Goa abortions and live births by district, 2003-2012

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 20 September 2014

Reported abortions by district of residence, 2003-2012

North Goa  1,1891,3011,633  841736606653  North Goa
South Goa  452365412  334247310243  South Goa
GOA9951,7831,6411,6662,0451,1959301,175983919963995 GOA

Live births by district of residence, 2001-2012

Note: live birth figures comprise registered births (generally incomplete) and/or estimates

North Goa11,700  13,45013,74214,16613,43913,83513,27312,68613,69413,891 North Goa
South Goa9,780  8,9368,9238,7868,9578,7428,4718,4828,3018,448 South Goa
GOA21,40022,68321,93922,38622,66522,95222,39622,57721,74421,16821,99522,339 GOA

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Last modified 20 September 2014.
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