Database of radiological incidents and related events--Johnston's Archive

Radiation accidents and other events causing radiation casualties--tabulated data

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 29 November 2022

This is a listing (incomplete) of radiation accidents and other events (e.g. intentional acts) that resulted in acute radiation exposures to humans sufficient to cause casualties. For sources and for details on specific events see individual pages at Database of Radiological Incidents and Related Events or follow links in table.

Notes and codes:

datelocation/link to entrytype of accident/eventcodehighest dose (rem)deathsinjuriespublicsourcerelease
~ 1896Chicago, Illinois, USAradiography overexposureA-mxL01m  
~ 1905Washington, District of Columbia, USAradiography overexposureA-mxL01m  
1920 - 1926United Statesingestion of radioisotope, chronic injuryA-i 970 Ra-226 
06 Aug 1945Hiroshima, Japancombat use of nuclear weaponNW(~80,000--N)45,000 (130,000)60,000? (86,000)x* NW 
09 Aug 1945Nagasaki, Japancombat use of nuclear weaponNW(~200,000--N)20,000 (65,000)50,000? (75,000)x* NW 
21 Aug 1945Los Alamos, New Mexico, USAcriticality accident with plutonium assemblyAC51011 * Pu 
21 May 1946Los Alamos, New Mexico, USAcriticality accident with plutonium assemblyAC2,10011 * Pu 
05 Jul 1950Chelyabinsk-40, Ozersk, Russia, USSRaccident at nuclear reactor siteA?05   
19 Aug 1950Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRaccident at radiochemical plantA?01   
13 Sep 1950Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRaccident at radiochemical plantA?01   
20 Sep 1950Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRaccident at radiochemical plantA?01   
28 Sep 1950Chelyabinsk-40, Ozersk, Russia, USSRaccident at nuclear reactor siteA?01   
Sep 1950 - 28 Oct 1951Techa River, Russia, USSRaccidental and routine radiation releasesA-d7900940x  
Jan 1951Chelyabinsk-40, Ozersk, Russia, USSRaccident involving nuclear reactorA-R?01   
Jul 1951Chelyabinsk-40, Ozersk, Russia, USSRradiation accidentA?01   
01 Oct 1951Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRaccident at nuclear reactor siteA?13   
02 Dec 1951Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRaccident involving nuclear reactorA-R?03   
15 Dec 1951Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRaccident at nuclear reactor siteA?02   
04 Mar 1952Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRaccident involving nuclear reactorA-R?01   
02 Jun 1952Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, USAcriticality accident with uraniumAC13602 * U 
04 Jul 1952Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRaccident involving nuclear reactorA-R?02   
20 Sep 1952Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRaccident at radiochemical plantA?01   
1952Chelyabinsk-40, Ozersk, Russia, USSRradiation accidentA?03   
04 Jan 1953Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRaccidental internal exposure to radioisotopeA-i?20 H-3 
15 Mar 1953Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRcriticality accident with plutonium solutionAC1,00003 * Pu 
09 Sep 1953Moscow, Russia, USSRcriticality accidentAC?04   
18 Sep 1953Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRaccident involving nuclear reactorA-R?02   
13 Oct 1953Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRaccident involving nuclear reactorA-R?05   
28 Dec 1953Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRaccident involving nuclear reactorA-R?011   
1953Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRaccidental internal exposure to radioisotopeA-i?02   
01 Mar 1954Bikini Atoll, Pacific Oceanfallout from atmospheric nuclear testNT300193+ * NW 
11 Mar 1954Obninsk, Russia, USSRcriticality accidentAC?01   
28 Jun 1954Arzamas-16, Sarov, Russia, USSRaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?11 Po-210 
14 Sep 1954Totsk range, Russia, USSRnuclear testNT?0? * NW 
06 Nov 1954Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRaccident at radiochemical plantA?01   
1954Prague, Czechoslovakiaaccidental exposure to sourceA?02? Ir 
24 Jan 1955Moscow, Russia, USSRaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?01 Sb-124 
03 Jun 1955Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRaccident at nuclear reactor siteA?04   
27 Jul 1955Idaho RTA, Idaho Falls, Idaho, USAaccidental exposure to sourceA-sL01   
22 Dec 1955Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRaccident at radiochemical plantA?01   
21 Apr 1957Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRcriticality accident with uranium solutionAC3,000110 * U 
