Database of radiological incidents and related events--Johnston's Archive

Lilo orphaned sources, 1996-1997

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 22 July 2012

Date: June 1996-9 October 1997

Location: Lilo Training Center, Tbilsi, Georgia

Type of event: lost sources


From April to August 1997 several soldiers at the Lilo Training Centre developed skin lesions, which were recognized as radiation burns in August. On 26 August a radiation hot spot was discoverd at the training site near an underground shelter. On 13 September a source was removed from one soldier's jacket. By October 11 patients had been identified. Several individuals suffered vomiting. A dozen individual sources were found, plus 200 sighting devices containing radium-226. Estimated doses are as high as (for the 11 individuals) 590, 420, 410, 150, 110, 110, 70, 60, 60, 20, and 20 rem.

Consequences: 11 injuries.


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Last modified 22 July 2012.
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