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Brescia irradiator accident, 1975

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 26 October 2008

Date: 13 May 1975

Location: Brescia, Lombardia, Italy

Type of event: accident with food irradiator


One person was exposed to a cobalt-60 source in a cereal irradiation facility by climbing onto a conveyor belt to access the irradiation room. He was soon admitted to a hospital where it was initially thought his symptoms were due to exposure to pesticides; it was more than 2 days before he was correctly diagnosed as suffering from radiation exposure. The individual received a whole-body dose of 1,200-rem, with non-uniform exposure, and died 13 days later.

Consequences: 1 fatality (1,200 rem).


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Last modified 26 October 2008.
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