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St. Petersburg radiological homicide, 2004

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 24 September 2007

Date: ~3-24 September 2004

Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

Type of event: homicide possibly using radioactive material


Roman Tsepov died 24 September 2004 of poisoning with unknown material. He fell ill shortly after a business trip to Moscow, and in less than three weeks later died. A post mortem analysis reportedly suggested that radioactive material was used in the murder, with contamination of an unspecified radioactive element found at one million times background levels. Other reports suggest the poison was a medicine used to treat leukemia. Tsepov's symptoms prior to death have been described as severe radiation sickness. Tsepov was general director of the Baltik-Escort private security company, whose clients had included Vladimir Putin when Putin was deputy mayor of St. Petersburg. Both Tsepov and Alexander Litvinenko had connections to a scandal involving the Russian oil company Yukos.

Consequences: 1 fatality.


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Last modified 24 September 2007.
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