Jun 1957Moscow, Russia, USSRaccelerator accidentA-a?01   
29 Sep 1957Chelyabinsk, Russia, USSRchemical explosion in stored nuclear wastesA-d15000x  
02 Jan 1958Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRcriticality accident with uranium solutionAC6,00031 * U 
16 Jun 1958Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USAcriticality accident with uranium solutionAC46005 * U 
15 Oct 1958Vinca, Yugoslaviacriticality accident at research reactorAC-RR43015 * U 
30 Dec 1958Los Alamos, New Mexico, USAcriticality accident with plutonium solutionAC12,00010 * Pu 
08 Mar 1960Lockport, New York, USAx-ray accidentA-x100002   
08 Jun 1960Moscow, Russia, USSRintentional overexposureI-s1,75010cCs-137 
13 Oct 1960K-8 submarine, Barents Seareactor leakA-NR20003   
1960USSRingestion of radioactive materialA-iL10 Ra 
1960Kazakhstan, USSRradiation accidentA?01   
03 Jan 1961SL-1 reactor, Idaho RTA, Idaho, USAcriticality excursion with uranium research reactorAC-RR(~350--N)30 * U 
20 Mar 1961Moscow, Russia, USSRradiation accidentA?01 Co-60 
26 Jun 1961Moscow, Russia, USSRcriticality accidentAC?04   
04 Jul 1961K-19 submarine, North Atlantic Oceanreactor accidentA-NR6,000831   
14 Jul 1961Siberian Chemical Combine, Russia, USSRcriticality accident with uraniumAC20001 * U 
30 Sep 1961Moscow, Russia, USSRradiation accidentA?01   
1961Switzerlandaccidental exposure to radioisotopeA30012 H-3 
1961Plymouth, United Kingdomx-ray accidentA-mxL011?m  
06 Feb 1962Moscow, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
21 Mar 1962 - Aug 1962Mexico City, Mexicolost radiography sourceA-os5,20041xCo-60 
07 Apr 1962Hanford, Washington, USAcriticality accident with plutonium solutionAC11002 * Pu 
10 Apr 1962Moscow, Russia, USSRradiation accidentA?01   
02 Nov 1962Obninsk, Russia, USSRcriticality accidentAC?02   
11 Jan 1963Sanlian, PRClost sourceA-os8,00024 Co-60 
11 Mar 1963Arzamas-16, Sarov, Russia, USSRcriticality accident with plutonium assemblyAC55002 * Pu 
28 Jun 1963Sverdlovsk, Russia, USSRradiation accidentA?03   
26 Jul 1963Chelyabinsk-40, Ozersk, Russia, USSRradiation accidentA?01   
1963Chelyabinsk-40, Ozersk, Russia, USSRaccident involving nuclear reactorA-R?01   
1963Chelyabinsk-40, Ozersk, Russia, USSRradiation accidentA?01   
24 Jul 1964Wood River, Rhode Island, USAcriticality accident with uranium solutionAC10,00011 * U 
1964FR Germanyaccidental exposure to radioisotopeA1,00013 H-3 
12 Feb 1965K-11 submarine, Severodvinsk, USSRaccident during refueling of naval reactorA-NR?07  ?
29 May 1965Moscow, Russia, USSRaccelerator accidentA-a?01   
30 Dec 1965Mol, Belgiumcriticality accident with uranium in waterAC50001 * U 
1965Illinois, USAirradiator accidentA-irL01   
20 May 1966Moscow, Russia, USSRradiation accidentA?01   
11 Jun 1966Kaluga, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
1966Chelyabinsk-40, Ozersk, Russia, USSRradiation accidentA?01   
15 Apr 1967Frunze, Kirgyzstan, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
24 May 1967Moscow, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
May 1967New Delhi, Indiaaccidental exposure to sourceA-sL01 Co-60 
04 Oct 1967Harmarville, Pennsylvania, USAirradiator accidentA-ir60003   
09 Dec 1967Moscow, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
22 Dec 1967Moscow, Russia, USSRaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?01 Sc-46 
~ 1965 - 1968Pennsylvania, USAattempt to self-induce abortion using x-ray machineI-s?01c  
05 Apr 1968Chelyabinsk-70, Russia, USSRcriticality accident with uranium in assemblyAC3,00020 * U 
May 1968Moscow, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
