Available regional-level abortion data

by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 1 Febuary 2015

This site includes regional-level abortion data for several countries, U.S. states, and Canadian provinces. The tables below list those entities and years for which such data is tabulated on this site.


Countries for which regional-level abortion data is available:

Albania                                   pxppp        p uAlbania
Australia                   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxuAustralia
Belarus                                      xxxxxxxx u   Belarus
Belgium                                 xxxxxxxxxx  u     Belgium
Bulgaria                                         xx  u     Bulgaria
Canada     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxpxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxpppxxxxpppp u Canada
China, PR  rp    rppppppppp      r rrr r r      xxxx xx x   uChina, PR
Croatia                                          xx u     Croatia
Czech Republic                          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx u     Czech Republic
Denmark         x   x  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   u     Denmark
Estonia                               xxxxxxxxxxxxx u     Estonia
Finland                          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx u     Finland
France           xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  uFrance
Germany                               xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxu  Germany
Greenland                                   xxxxxxxx  u     Greenland
Guam                                   x  xxxxxxxxxxxu Guam
Hungary                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx u  Hungary
Iceland                                      x      u     Iceland
India       pppxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxpu   India
Ireland                                               xxu Ireland
Israel                                      x      u     Israel
Italy               xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx uItaly
Japanxxx  x    x    x    x    x    x  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx uJapan
Kazakhstan                                  pppppp ppx u     Kazakhstan
Kosovo                                        xx u       Kosovo
Kyrgyzstan                                        xx     u   Kyrgyzstan
Latvia                                          xx u     Latvia
Lithuania                                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxu   Lithuania
Mayotte                                   x         u     Mayotte
Mexico                                          pppppu   Mexico
Moldova                                        xxxx u     Moldova
Mongolia                         x    x   xxxxxxxxxx u     Mongolia
Netherlands                              x     xxxxxxxx u     Netherlands
New Zealand                                         xxxxxxx  uNew Zealand
Norway              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxu   Norway
Portugal                                           xxxxxx uPortugal
Reunion                                           x xxx  uReunion
Romania     p         p    p   pppppppppprr rpprpxxpppu   Romania
Russia                           xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx u     Russia
Serbia    p                   p        p   pppxxxxxxxxx uSerbia
Slovakia                               xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx uSlovakia
Slovenia                                  xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx  uSlovenia
South Africa                                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx uSouth Africa
Spain                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx uSpain
Sweden                    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  uSweden
Switzerland     x       x x    x    x  x x   xxxxxxxxxx u     Switzerland
Tajikistan                                   xxxxxxx   u     Tajikistan
Ukraine                                  x          u     Ukraine
U.S.S.R. pppppppppppppppppppppppxxx                       uU.S.S.R.
United Kingdom  ppxpxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx uUnited Kingdom
United StatesppppppppxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxpxxxxpppxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxpppuUnited States
Uzbekistan                                   xxxxxxpp  u     Uzbekistan
Yugoslaviapppxpppppppppppppppxxxxxxxp                       uYugoslavia

Australian states and territories for which regional-level abortion data is available:

ACT                               ACT
New South Wales                               New South Wales
Northern Territory                               Northern Territory
Queensland                               Queensland
South Australia                ppppppppppp  u South Australia
Tasmania                               Tasmania
Victoria                               Victoria
Western Australia                 xxxxxxxxxxx u Western Australia

Canadian provinces and territories for which health region-level abortion data is available:

Alberta     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx u   Alberta
British Columbia               x   x          u     British Columbia
Manitoba         aaaaaaaaaa           u     Manitoba
New Brunswick                     xxx      u     New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador                                    Newfoundland and Labrador
Northwest Territories                                    Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia                                    Nova Scotia
Nunavut Territory                                    Nunavut Territory
Ontario ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp  u Ontario
Prince Edward Island                                    Prince Edward Island
Quebec               aaaaaaaaa      u     Quebec
Saskatchewan                                    Saskatchewan
Yukon Territory                                    Yukon Territory

India states and territories for which district-level abortion data is available:

