U.S. state agency sources of abortion statistics

by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 21 October 2017

The table below gives some links to U.S. state agencies reporting abortion statistics on line. This list may be incomplete. Several illustrative categories of data are shown for illustrative purposes; in most cases other types of data are reported. Several states may remove older reports over time or change the on line locations of data.

stateagency linktotal annual abortions#abortions by county of residencereasons for abortions
AlabamaADPH-CHS 2010-20152010-2015--
AlaskaADHSS 2003-2016----
ArizonaADHS 1990-20151990-20151990-2012
ArkansasADH 1995-20161995-2005--
CaliforniaCDHCS 2000-2009*2000-2009*--
ColoradoCDPHE none
ConnecticutCDPH none
DelawareDHSS-DPH 2000-20152000-2015--
District of ColumbiaDCDOH 2004-2014N/A--
FloridaFDH; AHCA 1998-2017--1998-2017
GeorgiaGDHR-DPH 1997-20161997-2016--
HawaiiHDOH; DBEDT 1996-20151996-2013--
IdahoIDHW 1994-20151994-2015--
IllinoisIDPH; IDPH 1973-20151995-2015--
IndianaISDH 1996-20161998-2016--
IowaIDPH 1999-20151999-2015**--
KansasKDHE 1971-20161998-2016--
KentuckyKDPH none
LouisianaLDHH 1994-2014--1999-2012
MaineMDPHS 1999-2015----
MarylandMDHMH none
MassachusettsMHHS none
MichiganMDCH 1980-20161998-2016--
MinnesotaMCHS 1973-20161997-20161998-2016
MississippiMSDH; MSTAHRS 1976-20151988-2015--
MissouriMDHSS 1971-20151998-2015--
MontanaMDPHHS 1980-20151999-2009--
NebraskaNHHSS 1985-20162013-2016***2001-2016
NevadaNSHD 1991-20111991-2011****--
New HampshireNHDHHS none
New JerseyNJSHAD none
New MexicoNMDH 1997-2013----
New YorkNYSDH 1997-20151997-2015--
North CarolinaNCSCHS 1990-20162000-2016--
North DakotaNDDHVR 1998-2016*****--
OhioODH 1991-20161991-2016--
OklahomaOSDH 2002-20142002-2014--
OregonOHA 1980-20171989-2017--
PennsylvaniaPDH 1975-20151996-2015--
Rhode IslandRIDH none
South CarolinaSCDHEC 1990-20151990-2015--
South DakotaSDDH 2004-20142008-20142004-2014
TennesseeTDH 2000-20162000-2016**--
TexasTDSHS 2001-20152001-2015--
UtahUDOH 1980-20151997-20151997-2015
VermontVDH 1996-20141996-2014--
VirginiaVDH 1995-20151995-2014--
WashingtonWSDH 1983-20151995-2015--
West VirginiaWVDHHR 2005-2013----
WisconsinWDHFS 1974-20161998-2016--
WyomingWDH none


# by residence, by occurrence, or both.
* California only reports some Medi-Cal funded abortions.
** Iowa and Tennessee report abortions by health region, not by county.
*** Nebraska reporting by county of residence before 2013 is optional and is rarely provided.
****Nevada reporting by county of residence is provided for only two counties through 2011.
*****North Dakota reports total abortions and miscarriages by county.

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Last modified 21 October 2017.
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