03 May 1968 - Jun 1968La Plata, Argentinalost sourceA-osL01 Cs-137 
24 May 1968K-27 submarine, Barents Seanaval reactor accidentA-NR?983   
27 Jun 1968Arzamas-16, Sarov, Russia, USSRaccidental internal exposure to radioisotopeA-i?02 Po-210 
01 Aug 1968Wisconsin, USAradiotherapy accidentA-mr~45010mAu-198 
18 Sep 1968FR Germanyaccidental exposure to sourceA-s10001   
07 Dec 1968Moscow, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
10 Dec 1968Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRcriticality accident with plutonium solutionAC2,45011 * Pu 
02 Jan 1969Moscow, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
20 Jan 1969Obninsk, Russia, USSRaccident involving nuclear reactorA-R?02   
11 Feb 1969Moscow, Russia, USSRaccelerator accidentA-a?01   
11 Mar 1969Melekes, Russia, USSRradiation accidentA?01 Co-60 
22 Apr 1969Russia, USSRaccident at nuclear reactor siteA?02   
07 May 1969Voronezh, Russia, USSRaccident involving nuclear reactorA-R?02   
20 Sep 1969Scotland, United Kingdomaccidental exposure to radiography sourceA-rgL01 Ir-192 
24 Sep 1969Tomsk-7, Seversk, Russia, USSRradiation accidentA?01   
13 Oct 1969Moscow, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
13 Oct 1969Russia, USSRradiography accidentA-rg?01 Ir-192 
14 Oct 1969Novaya Zemlya, Russia, USSRventing from underground nuclear testNT800? * NW 
24 Nov 1969Novomoskovsk, Russia, USSRradiation accidentA?03 Cs-137 
20 Dec 1969Moscow, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
1969Moscow, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
1969USSRradiation accidentA?01   
1969Chelyabinsk-40, Ozersk, Russia, USSRradiation accidentA?01   
18 Jan 1970Sormovo, Russia, USSRconstruction accident on submarine nuclear reactorA-NR?32   
04 Feb 1970Kiev, Ukraine, USSRpossible criticality accidentAC?01   
13 Feb 1970Russia, USSRradiation accidentA?01 Co-60 
15 Apr 1970Moscow, Russia, USSRaccelerator accidentA-a?01   
23 Jun 1970 - 25 Jun 1970Australiax-ray accidentA-xL02   
Sep 1970Chelyabinsk, Russia, USSRaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?01 Cs-137 
04 Feb 1971United Statesirradiator accidentA-ir~26001 Co-60 
15 Feb 1971Kurtchatov, Russia, USSRcriticality accident with uraniumAC33003 * U 
Mar 1971Tula, Russia, USSRaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?01 Cs-137 
26 May 1971Kurtchatov, Russia, USSRcriticality accident with uranium in waterAC6,00022 * U 
Sep 1971Voronezh, Russia, USSRradiation accidentA?01   
05 Dec 1971Arkhangelsk region, USSRaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?03 Cs-137 
1971Chiba, Japanlost sourceA-os13003 Ir-192 
1971Ufa, Russia, USSRaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?01 Cs-137 
29 Feb 1972Sichuan, PRCirradiator accidentA-ir14701 Co-60 
31 Mar 1972Moscow, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
08 Apr 1972 - Oct 1972Harris county, Texas, USAintentional exposure to individualI-aL01xCs-137 
Jun 1972Moscow, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
Jul 1972Indiax-ray accidentA-xL01   
04 Oct 1972Moscow, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
09 Oct 1972Primorsky region, Russia, USSRcriminal act using radioactive sourceI-c?01xIr-192 
22 Dec 1972Irkutsk, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
Dec 1972Wuhan, PRCmedical radiation accidentA-s24501+mCo-60 
1972Bulgariaself-inflicted radiation exposureI-sL10cCs-137 
11 Jan 1973Moscow, Russia, USSRaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?01 Co-60 
17 Mar 1973Odessa, Ukraine, USSRcriminal act using radioactive sourceI-c?01xCo-60 
