Chronology of Terrorist Attacks in Israel
Part I: 1948-1967

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 27 November 2016

1 Jan 1952Jerusalem1?shooting attack by terrorists in home invasion
7 Jun 1953Jerusalem13multiple shooting attacks
9 Jun 1953Lod1?
11 Jun 1953Kfar Hess2?shooting attack by terrorists in home invasion
17 Mar 1954Tel Aviv112ambush of bus between Eilat and Tel Aviv; 11 killed, others injured
2 Jan 1955Judea2?2 killed hiking in the Judean Desert
24 Mar 1955Patish118grenade and shooting attack on wedding
7 Apr 1956multiple13several grenade and shooting attacks in Nitzanim and Ketziot
7 Apr 1956Plugot2?ambush of car between Plugot Junction and Mishmar Hanegev
7 Apr 1956Ashkelon1?grenade attack on home
11 Apr 1956Shafrir454 killed (including 3 children) and 5 injured in shooting attack on synagogue
29 Apr 1956Israel1?
12 Sep 1956Arava3?attack on Druze guards in Arava region
23 Sep 1956Kibbutz Ramat Rachel416shooting attack on archaeologists near Kibbutz Ramat Rachel; shooters fired from Jordan
24 Sep 1956Aminadav1?attack on farms in Aminadav
4 Oct 1956Sdom5?
9 Oct 1956Neve Hadassah2?attack in orchard
8 Nov 1956multiple06attacks on a train, cars, and wells in various locations
18 Feb 1957Nir Yitzhak2?landmine attack near Nir Yitzhak
8 Mar 1957Kibbutz Beit Govrin1?attack in field near Kibbutz Beit Govrin
16 Apr 1957Kibbutz Mesilot2?attack on guards
20 May 1957Arava1?shooting attack on truck in Arava region
29 May 1957Kibbutz Kisufim12explosion of landmine placed near Kibbutz Kisufim
21 Dec 1957Kibbutz Gadot1?attack in field near Kibbutz Gadot
11 Feb 1958Sharon1?attack near Sharon
5 Apr 1958Tel Lachish2?shooting ambush near Tel Lachish
22 Apr 1958Aqaba2?shooting attack near Aqaba by Jordanian soldiers
26 May 1958Jerusalem4?4 killed, all police officers, in Jordanian attack
17 Nov 1958Mount of the Beatitudes1?1 killed, wife of a British diplomat, in attack at the Italian Convent on the Mount of the Beatitudes
3 Dec 1958Kibbutz Gonen131
23 Jan 1959Kibbutz Lehavot Habashan1?
1 Feb 1959Moshav Zavdiel1?landmine attack near Moshav Zavdiel
15 Apr 1959Kibbutz Ramat Rahel1?
27 Apr 1959Masada2?attack on hikers near Masada
6 Sep 1959Nitzana1?1 killed (a soldier) near Nitzana
8 Sep 1959Negev1?1 killed (a soldier) in the Negev in shooting attack on army bivouac
3 Oct 1959Kibbutz Yad Hana1?attack near Kibbutz Yad Hana
26 Apr 1960Ashkelon1?attack near Ashkelon
12 Apr 1962Egged01ambush of bus between Egged and Eilat
25 May 1965Ramat Hakovash3?attack on settlement
31 May 1965Jerusalem24shooting attack
29 Sep 1965Moshav Amatzia10attempted attack on Moshav Amatzia, one terrorist killed
25 Apr 1966Moshav Beit Yosef02bombing of home
16 May 1966Almagor2?landmine attack between Sea of Galilee and Almagor
13 Jul 1966Almagor3?3 killed (including 2 soldiers) in landmine attack near Almagor
27 Oct 1966Jerusalem01bombing on railroad tracks near Jerusalem

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