Chronology of Terrorist Attacks in Israel
Part V: 2001

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 18 May 2013

1 Jan 2001Netanya1601 killed (believed to be a terrorist), 60 injured by car bomb near bus stop
14 Jan 2001Kfar Yam, Gaza1?attack near Kfar Yam
17 Jan 2001Ramallah, West Bank1?1 killed in ambush near Ramallah
23 Jan 2001Israel2?2 kidnapped and killed
25 Jan 2001Jerusalem1?shooting attack near Jerusalem
29 Jan 2001Jerusalem1?drive-by shooting near Jerusalem
1 Feb 2001Einav1?shooting attack on car near Einav
1 Feb 2001Jenin, West Bank1?shooting attack on car near Jenin
5 Feb 2001Rafah, Gaza1?1 soldier killed by sniper near Rafah
8 Feb 2001Beit Yisrael, Jerusalem044 injured by car bomb in Orthodox neighborhood
11 Feb 2001Jerusalem1?shooting attack on car near Jerusalem
14 Feb 2001Holon8258 killed, 25 injured when terrorist drove bus into a group of people at a bus stop near Holon
26 Feb 2001Moshav Hagor1?attack near Moshav Hagor
1 Mar 2001Mei Ami19bomb detonated in taxi at Mei Ami junction
4 Mar 2001Netanya460suicide bombing
19 Mar 2001Jerusalem1?shooting ambush of car near Jerusalem
26 Mar 2001Hebron, West Bank1?1 infant killed by sniper attack
27 Mar 2001Jerusalem128suicide bombing against bus (1 terrorist killed)
27 Mar 2001Jerusalem07car bombing
28 Mar 2001Kalkilya, West Bank24suicide bombing
1 Apr 2001Haifa1?stabbing attack
2 Apr 2001Bethlehem, West Bank1?1 soldier killed near Bethlehem
21 Apr 2001Ramallah, West Bank1?attack near Ramallah
22 Apr 2001Kfar Saba1601 killed (plus one terrorist), 60 injured by suicide bombing at bus stop
22 Apr 2001Haifa011 police officer injured by bombing
23 Apr 2001Ben-Gurion APT08car bombing near Ben-Gurion Airport
28 Apr 2001Galilee14drive-by shooting attack on car in Galilee
28 Apr 2001Kfar Ba'aneh1?stabbing attack
29 Apr 2001Nablus, West Bank1?one terrorist killed in attempted car bombing of school bus near Nablus
1 May 2001Ofra, West Bank1?shooting ambush between Ofra and Beit El
8 May 2001Itamar, West Bank1?1 guard killed near Itamar
9 May 2001Tekoa, West Bank2?stoning near Tekoa
10 May 2001Kissufim, Gaza2?2 Romanians killed in bombing at Kissufim Crossing
15 May 2001Israel1?shooting ambush of car
18 May 2001Netanya61015 killed (plus one terrorist), over 100 injured by suicide bombing outside Hasharon Shopping Mall
18 May 2001Jerusalem111 soldier killed, 1 civilian injured in ambush near Jerusalem
23 May 2001Ariel, West Bank1?shooting ambush near Ariel
25 May 2001Hadera06565 injured (two terrorists also killed) by car bombing at bus station in Hadera
25 May 2001Tulkarem, West Bank1?attack near Tulkarem
27 May 2001Jerusalem030bombing
29 May 2001Gush Etzion, West Bank2?drive-by shooting attack in Gush Etzion
29 May 2001Kedumim, West Bank1?shooting ambush between Kedumim and Yizhar
30 May 2001Netanya08car bombing outside a school
31 May 2001Tulkarem, West Bank1?drive-by shooting on car near Tulkarem
1 Jun 2001Tel Aviv2112021 killed (including 1 Ukrainian), 120 injured in suicide bombing outside a disco in Tel Aviv (4 of those killed died the following days of injuries)
5 Jun 2001Shiloh1?stoning attack on car near Shilo injures an infant who died 11 Jun
12 Jun 2001Jerusalem1?shooting attack on car near Jerusalem
18 Jun 2001Homesh11shooting attack on car near Homesh
20 Jun 2001Silat a-Dahar, West Bank1?shooting ambush in Silat a-Dahar
22 Jun 2001Dugit, Gaza2?2 soldiers killed by jeep bombing near Dugit in Gaza
28 Jun 2001Jenin, West Bank11shooting attack on car near Jenin
2 Jul 2001Yehud066 injured by two separate bombs
2 Jul 2001Baka al-Sharkiyeh, West Bank1?shooting attack near Baka a-Sharkia
2 Jul 2001Hebron, West Bank1?shooting attack near Hebron
4 Jul 2001Tulkarem, West Bank1?shooting attack near Tulkarem
9 Jul 2001Hebron, West Bank111 soldier killed, 1 soldier injured by bomb planted in roadway near Hebron
9 Jul 2001Kissufim, Gaza1?1 terrorist killed in car bombing near Kissufim
13 Jul 2001Kiryat Arba, West Bank1?shooting attack between Kiryat Arba and Hebron
14 Jul 2001Kiryat Arba, West Bank1?1 killed (died of injuries 14 Jul) in drive-by shooting
16 Jul 2001Binyamina2112 killed (both soldiers), 11 injured in suicide bombing at bus stop
24 Jul 2001Ramallah, West Bank1?attack near Ramallah
26 Jul 2001Jerusalem1?shooting attack on vehicle near Jerusalem
29 Jul 2001Jerusalem02car bombing in Jerusalem
