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Columbus radiotherapy accident, 2004

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 1 November 2007

Date: 2-16 November 2004

Location: Riverside Methodist Hospital, Columbus, Ohio, United States

Type of event: accidental radiotherapy exposure to fetus


A pregnant woman was administered hyperthyroidism diagnostics/treatment. The woman indicated in writing that she was not pregnant and was administered 0.205 mCi of iodine-123 on 2 November for a hyperthroidism diagnostic procedure, and 12.7 mCi of iodine-131 on 16 November for hyperthroidism treatment. The pregnancy was discovered when the woman later saw her physician for abdominal pain; she was 17 weeks' pregnant at the time of the iodine-131 administration. Estimated fetal dose was 2.04 rad whole body and 22,400 rad to the thryoid. A blood test on the fetus confirmed that the fetus had hyperthroidism; an ultrasound test showed no other abnormalities. In-utero treatments were planned to mitigate the effects of hyperthyroidism.

Consequences: 1 injury


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Last modified 1 November 2007.
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