Chronology of Terrorist Attacks in Israel
Part V: 1993-1995

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 27 November 2016

3 Jan 1993Israel1?1 Israeli security agent killed
15 Jan 1993Tel Aviv144 injured in stabbing (one terrorist killed) at bus station
1 Mar 1993Tel Aviv27stabbing attack
3 Mar 1993East Jerusalem011 guard injured in stabbing
15 Mar 1993Israel011 Palestinian injured in stabbing
22 Mar 1993Israel066 injured in stabbing attack at technical school
29 Mar 1993Tel Aviv2?2 police officers killed
1 Jul 1993Israel222 killed, 2 injured by three terrorists boarding bus; 1 person killed during boarding, 1 killed during hostage standoff
6 Jul 1993West Jerusalem01stabbing attack
5 Aug 1993Jerusalem1?1 soldier kidnapped and killed north of Jerusalem
24 Sep 1993Basra1?stabbing attack near Basra
9 Oct 1993Wadi Kelt2?
24 Oct 1993Gaza2?2 soldiers killed in Jewish settlement in Gaza
29 Oct 1993Ramallah, West Bank1?1 killed after being kidnapped from near Ramallah
7 Nov 1993Israel1?shooting attack
9 Nov 1993Israel1?deliberate vehicle collision
17 Nov 1993Nahal Oz1?1 soldier killed by stabbing
1 Dec 1993Ramallah, West Bank2?shooting ambush near Ramallah
5 Dec 1993Holon111 soldier killed, 1 injured in shooting attack on bus at Holon junction
6 Dec 1993Hebron, West Bank2?shooting attack near Hebron
22 Dec 1993Ramallah, West Bank2?shooting attack near Ramallah
23 Dec 1993Ashdod1?stabbing attack
24 Dec 1993Gaza1?1 soldier killed in ambush
25 Dec 1993Eilat011bombing of Israeli ship in Eilat port
29 Dec 1993Adarim1?1 person stabbed near Adarim, died of wounds 17 Feb 1994
31 Dec 1993Ramla2?2 killed by terrorists invading an apartment
12 Jan 1994Rishon-Lezion1?stabbing attack
14 Jan 1994Erez1?stabbing attack at Erez junction
9 Feb 1994Israel1?1 killed after being kidnapped
10 Feb 1994Kibbutz Na'an1?attack near Kibbutz Na'an
13 Feb 1994Israel12ambush of car
19 Feb 1994Samaria1?shooting ambush on car in Samaria
25 Feb 1994Hebron, West Bank3925039 Palestinians killed, 250 injured in shooting attack by Jewish extremist at Cave of the Patriarchs
25 Feb 1994Hebron, West Bank011 British citizen injured in stabbing
25 Feb 1994Kfar Saba1?1 killed in axe attack
22 Mar 1994Kibbutz Nahal 'Oz02attack on workers
23 Mar 1994East Jerusalem1?shooting attack
29 Mar 1994Petah Tikva1?axe attack injured one who dies a few days later
31 Mar 1994Israel1?1 killed by terrorists entering an apartment
6 Apr 1994Afula8448 killed (one died 25 Apr), 44 injured by car-bomb attack on a bus
7 Apr 1994Ashdod241 killed, 4 injured in shooting attack at Ashdod junction; the terrorist was killed by bystanders
13 Apr 1994Hadera6305 killed (including 1 soldier), 30 injured by suicide bombing on bus
18 Apr 1994Israel144 injured in attack on bus: 2 injured in axe attack, 2 injured by shots which killed terrorist
21 Apr 1994Beit Hanina, West Bank101 killed, a soldier who had been kidnapped near Beit Hanina
7 May 1994Hebron, West Bank011 American injured in stabbing
17 May 1994Beit Hagai, West Bank2?shooting attack on car near Beit Hagai
20 May 1994Jerusalem011 student injured in stabbing
20 May 1994Gaza2?2 soldiers killed in shooting attack
1 Jul 1994Kiryat Netafim, West Bank1?1 person stabbed by terrorists invading a home in Kiryat Netafim, died 2 Aug
