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Anderson radiotherapy accident, 2003

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 22 October 2008

Date: 8 August 2003

Location: Community Hospital, Anderson, Indiana, United States

Type of event: accidental radiotherapy exposure to fetus


A pregnant woman was administered hyperthyroidism treatment. The woman believed her medical conditions prevented her from being able to become pregnant and declined a pregnancy test prior to treatment. She was administered 29.8 mCi of iodine-131 for hyperthyroidism treatment. She was later found to have been 15 weeks' pregnant at the time of treatment; dosage to the fetus was estimated at 7.4 rads whole body and 27,800 rads to the thyroid, with fetal thyroid ablation anticipated. The licensee attributed the accident to human error by the patient.

Consequences: 1 injury


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