Tripura abortions and live births by district, 2005-2007

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 20 September 2014

Reported abortions by district of residence, 2005-2007

Dhalai    1,6931,126       Dhalai
North Tripura    2,3921,918       North Tripura
South Tripura    1,5021,379       South Tripura
West Tripura    2,9242,126       West Tripura
TRIPURA8,9328,5388,8718,9258,5116,5496,8957,4177,4855,9574,5333,890 TRIPURA

Live births by district of residence, 2001-2011

Note: live birth figures comprise registered births (generally incomplete) and/or estimates

health region1995-961999
Dhalai7,390        4,5095,534  Dhalai
North Tripura13,800        8,6789,702  North Tripura
South Tripura16,700        9,98011,005  South Tripura
West Tripura30,000        17,34418,374  West Tripura
TRIPURA67,90048,60048,00050,10056,60068,00068,00053,50051,90052,80051,20051,800 TRIPURA

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Last modified 20 September 2014.
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