypass which would permit the court to protect children in cases of parental neglect or abuse; and
Be It Finally Resolved that Baptists teach our children the values and Biblical mandate of chastity before marriage, the sanctity of life and the tragedy and sin of elective abortion.

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