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Italy radiography accident, 1997

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 19 November 2011

Date: 30 September 1997

Location: Italy

Type of event: radiography accident


A seven-hour radiography imaging exposure of a vessel was initiated on 29 September. Two workers who concluded the exposure imaging on 30 September misconnected the remote control cable and failed to return the 33-curie cobalt-60 source to the safe position, but did not realize the error due to lack of use of radiation monitors. Another worker arrived 90 minutes later and heard metallic rattling as he prepared to store the source and realized the source was not in the safe position. This worker incurred a whole body dose of 89 rem and a localized dose to the hand of 356 rad, resulting in skin reddening.

Consequences: 1 injury


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Last modified 19 November 2011.
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