Mar 1973Kaliningrad, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
Apr 1973Moscow, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
26 Jul 1973Elektrogorsk, Moscow region, Russia, USSRradiation accidentA?01 Co-60 
05 Sep 1973Khokhol, Vladimir region, Russia, USSRaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?04 Cs-137 
Dec 1973Donetsk, Ukraine, USSRaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?01 Cs-137 
09 Jan 1974Novosibirsk, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
24 May 1974Tomsk-7, Seversk, Russia, USSRaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?01 Rh-106 
31 May 1974Semipalatinsk test site, Kazakhstan, USSRventing from underground nuclear testNT1500100x?* NW 
Jun 1974Parsippany, New Jersey, USAirradiator accidentA-ir40001 Co-60 
09 Aug 1974Indiax-ray accidentA-xL01   
24 Oct 1974Perm', Russia, USSRaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?01 Co-60 
15 Dec 1974Lipetsk, Russia, USSRcriminal act using radioactive sourceI-c?02xCs-137 
1974Sverdlovsk, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
1974 - 1976Columbus, Ohio, USAradiotherapy accidentA-mrL1088mCo-60 
20 Jun 1975Kazan', Russia, USSRradiation accidentA?02 Co-60 
11 Jul 1975Sverdlovsk, Russia, USSRaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?12 Co-60 
1975Tucuman, Argentinaradiotherapy accidentA-mrL02mCo-60 
1975Rossendorf, GDRaccidental exposure to sourceA-sL01   
1975Halle, GDRx-ray accidentA-xL01   
1975FR Germanyx-ray accidentA-x~10001   
1975FR Germanyx-ray accidentA-xL01   
1975FR Germanyx-ray accidentA-xL01   
1975Iraqradiography accidentA-rgL01 Ir-192 
13 May 1975Brescia, Lombardia, Italyfood irradiator accidentA-ir1,20010 Co-60 
Mar 1976Moscow, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
12 Jul 1976Moscow, Russia, USSRirradiator accidentA-ir40001 Co-60 
22 Jul 1976Melekes, Russia, USSRradiation accidentA?01   
12 Nov 1976Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USAradiography accidentA-rgL01 Ir-192 
1976FR Germanyx-ray accidentA-x10001   
1976Hanford, Washington, USAaccidental intake of radioisotopeA-iL01   
? 1976United Statesfluoroscopy accidentsA-mxL02m  
08 Jan 1977Sasolburg, Transvaal, South Africaradiography accidentA-rg11601 Ir-192 
01 Mar 1977Obninsk, Russia, USSRpossible criticality accidentAC?01   
05 Mar 1977Kiev, Ukraine, USSRaccelerator accidentA-aL01   
02 Apr 1977Atucha, Argentinaaccidental intake of radioisotope through woundA-iL01   
Sep 1977Rockaway, New Jersey, USAirradiator accidentA-ir20001 Co-60 
1977La Plata, Argentinax-ray accidentA-xL01   
1977Pardubice, Czechoslovakiaradiography accidentA-rgL01 Ir-192 
1977FR Germanyradiography accidentA-rgL01 Ir-192 
1977Gyor, Hungaryaccidental exposure to industrial sourceA-rg12001   
1977Zona del Oleoducto, Peruaccidental exposure to sourceA-s20003 Ir-192 
1977United Kingdomaccidental exposure to radioisotopeA6402 H-3 
1977United Kingdomradiography accidentA-rgL01 Ir-192 
07 Mar 1978Primorsky region, Russia, USSRradiography accidentA-rg?01 Ir-192 
04 Apr 1978Primorsky region, Russia, USSRradiography accidentA-rg?01 Ir-192 
05 May 1978Setif, Algerialost radiography sourceA-os1401 (+1 F)6xIr-192 
03 Jun 1978Protvino, Kaluga region, Russia, USSRaccelerator accidentA-a?01   
17 Jul 1978West Monroe, Louisiana, USAradiography accidentA-rgL01 Ir-192 
21 Sep 1978Moscow, Russia, USSRaccelerator accidentA-aL01   
Sep 1978San Francisco, California, USA criminal act using radioactive materialI-c?03xP-32 
17 Oct 1978Moscow, Russia, USSRaccident at nuclear reactor siteA?01   
25 Nov 1978Udmurtia, Russia, USSRradiography accidentA-rg?01 Ir-192 
