Chronology of Terrorist Attacks in Israel
Part IV: 1986-1992

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 27 November 2016

29 Jan 1986Israel322 killed, 2 injured (all soldiers) in attack on Army patrol (one terrorist also killed)
30 Jan 1986Jerusalem121 police officer killed, 2 civilians injured in shooting attack
14 Feb 1986Jerusalem06bombing of bus
19 Mar 1986Jerusalem13car bombing
8 Apr 1986Jerusalem09bomb thrown at bus
8 Apr 1986Afula011 soldier injured by bombing
27 Apr 1986Jerusalem1?1 British citizen killed in shooting
20 May 1986Jerusalem06attack on Israeli military vehicle
25 May 1986Israel011 injured by one of three bomb explosions
5 Jun 1986Jerusalem02bombing of supermarket
30 Jun 1986Jerusalem066 injured in attacks on two buses (5 on one, 1 on another)
10 Jul 1986Israel692 killed, 9 injured (all soldiers) by terrorists landing boat on coast (all four terrorists killed)
20 Jul 1986Tel Aviv011 teenager injured by bombing
22 Aug 1986Jerusalem2?2 soldiers killed in stabbing attack
15 Oct 1986Jerusalem1?1 American killed in grenade attack at Western Wall
26 Oct 1986Israel011 injured when terrorist attempts to gain control of bus filled with students, intending to crash bus
14 Nov 1986Jerusalem1?1 student killed in attack
19 Jan 1987Jerusalem022 teenagers injured in stabbing attack
22 Feb 1987Jerusalem01717 injured (including 12 soldiers) in grenade attack
25 Mar 1987Israel01515 soldiers injured by bombing at bus station
19 Apr 1987Israel5?2 soldiers killed during border crossing by terrorists (three terrorists killed)
19 May 1987Tel Aviv1?1 soldier killed in stabbing
28 Jun 1987Haifa022 injured (including 1 child) by bombing near beach in Haifa
3 Jul 1987Jerusalem02bombing of bus
27 Aug 1987Tel Aviv05bombing of military bus
22 Sep 1987Tel Aviv2?2 soldiers killed in stabbing attack
10 Oct 1987Jerusalem1?shooting attack
11 Nov 1987Tel Aviv01bombing of police station
25 Nov 1987Israel786 soldiers killed, 8 injured (including 7 soldiers and 1 civilian) in attack by terrorists crossing from Lebanon by glider (one terrorist killed)
26 Nov 1987Israel055 injured, mostly soldiers, in bombing of military bus stop
27 Nov 1987Jerusalem2?2 internal security agents killed
1 Dec 1987Israel011 soldier injured by terrorist crossing from Egypt
30 Dec 1987Or Yehuda022 injured by letter bomb in Or Yehuda; 10 other letter bombs found and disarmed
21 Jan 1988Israel311 soldier injured in attack by three terrorists (all killed) crossing from Lebanon
4 Feb 1988Israel212 killed, 1 injured (all soldiers) in attack by terrorists crossing from Lebanon
7 Mar 1988Israel6?3 killed: terrorists crossing from Egypt hijack a bus, killing one; 2 passengers are killed during raid on bus (all three terrorists also killed)
26 Apr 1988Israel222 killed, 2 injured (all soldiers) by three terrorists crossing border
27 Apr 1988Israel01
2 Jun 1988Jerusalem1?1 teenager killed in Jerusalem park
22 Jun 1988Israel02attack by two terrorists crossing from Lebanon
20 Aug 1988Haifa025grenade attack in shopping center
2 Oct 1988Jerusalem033 children injured by bomb hidden in loaf of bread in Jerusalem; second bomb found and disarmed
15 Feb 1989Israel1?1 soldier kidnapped and killed
18 Feb 1989Jerusalem1?1 soldier killed in attack
17 Mar 1989Israel111 killed, 1 injured (both soldiers) by terrorists crossing from Jordan
25 Mar 1989Tel Aviv2?1 killed in stabbing attack (one terrorist also killed)
3 May 1989Jerusalem23stabbing attack in shopping area
28 Jun 1989Tel Aviv04bombing at market
6 Jul 1989Kiryat Yearim162716 killed (including 1 Israeli teenager, 1 Canadian teenager, 1 Canadian adult, 1 American), 27 injured (including terrorist) when terrorist grabs steering wheel of bus and forces it off a road into a ravine; most fatalities were those not thrown from the bus before it crashed and caught fire
9 Sep 1989Israel01bus driver stabbed in attempt by terrorist to crash bus between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem; passengers subdued terrorist
19 Sep 1989Bethlehem, West Bank033 West Germans injured in stoning attack on tour bus
21 Sep 1989Bethlehem, West Bank022 West Germans injured in stoning attack on tour bus
20 May 1990Israel7107 Palestinians killed, 10 injured by Israeli soldier
20 May 1990Jerusalem1?stabbing attack
3 Oct 1990Jerusalem12explosion of bomb in vendor cart
8 Oct 1990Jerusalem011 police officer injured by bombing
21 Oct 1990Jerusalem31stabbing attack
25 Nov 1990Israel426shooting attack by Egyptian crossing border
2 Dec 1990Tel Aviv25attack on bus (one terrorist killed and two injured)
9 Dec 1990Bethlehem, West Bank120bombings at military headquarter
8 Jan 1991Israel344 soldiers injured in grenade attack on bus by three terrorists (also killed) crossing from Jordan
25 Jan 1991multiple2?2 Palestinians killed in Jaffa and Tel Aviv
10 Mar 1991Jerusalem4?stabbing attack in bus stop
21 Mar 1991Israel633 soldiers injured in attack by six terrorists (all killed) crossing from Jordan
28 Mar 1991Israel01stabbing attack
17 Apr 1991Israel23invasion of kibbutz by terrorist from Jordan (one terrorist also killed)
30 Apr 1991Bethlehem, West Bank101 French citizen killed in stabbing
17 May 1991Jerusalem03stabbing attack
15 Jun 1991Jerusalem011 Italian injured in stabbing
27 Sep 1991Israel10stabbing attack
2 Oct 1991Jerusalem111 killed, 1 German injured in stabbing attack
11 Oct 1991Tel Aviv211attack by terrorist driving van into group of soldiers
15 Feb 1992Israel313 killed, 1 injured (all soldiers) in stabbing attack by terrorists invading military camp
17 Mar 1992Jaffa3192 killed, 19 injured in stabbing attack in Jaffa (one terrorist killed)
2 May 1992Eilat3?1 killed in attack; two terrorists killed
22 May 1992Jerusalem011 teenager injured in stabbing
24 May 1992Tel Aviv1?1 teenager killed in stabbing
30 May 1992Eilat4?1 guard killed at Hebrew University near Eilat by terrorists who crossed from Jordan (one terrorist was killed, two drowned prior to the attack, one was captured)
30 Jul 1992Israel121 killed, 1 injured (both police) in stabbing (one terrorist injured)
22 Sep 1992Jerusalem1?1 police officer killed in shooting attack
30 Nov 1992East Jerusalem01stabbing attack
15 Dec 1992Israel1?1 police officer kidnapped and killed

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