Database of Radiological Incidents and Related Events

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 29 November 2022



This database is a compilation of general data on radiological accidents/incidents and other events which have produced radiation casualties. Listed events include:

  • Events resulting in acute radiation casualties. These do not necessarily involve radioactive material releases. Both accidents and intentional acts are included.
  • Events resulting in chronic radiation injury but no acute casualties are only included if substantiated links exist between exposure and individual casualties.
  • Accidents resulting in large (>1 megacurie) radiation releases.

This listing is far from complete, although it includes most of the worst accidents. It is most incomplete regarding accidents causing only minor injuries and radiotherapy accidents. The information included here is general in nature; for more detailed information, readers are referred to the sources provided with incident descriptions (many on-line). Many values for radiation exposure are approximate, including approximate conversions between units.

Frequently asked questions (criteria, Three Mile Island, etc.).


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listed chronologically; accidents/incidents resulting in fatalities listed in bold, those involving more than one fatality indicated by *

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