13 Dec 1978Siberian Chemical Combine, Russia, USSRcriticality accident with plutonium assemblyAC25001 * Pu 
28 Dec 1978K-171 submarine, Pacific Oceansubmarine reactor accidentA-NR?3    
1978Buenos Aries, Argentinaaccidental exposure to industrial sourceA-sL01 Ir-192 
1978Nancy, Franceaccidental x-ray exposureA-xL01   
1978Nykoping, Swedenaccidental exposure at research reactorAL01   
1978United Kingdomintentional self-exposure to radiography sourceI-s15201cIr-192 
1978United Statesaccelerator accidentA-aL01   
08 May 1979Sverdlovsk, Russia, USSRaccident involving nuclear reactorA-R?01   
11 May 1979La Hague, Franceradiological assaultI-aL01x  
05 Jun 1979Los Angeles, California, USAlost sourceA-osL05 Ir-192 
20 Jul 1979Leningrad, Russia, USSRaccelerator accidentA-a?02   
20 Sep 1979Frunze, Kirgyzstan, USSRradiography accidentA-rg?01 Ir-192 
01 Dec 1979Semipalatinsk, Kazahkstan, USSRradiation accidentA?01 Co-60 
1979Parana, Argentinax-ray accidentA-x9401   
1979Sokolov, Czechoslovakiaradiography accidentA-rgL01 Ir-192 
1979Montpelier, Franceradiography accidentA-rgL01 Ir-192 
1979FR Germanyx-ray accidentA-xL01   
1979Freiberg, GDRx-ray accidentA-xL01   
1979USSR nuclear submarine, unknown locationsubmarine reactor accidentA-NR?04   
23 May 1980Chelyabinsk-40, Ozersk, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
01 Sep 1980Leningrad, Russia, USSRirradiator accidentA-ir?10 Co-60 
19 Sep 1980Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia, USSRaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?10 Ir-192 
Sep 1980Shanghai, PRCirradiator accidentA-ir50001 Co-60 
03 Dec 1980Vladivostok, Russia, USSRradiography accidentA-rg?01 Ir-192 
1980FR Germanyradiography accidentA-rgL02   
1980Bohlen, GDRx-ray accidentA-xL01   
1980Rossendorf, GDRaccidental exposure to radioisotopeAL01 P-32 
1980Houston, Texas, USAradiotherapy accidentA-mrL?7?mY-90 
02 Apr 1981Saintes, Franceaccidental exposure to medical sourceA-sL03 Co-60 
29 Jul 1981Tulsa, Oklahoma, USAintentional self-exposure to industrial radiography sourceI-s?10cIr-192 
1981Buenos Aires, Argentinaaccidental exposure to industrial sourceA-sL02 Ir-192 
1981FR Germanyx-ray accidentA-xL01   
1981Berlin, GDRx-ray accidentA-xL01   
09 Jan 1982Kramatorsk, Ukraine, USSRaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?20 Cs-137 
15 Mar 1982Krasnodar, Russia, USSRaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?01 Ir-192 
19 May 1982Smolensk, Russia, USSRradiography accidentA-rg?01 Ir-192 
14 Jun 1982Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan, USSRcriminal act using radioactive sourceI-c?07xCo-60 
02 Sep 1982Kjeller, Norwayaccident at industrial irradiatorA-ir2,20010 Co-60 
05 Oct 1982Baku, Azerbaidjan, USSRlost sourceA-os?513 Cs-137 
18 Dec 1982Uregoy, Russia, USSRradiography accidentA-rg?02 Ir-192 
1982La Plata, Argentinaaccident with radiotherapy unitA-xL01   
1982Prague, Czechoslovakiaaccidental exposure to radiography sourceA-osL01xIr-192 
1982Berlin, GDRx-ray accidentA-xL01   
1982Vikhroli, Bombay, Indialost sourceA-osL01xIr-192 
1982Badak, East Borneo, Indonesiaradiography accidentA-rgL01 Ir-192 
27 Jan 1983Moscow, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
28 Apr 1983Kharkov, Ukraine, USSRradiography accidentA-rg?02 Cs-137 
17 May 1983Volgograd, Russia, USSRradiography accidentA-rg?01 Ir-192 
11 Jun 1983Ufa, Russia, USSRradiography accidentA-rg?01 Cs-137 
23 Sep 1983Constituyentes, Argentinacriticality accident with uranium in waterAC3,70010 * U 
07 Dec 1983Ufa, Russia, USSRradiography accidentA-rg?01 Ir-192 
1983Buenos Aires, Argentinaradiotherapy accidentA-mrL02mCo-60 
