Chronology of Terrorist Attacks in Israel
Part XI: 2008-2013

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 4 December 2017

15 Jan 2008Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha1?1 Ecuadorian killed in shooting attack
24 Jan 2008Shuafat, West Bank1?1 soldier killed in shooting attack at checkpoint near Shuafat
4 Feb 2008Dimona3381 killed by suicide bombing in shopping center (1 terrorist killed, second terrorist killed by police officer)
27 Feb 2008Sderot1?1 killed by Kassam rocket attack on Sderot campus of Sapir College
1 Mar 2008Gaza2?2 soldiers killed by mortar, antitank, and RPG fire from terrorists during operations in Gaza against Hamas rocket launchers
6 Mar 2008Jerusalem9118 students killed (including 7 teenagers), 11 injured in shooting attack at Mercaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem; the terrorist was killed by an IDF officer
6 Mar 2008Gaza2?2 soldiers killed (one died 9 March) by bombing attack on jeep near security fence in central Gaza
9 Apr 2008Gaza121 soldier killed, 2 soldiers injured during gunfight with terrorists in southern Gaza
9 Apr 2008Nahal Oz2?shooting attack at Nahal Oz fuel terminal; attack was preceded by mortar fire
16 Apr 2008Nahal Oz333 soldiers killed, 3 soldiers injured in attack at Gaza security fence south of Nahal Oz fuel terminal
19 Apr 2008Kerem Shalom, Gaza41313 soldiers injured in suicide bombing using three explosive-laden jeeps at Kerem Shalom crossing, two of which detonated; four terrorists also killed
25 Apr 2008Nitzanel Shalom2?2 security guards killed in shooting attack at Nitzanel Shalom industrial park
9 May 2008Kibbutz Kfar Aza1?mortar fire from Gaza
12 May 2008Moshav Yesha1?
14 May 2008Ashkelon09090 injured (including 1 infant) at an Ashkelon shopping mall by rocket fired from Gaza
5 Jun 2008Kibbutz Nir-Oz14attack on Kibbutz Nir-Oz by mortar fire from Gaza
2 Jul 2008Jerusalem4663 killed (including two women), 66 injured (including 2 infants) by Palestinian using a bulldozer to attack cars, pedestrians, and two buses in Jerusalem on Jaffa Road between the Central Bus Station and Mahane Yehuda market; the terrorist was killed by police
11 Jul 2008Jerusalem1?1 border patrolman injured in terrorist attack in Jerusalem, dying 23 July from his injuries
23 Jul 2008Jerusalem11616 injured in attack by terrorist using a bulldozer in Jerusalem to attack a bus and four other vehicles; the terrorist was killed by police
10 Sep 2008Hawara, West Bank011 soldier injured in acid attack by Palestinian woman
22 Sep 2008Hawara, West Bank044 injured (1 soldier, 3 Palestinians) in acid attack by Palestinian woman at Hawara crossing near Nablus; Israeli soldier was blinded
22 Sep 2008Jerusalem11717 soldiers injured in attack by Palestinian driving a car into a group of Israelis at an intersection in Jerusalem; the terrorist was shot and killed
23 Oct 2008Gilo, West Bank1?stabbing attack in Gilo, Jerusalem
24 Dec 2008Gaza022 Palestinians injured by rocket fired from Gaza, falling within Gaza
26 Dec 2008Beit Lahiya, Gaza232 children killed, 1 injured by rocket attack from Gaza striking a Palestinian settlement within Gaza
27 Dec 2008-18 Jan 2009multiple0163568 other rockets and 204 other mortar attacks on Israel, causing 163 injuries; another 584 treated for shock and anxiety
27 Dec 2008Netivot1?rocket attack on apartment building
29 Dec 2008Ashdod1161 killed, 16 injured in Grad rocket attack on Ashdod
29 Dec 2008Ashdod1?1 killed, several wounded in Grad rocket attack on Ashdod
29 Dec 2008Nahal Oz1?1 police officer killed in mortar attack on military base near Nahal Oz
2 Jan 2009Israel033 injured by rocket attacks, among 30 rockets fired from Gaza
3 Jan 2009Israel011 injured by rocket attacks, among 34 rockets fired from Gaza
6 Jan 2009Israel011 infant injured by rocket attacks, among 30 rockets fired from Gaza
8 Jan 2009Nahariya022 injured in Nahariyya by 3 Katyusha rockets fired from Lebanon
10 Jan 2009Ashkelon022 injured in Ashkelon by 3 rockets
13 Jan 2009Be'er Sheva055 injured (including one child) in rocket attacks on Be'er Sheva from Gaza
16 Jan 2009Kiryat Gat033 injured in Kiryat Gat in rocket attack fired from Gaza
16 Jan 2009Ashdod022 injured in Ashdod in rocket attack fired from Gaza
16 Jan 2009Ashkelon011 pregnant woman injured in Ashkelon in rocket attack fired from Gaza
27 Jan 2009Kissufim131 soldier killed, 3 injured in bomb attack on the Israeli side of Gaza security fence, near Kissufim Crossing
15 Mar 2009Massua2?2 police officers killed in shooting attack near Massua, northern Jordan Valley