1 Aug 2001Jerusalem01bombing at King David Hotel
5 Aug 2001Alfei Menashe, West Bank13shooting attack on vehicle between Alfei Menashe and Karnei Shomron
6 Aug 2001Amman1?shooting attack in Amman
7 Aug 2001Samaria1?shooting attack on car in Samaria
7 Aug 2001Kalkilya, West Bank1?shooting attack near Kalkilya
8 Aug 2001B'kaot Moshav111 soldier injured by suicide car bombing (killing one terrorist) near B'kaot Moshav
9 Aug 2001Jerusalem1613015 killed (including 7 children, 1 American, and 1 Brazilian), 130 injured in suicide bombing at Sbarro pizzeria
9 Aug 2001Kibbutz Merav13drive-by shooting attack
12 Aug 2001Kiryat Motzkin121suicide bombing (one terrorist also killed) in Wall Street Café
21 Aug 2001Jerusalem01car bombing near Russian compound; a second car bomb was found and dismantled
25 Aug 2001Gush Katif, Gaza373 soldiers killed, 7 soldiers injured in shooting attack at army base
25 Aug 2001Jerusalem323 killed (one died 26 Aug), 2 children injured in shooting attack on car near Jerusalem
26 Aug 2001Zaita1?shooting attack near Zaita
27 Aug 2001Nablus, West Bank1?shooting ambush near Nablus
29 Aug 2001Kutchin1?shooting attack
30 Aug 2001Na'alin1?shooting attack
4 Sep 2001Jerusalem120suicide bombing (one terrorist also killed) near Bikur Holim hospital
6 Sep 2001Kibbutz Bahan111 soldier killed, 1 injured in shooting ambush on car near Kibbutz Bahan
9 Sep 2001Nahariya4903 killed, 90 injured by suicide bombing (one terrorist also killed) near Nahariya train station
9 Sep 2001Beit Lid, West Bank017car bomb (one terrorist also killed) at Beit Lid junction near Netanya
9 Sep 2001Adam2?shooting attack on teachers near Adam Junction in Jordan Valley
11 Sep 2001Kibbutz Bachan2?2 border policemen killed in shooting attack near Kibbutz Bachan
12 Sep 2001Habla1?drive-by shooting near Habla
15 Sep 2001Jerusalem1?drive-by shooting
16 Sep 2001Ramallah, West Bank1?1 soldier killed in counter-terrorism operations near Ramallah
20 Sep 2001Tekoa, West Bank11shooting attack on car near Tekoa
24 Sep 2001Shadmot Mehola, West Bank1?shooting attack near Shadmot Mehola
1 Oct 2001Jerusalem03several injured by car bomb
2 Oct 2001Alei Sinai, Gaza215grenade and gun attack on homes
4 Oct 2001Afula313shooting attack at bus station
5 Oct 2001Avnei Hefetz, West Bank1?shooting ambush near Avnei Hefetz
7 Oct 2001Kibbutz Sheluhot2?1 killed by suicide bombing
17 Oct 2001Jerusalem1?Tourism Minister Rechavam Ze'evy assassinated
18 Oct 2001Judea12shooting attack in Judean desert
28 Oct 2001Hadera440shooting attack at bus stop
28 Oct 2001Kibbutz Metzer1?1 soldier killed in drive-by shooting near Kibbutz Metzer
2 Nov 2001Ofra, West Bank1?1 soldier killed in shooting attack near Ofra
4 Nov 2001Jerusalem245shooting attack on bus
6 Nov 2001Nablus, West Bank1?1 soldier killed in shooting ambush near Nablus
9 Nov 2001Shaked1?shooting attack on car near Shaked
11 Nov 2001Moshav Kfar Hess1?shooting attack
24 Nov 2001Kfar Darom, Gaza1?1 soldier killed in mortar attack
26 Nov 2001Erez, Gaza122 border policemen injured (one terrorist also killed) by suicide bombing at Erez crossing point
27 Nov 2001Afula450shooting attack at a bus station in Afula; both terrorists were killed
27 Nov 2001Kissufim13attack with grenades and guns near Kissufim
29 Nov 2001Hadera39suicide bombing on bus near Hadera
29 Nov 2001Baka al-Sharkiyeh, West Bank111 soldier killed, 1 soldier injured in drive-by shooting near Baka el-Sharkiya
1 Dec 2001Jerusalem1318811 killed (including 5 teenagers, 1 who died 8 Dec), 188 injured by two suicide bombings at Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall
2 Dec 2001Haifa164015 killed (including 1 from the Philippines), 40 injured by suicide bombing on bus
2 Dec 2001Alei Sinai, Gaza1?shooting attack on car near Elei Sinai
5 Dec 2001Jerusalem13several injured (one terrorist also killed) in suicide bombing near bus stop
9 Dec 2001Haifa13030 injured (one terrorist also killed) in suicide bombing near bus stop; second bomb found nearby and was detonated safely
12 Dec 2001Emmanuel113011 killed (one who died 25 Mar 2002), 30 injured in attack on bus and several cars near Emmanuel
12 Dec 2001Neve Dekalim, Gaza244 injured in two cars by two suicide bombers in single attack near Neve Dekalim
25 Dec 2001Beit She'an111 soldier killed, 1 injured in shooting attack near Beit She'an

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