7 Jul 1994Kafr Akab, West Bank1?attack near Kafr Akab
7 Jul 1994Kiryat Arba, West Bank1?drive-by shooting attack near Kiryat Arba
19 Jul 1994Rafah, Gaza1?ambush near Rafah
23 Jul 1994Jerusalem011 American injured in stabbing
12 Aug 1994Jerusalem033 police officers injured in drive by shooting
13 Aug 1994Israel233 police officers injured in attack on home of Ariel Sharon (two of three terrorists killed)
14 Aug 1994Kissufim, Gaza1?shooting ambush near Kissufim junction
26 Aug 1994Ramla2?
Sep 1994Ashdod1?strangling attack
4 Sep 1994Morag, Gaza1?1 soldier killed in drive-by shooting at Morag junction
9 Oct 1994Jerusalem4142 killed (including 1 soldier), 14 injured (including 1 American) in attack (two terrorists also killed)
14 Oct 1994Israel3?3 soldiers killed, one who had been kidnapped (an American citizen) and two members of the team attempting to free him
19 Oct 1994Tel Aviv237522 killed (including one Dutch), 75 injured by suicide bombing (one terrorist killed) on bus
11 Nov 1994Netzarim, Gaza463 soldiers killed, 6 people injured by suicide bomber on a bicycle at Netzarim junction
14 Nov 1994East Jerusalem02bomb thrown at car
19 Nov 1994Netzarim, Gaza1?1 soldier killed in drive-by shooting at Netzarim junction
27 Nov 1994Beit Hagai, West Bank1?drive-by shooting near Beit Hagai
30 Nov 1994Afula1?1 soldier killed in axe attack
25 Dec 1994Jerusalem113suicide bombing at bus stop (one terrorist killed)
6 Jan 1995Beit El, West Bank1?shooting attack on car near Beit El
22 Jan 1995Netanya246922 killed (including 20 soldiers), 69 injured by two separate suicide bombers (both terrorists killed) at the Beit Lid junction near Netanya (three of the soldiers killed died after the bombing of injuries, one of whom died 16 December 1996)
6 Feb 1995Jabalya, Gaza1?1 guard killed in drive-by shooting between Jabalya and Gaza City
13 Feb 1995Jerusalem1?stabbing attack near Jerusalem
19 Mar 1995Hebron, West Bank2?shooting attack on bus near Hebron
29 Mar 1995Netzarim, Gaza2?2 killed by intentional vehicle collision near Netzarim junction in Gaza
31 Mar 1995Israel171 killed, 7 injured by rockets fired from Lebanon
9 Apr 1995Kfar Darom, Gaza8508 killed (including 7 soldiers and 1 American), 50 injured (including 3 Americans) by a van-bomb attack on a bus near Kfar Darom
9 Apr 1995Netzarim, Gaza11212 injured (one terrorist also killed) in suicide car bombing
5 May 1995Qiriyat Shemona3?3 killed by rockets fired from Lebanon at Qiriyat Shemona
23 Jun 1995Israel181 killed, 8 injured by rockets fired at resort from Lebanon
18 Jul 1995Wadi Kelt2?2 killed while hiking in Wadi Kelt
24 Jul 1995Ramat Gan7306 killed, 30 injured by suicide bombing on bus in Ramat Gan
21 Aug 1995Jerusalem61015 killed (including 1 police officer and 1 American), over 100 injured by suicide bombing on bus in Jerusalem; those killed include 1 Israeli paralyzed by the bombing who died 30 May 2005
5 Sep 1995Ma'aleh Michmash, West Bank111 killed, 1 injured (both British citizens) in stabbing attack by terrorists invading a home
5 Nov 1995Israel1?1 killed: Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin assassinated by a member of an extremist Jewish group
27 Nov 1995Kiyat Shmona077 injured in Kiyat Shmona/Ezba Hagalil region by rockets fired from Lebanon

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