Chronology of Terrorist Attacks in Israel
Part VI: 1996-2000

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 27 November 2016

10 Jan 1996Tel Aviv01313 injured by bomb bus station; a second bomb exploded 10 minutes later
16 Jan 1996Hebron, West Bank2?2 soldiers killed in shooting attack on car between Hebron and Jerusalem
30 Jan 1996Jenin, West Bank1?1 soldier killed in stabbing attack near Jenin
25 Feb 1996Jerusalem288026 killed (including 9 soldiers and 3 Americans), 80 injured (including 3 Americans) by two suicide bombings on buses in Jerusalem; first bombing killed 23 (including 3 Americans) and injured at least 50; second bombing 30 minutes later killed 3, injured at least 25
25 Feb 1996Ashkelon1341 soldier killed, 34 injured by suicide bomber near Ashkelon
26 Feb 1996Jerusalem1?1 killed by car driven into bus stop
3 Mar 1996Jerusalem20719 killed (including 3 soldiers, 1 Ethiopian, and 7 Romanians), 7 injured by suicide bombing (one terrorist killed) on bus in Jerusalem; one of the Romanians died on 9 Mar of wounds
4 Mar 1996Tel Aviv1416313 killed (including 1 soldier and 5 teenagers), 163 injured (including 2 Americans) by suicide bombing at Dizengoff Center
9 Apr 1996Israel03030 injured by rockets fired from Lebanon
14 May 1996Beit El, West Bank131 killed (an American), 3 injured in shooting attack at bus stop near Beit-El
9 Jun 1996Zekharya, West Bank2?drive-by shooting attack
16 Jun 1996Bidiya101 policeman killed in shooting attack
26 Jun 1996Jericho, West Bank303 soldiers killed in ambush north of Jericho
26 Jun 1996Beit Shemesh3?3 killed (including one who died a few days later) in drive-by shooting attack near Beit Shemesh
11 Dec 1996Surda2?2 killed (including 1 child) in shooting attack on car near Surda
1 Jan 1997Hebron, West Bank066 Palestinians injured in shooting by Israeli soldier at market
9 Jan 1997Tel Aviv01313 injured (including 2 police officers) by two pipe bombs exploding ten minutes apart
21 Mar 1997Tel Aviv4483 killed (including 1 infant), 48 injured by suicide bombing at café
10 Apr 1997Moshav Zanoah1?1 soldier killed after having been kidnapped near Moshav Zanoah
25 Apr 1997Wadi Kelt2?stabbing attack in Wadi Kelt
22 Jul 1997Israel1121 killed, 12 injured (including 10 British and 2 Canadians) by man who drove a car into a group of teenagers, then attacked with bladed weapon
30 Jul 1997Jerusalem1817816 killed (including 1 American), 178 injured (including 2 Americans) by two suicide bombings in Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem; three of those killed died subsequently of wounds (on 11 Aug, 29 Aug, 3 Oct)
4 Sep 1997Jerusalem81815 killed (including 1 American teenager), 181 injured by three suicide bombings in Ben-Yehuda pedestrian mall in Jerusalem
19 Nov 1997Jerusalem111 Hungarian killed, 1 Israeli injured in shooting attack in Jerusalem
31 Dec 1997Alei Zahav, West Bank1?shooting attack near Alei Zahav injures one who died 6 Jan 1998
31 Jan 1998Jerusalem011 student injured in stabbing
11 Feb 1998Jerusalem1?stabbing attack
17 Feb 1998Jerusalem011 Palestinian injured by stabbing
10 Mar 1998Jerusalem011 Palestinian injured by stabbing
14 Mar 1998Afula01bombing at bus stop
21 Mar 1998Jerusalem011 Palestinian injured by stabbing
19 Apr 1998Maon1?attack near Maon
29 Apr 1998Jerusalem011 Palestinian injured by stabbing
6 May 1998Zerifin1?car bombing
6 May 1998Jerusalem1?1 teenager killed in stabbing attack
13 May 1998Jerusalem1?stabbing attack
27 Jul 1998Jerusalem01stabbing attack
31 Jul 1998North Jerusalem01bomb thrown at truck
5 Aug 1998Yizhar2?2 soldiers killed in ambush
20 Aug 1998Hebron, West Bank1?stabbing attack
27 Aug 1998Tel Aviv021bombing outside the Great Synagogue
9 Oct 1998Moshav Tomer, West Bank1?1 soldier killed in stabbing attack
14 Oct 1998Moshav Ora1?shooting attack near Moshav Ora
26 Oct 1998Hebron, West Bank1?shooting attack
29 Oct 1998Gush Katif, Gaza281 soldier killed by car bomb driven into jeep escorting a school bus
2 Dec 1998Israel01stabbing attack
13 Jan 1999Hebron, West Bank1?1 soldier killed in shooting attack near Hebron
11 Feb 1999Jerusalem1?1 Palestinian killed in stabbing
5 Mar 1999Jerusalem01
19 Mar 1999Jerusalem011 teenager injured in attack
7 Aug 1999Israel1?1 killed, possible kidnap victim
30 Aug 1999Megiddo2?2 killed while hiking in Megiddo
27 Sep 2000Netzarim, Gaza1?1 soldier killed in bombing near Netzarim
29 Sep 2000Kalkilya, West Bank1?1 border policeman killed, shot by his Palestinian partner near Kalkilya
2 Oct 2000Masha1?shooting attack
8 Oct 2000Nablus, West Bank1?1 American killed
19 Oct 2000Nablus, West Bank1?shooting attack near Nablus
28 Oct 2000Israel1?1 killed, possible kidnap victim
30 Oct 2000Jerusalem1?shooting attack
30 Oct 2000Beit Jala, West Bank1?attack near Beit Jala
2 Nov 2000Jerusalem210car bombing near Mahane Yehuda market
8 Nov 2000Gaza1?shooting attack
10 Nov 2000Bethlehem, West Bank1?1 soldier killed by sniper near Bethlehem
11 Nov 2000Gaza1?1 soldier killed in shooting attack
13 Nov 2000Ofra, West Bank2?2 soldiers killed in drive-by shooting near Ofra
13 Nov 2000Gaza1?shooting attack on truck
13 Nov 2000Ofra, West Bank1?drive-by shooting near Ofra
18 Nov 2000Gaza1?1 soldier killed
20 Nov 2000Gush Katif, Gaza292 killed, 9 injured (including 5 children) by roadside bomb exploding next to a school bus near Gush Katif
21 Nov 2000Gush Katif, Gaza1?1 killed by sniper at Gush Katif junction
22 Nov 2000Hadera260car bomb exploding next to passing bus
23 Nov 2000Gush Katif, Gaza1?1 soldier killed in bombing attack near Gush Katif
23 Nov 2000Erez1?1 soldier killed by snipers near Erez crossing
24 Nov 2000Gaza1?1 soldier killed by sniper
24 Nov 2000Otzarin1?shooting attack near Otzarin
8 Dec 2000Kiryat Arba, West Bank2?shooting attack on van near Kiryat Arba
8 Dec 2000Jericho, West Bank1?drive-by shooting near Jericho
21 Dec 2000Givat Ze'ev, West Bank1?shooting attack between Givat Ze'ev and Beit Horon
22 Dec 2000Mehola, West Bank133 soldiers injured by suicide bombing (bomber also killed) at cafe in Mehola Junction
28 Dec 2000Sufa2?2 soldiers killed by bombing near Sufa crossing
31 Dec 2000Ramallah, West Bank252 killed, 5 children injured in shooting attack on car near Ramallah

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