Andaman and Nicobar Islands                                       Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Andhra Pradesh                                       Andhra Pradesh
Arunachal Pradesh                                       Arunachal Pradesh
Assam                                       Assam
Bihar                                       Bihar
Chandigarh                                       Chandigarh
Chhatisgarh                                       Chhatisgarh
Dadra and Nagar Haveli                                       Dadra and Nagar Haveli
Daman and Diu                                       Daman and Diu
Delhi                                       Delhi
Goa                          xxx  xxxx  u Goa
Gujarat                                       Gujarat
Haryana                                p    u Haryana
Himachal Pradesh                 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx      u Himachal Pradesh
Jammu and Kashmir                             p       u Jammu and Kashmir
Jharkhand                                       Jharkhand
Karnataka                                       Karnataka
Kerala                                       Kerala
Lakshadweep                            xx       u Lakshadweep
Madhya Pradesh                            xxxxxxxxxu Madhya Pradesh
Maharashtra                                       Maharashtra
Manipur                                       Manipur
Meghalaya                                       Meghalaya
Mizoram                                       Mizoram
Nagaland                                       Nagaland
Orissa                                       Orissa
Pondicherry                                       Pondicherry
Punjabppppp      ppppppppppppp   x         u Punjab
Rajasthan                                       Rajasthan
Sikkim                                       Sikkim
Tamil Nadu                               xxxxxxu Tamil Nadu
Tripura                            xx       u Tripura
Uttar Pradesh                                       Uttar Pradesh
Uttararkhand                                       Uttararkhand
West Bengal                          xxxxxxxx   u West Bengal

United Kingdom areas for which regional-level abortion data is available:

England      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxu   England
Northern Ireland                               Northern Ireland
Scotland      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxu   Scotland
Wales      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxu   Wales

U.S. states for which county-level abortion data is available:

Alabama                       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx u Alabama
Alaska                                         Alaska
Arizona             xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx uArizona
Arkansas                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  u    Arkansas
California                   xxxxxxxxxxxxppppp u   California
Colorado                         xxxxxxxxx  u    Colorado
Connecticut                                         Connecticut
Delaware                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   u Delaware
Florida               vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvu  Florida
Georgia                   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx u Georgia
Hawaii                     xxxxxxxxxxxxxx u    Hawaii
Idaho                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx u Idaho
Illinois                    pppppppppppppppppp u Illinois
Indiana                       ppppppppppppppppu Indiana
Iowa                        vvvvvvvvvvvvvv u Iowa
Kansas xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx uKansas
Kentucky                               x    u    Kentucky
Louisiana                                         Louisiana
Maine                 x    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  u Maine
Maryland                         xxxxxx     u    Maryland
Massachusetts  xx                                    u Massachusetts
Michigan                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxu Michigan
Minnesota                    x xxppppppppppppppp uMinnesota
Mississippi     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx u Mississippi
Missourixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  uMissouri
Montana      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx     uMontana
Nebraska                                   pppp uNebraska
Nevada                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxppxxppp u  Nevada
New Hampshire                                         New Hampshire
New Jersey    xx xxxxxxx                       u   New Jersey
New Mexico                        p              u New Mexico
New York                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx u New York
North Carolina              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx uNorth Carolina
North Dakota        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxpppppppppppppu North Dakota
Ohio                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx uOhio
Oklahoma                         xxxxxxxxxxxxx  uOklahoma
Oregon              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxuOregon
Pennsylvania                     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  uPennsylvania
Rhode Island                         xxxxxxxxx  u    Rhode Island
South Carolina               xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx u    South Carolina
South Dakota                         ppppppppppppp u South Dakota
Tennessee                        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxu  Tennessee
Texas                 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  uTexas
Utah                     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx uUtah
Vermont                     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   u Vermont
Virginia                    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx u Virginia
Washington                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx uWashington
West Virginia                         x  x xxxx  u    West Virginia
Wisconsin                   pppppppppppppppppppp uWisconsin
Wyoming                                         Wyoming

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Last modified 1 Febuary 2015.
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