2 Apr 2009Bat Ayin, West Bank111 teenager killed, 1 child injured by a terrorist with an axe in Bat Ayin, Gush Etzion
9 May 2009Gan Yavne1?1 killed, strangled after being kidnapped, by three West Bank Palestinians near Gan Yavne
24 Dec 2009Shavei Shomron, West Bank1?1 rabbi killed in Shavei Shomron, near Nablus, in shooting attack
10 Feb 2010Tapuach, West Bank1?1 soldier killed in stabbing attack by Palestinian police officer at Tapuach junction
18 Mar 2010Netiv Na'asara, Gaza1?1 Thai worker killed in Netiv Na'asara, Gaza, by a Kassam rocket
26 Mar 2010Gaza2?2 soldiers killed in gun fight with terrorists planting explosives along security fence in Gaza
13 May 2010Israel1?1 Palestinian teenager killed in shooting attack
14 Jun 2010Al Fawar, West Bank131 soldier killed, 3 police officers wounded in gun attack on vehicle at Al Fawar Junction, south of Hebron
31 Aug 2010Kiryat Arba, West Bank4?4 killed in shooting attack near Kiryat Arba, east of Hebron
18 Dec 2010Jerusalem1?1 US citizen killed in stabbing attack west of Jerusalem
27 Jan 2011Iraq Burin, West Bank1?1 Palestinian shot and killed in Iraq Burin near Nablus during confrontation
28 Jan 2011Khirbet Safa, West Bank111 Palestinian shot and killed, 1 injured during confrontation with Israeli settlers
11 Mar 2011Itamar, West Bank5?3 children and 2 adults killed in stabbing attack in their home in Itamar, northern Samaria
23 Mar 2011Jerusalem1501 UK citizen killed, 50 others injured in bombing near Jerusalem Convention Center bus station
7 Apr 2011Kibbutz Sa'ad111 teenager killed (died 17 April) in anti-tank missile attack on school bus near Kibbutz Sa'ad, in the Negev
24 Apr 2011Nablus, West Bank1?1 killed by Palestinian policeman in Nablus
18 Aug 2011Eilat13318 killed (1 soldier, 1 police officer, and 6 civilians), 31 injured in several attacks near Eilat by terrorists crossing from Sinai; attacks included an attack on a bus, a roadside bomb attack on an IDF vehicle, and a mortar attack on a car of civilians; five terrorists killed
20 Aug 2011Be'er Sheva1101 killed, 10 injured (including one infant and one child) in Beersheba by rockets fired from Gaza; over 70 rockets fired from Gaza
22 Aug 2011Israel1?1 person sustained injuries while evacuating during rocket attack, died 4 Sep
23 Sep 2011Hebron, West Bank2?2 killed (including one infant) fleeing attack near Hebron
29 Oct 2011Ashkelon1?1 killed by Grad rocket near Ashkelon
1 Jun 2012Israel1?1 soldier killed by terrorist from Gaza
18 Jun 2012Israel3?1 construction worker killed in bomb and rocket attack on vehicles 30 km south of Gaza; two terrorists killed by soldiers
21 Sep 2012Har Harif211 soldier killed, 1 injured in shooting attack on Israel-Egypt border; one terrorist killed
11 Nov 2012Sderot033 injured in Sderot by rocket fire from Gaza, 1 more injured during evacuation, and 5 more treated for stress during evacuation
15 Nov 2012Kiryat Malachi343 killed (including one pregnant woman), 4 injured (including two infants and two children) in apartment building in Kiryat Malachi by rocket fired from Gaza
20 Nov 2012Rishon-Lezion06rocket fired from Gaza struck apartment building
20 Nov 2012Ashkelon01rocket fired from Gaza
20 Nov 2012Eshkol302 soldiers killed by mortar and rocket attacks in Eshkol area, fired from Gaza
21 Nov 2012Israel101 soldier injured by rocket fire, died 22 Nov
29 Jan 2013Tapuach, West Bank011 teenager injured in stabbing at Tapuach Junction
13 Mar 2013Trans-Samaria highway134 injured, including 3 children (ages 2, 4 and 5), after stones thrown by Palestinian youths at their car caused it to crash into a truck; the youngest girl suffered severe brain injury and died 17 Feb 2015
30 Apr 2013Burin, West Bank03stoning attack by mob of Jewish settlers following fatal stabbing of Jewish settler; two Palestinian girls injured in school bus, 1 Jewish settler injured
30 Apr 2013Tapuach, West Bank10stabbing attack of Jewish settler by Palestinian at Tapuach Junction
13 Sep 2013Jenin, West Bank11Palestinian rioters began shooting at Israeli soldiers; Israeli soldiers fatal shot one terrorist, injured another
20 Sep 2013Qalgiliya, West Bank10Israeli soldier kidnapped and killed
22 Sep 2013Hebron, West Bank10Israeli soldier fatally shot
1 Nov 2013Gaza05bomb exploded by Hamas terrorists injured 5 Israeli soldiers while destroying a tunnel used by terrorists
13 Nov 2013Afula10Palestinian terrorist fatally stabbed Israeli soldier on bus
15 Dec 2013near Lebanon border10sniper in Lebanon shot and killed 1 Israeli soldier
24 Dec 2013near Gaza border10sniper in Gaza shot and killed 1 Israeli civilian

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