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Casablanca orphaned source, 1984

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 23 September 2007

Date: 19 March 1984

Location: Casablanca (Mohammedia), Morocco

Type of event: lost radiography source


A 16.3-curie iridium-192 industrial radiography source was lost and taken home by a laborer. The laborer had laid the source on a table in the family bedroom, and it was in the house for possibly a few weeks. Exposure to radiation caused the deaths of 8 family members, including 4 children and their parents within a few days of each other, about 45 days after exposure. Three other people received significant exposures. Diagnosis of radiation exposure was only made 80 days after initial exposure.

Consequences: 8 fatalities, 3 injuries.


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Last modified 23 September 2007.
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