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Stamboliyski irradiator accident, 2011

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 10 July 2022

Date: 14 June 2011

Location: Stamboliyski, Bulgaria

Type of event: irradiator accident


During recharge of a medical equipment sterilization facility an active tube with a 3700 curie cobalt-60 source was withdrawn from the sterilizer, exposing five workers for 25-30 minutes. The workers were first medically examined 40 hours later. All five developed acute radiation sickness with estimated doses of 530, 340, 250, 190, and 120 rad (workers were, respectively, a female aged 44, a male aged 58, a male aged 58, a male aged 76, and a female aged 78). All but the worker with the lowest dose received bone marrow treatments in Paris, France. One patient (who had received a 190 rad dose) died of a heart attack one month later which is believed unrelated to the radiation exposure.

Consequences: 5 injuries.


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Last modified 10 July 2022.
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