1983FR Germanyaccidental x-ray exposureA-xL01   
1983Schwarze Pumpe, GDRaccidental exposure to industrial sourceA-sL01 Ir-192 
1983Mulund, Bombay, Indiaaccidental exposure to sourceA-rgL01 Ir-192 
06 Dec 1983 - Feb 1984Ciudad Juarez, Mexicodispersal of lost radiography sourceA-osd45014xCo-60400 Ci
07 Feb 1984Perm', Russia, USSRradiography accidentA-rg?05 Ir-192 
19 Mar 1984Casablanca, Moroccolost radiography sourceA-os?83xIr-192 
21 Apr 1984Chelyabinsk-40, Ozersk, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
12 Jun 1984Ufa, Russia, USSRradiography accidentA-rg?01 Ir-192 
15 Jun 1984Gorky, Russia, USSRaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?08 Ir-192 
24 Oct 1984Russia, USSRradiography accidentA-rg?01 Sb-124 
1984Mendoza, Argentinaradiography accidentA-rgL01 Ir-192 
1984Tiszafured, Hungaryaccidental exposure to radiography sourceA-rgL01 Ir-192 
1984Lima, Perux-ray accidentA-xL06   
03 Mar 1985Norilsk, Russia, USSRaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?03 Cs-137 
03 Jun 1985Marietta, Georgia, USAradiotherapy accidentA-mrL01m  
26 Jul 1985Hamilton, Ontario, Canadaradiotherapy accidentA-mrL01m  
10 Aug 1985K-431 submarine, Chazhma Bay, Vladivostok, Russia, USSRreactor accident during refuelingA-NR2200 (10)49  ~1 kCi
26 Sep 1985Ignalinskaya, Lithuania, USSRradiography accidentA-rg?01 Ir-192 
Sep 1985Shanghai, PR Chinaaccelerator accidentA-aL02   
16 Oct 1985Podolsk, Moscow region, Russia, USSRradiation accidentA?01   
1985PR Chinaradiotherapy accidentA-mrL11mAu-197 
1985Heilongjiang, PR Chinalost sourceA-os100013 Cs-137 
1985Petrvald, Czechoslovakiaaccidental intake of radioisotopeA-iL01 Am-241 
1985Visakhapatnam, Indiaradiography accidentA-rgL01 Co-60 
1985Yamuananager, Indiaradiography accidentA-rgL02 Ir-192 
1985Odessa, Texas, USAradiography accidentA-rgL01   
1985United Kingdomaccidental ingestion of radioisotopeA-iL01 I-125 
Sep 1985 - 06 Jan 1986Yakima, Washington, USAradiotherapy accidentA-mrL01m  
Mar 1986Beijing, PRCaccidental exposure to irradiator sourceA-ir8002 Co-60 
21 Mar 1986 - 11 Apr 1986Tyler, Texas, USAradiotherapy accidentA-mrL20m  
26 Apr 1986 - 06 May 1986Chernobyl, Ukraine, USSRsteam explosion and fire in graphite-moderated power reactorA-PR1,60028 (31)238+x 52 MCi
26 May 1986Kaifeng City, PRCaccidental exposure to irradiator sourceA-ir35020 Co-60 
11 Jun 1986Obninsk, Russia, USSRaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?01 Co-60 
05 Aug 1986Kalinin, Russia, USSRradiography accidentA-rg?01 Ir-192 
1986United Kingdomradiotherapy accidentA-mrL01mCo-60 
17 Jan 1987Yakima, Washington, USAradiotherapy accidentA-mrL10m  
19 Feb 1987Moscow, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
Jul 1987 - Sep 1987Koko, Nigeriaradiological exposure to low-level wasteA?026   
12 Sep 1987 - 29 Sep 1987Goiania, Goias, Brazilaccidental dispersal of lost radiography sourceA-osd700520xCs-1371375 Ci
1987Cirebon, West Java, Indonesiaradiography accidentA-rgL01   
1987Zhengzhou City, PRCirradiator accidentA-ir13501 Co-60 
1987Norilsk, Russia, USSRradiological assaultI-a?03 Cs-137 
22 Mar 1988Sverdlovsk, Russia, USSRaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?03 Sr-90, Y-90 
05 Apr 1988Tashkent, Uzbekistan, USSRradiography accidentA-rg?02 Ir-192 
02 Jul 1988Sao Paulo, Brazilradiography accidentA-rgL03 Ir-192 
18 Aug 1988Riga, Latvia, USSRcriminal act using radioactive sourceI-c?01xCf-252 
1988Zhao Xian, PRCirradiator accidentA-ir52001 Co-60 
1988Jena, GDRx-ray accidentA-xL01   
1988Trustetal, GDRx-ray accidentA-xL02   
1988Rotterdam, Netherlandsradiotherapy accidentA-mrL01m  
1988Exeter, United Kingdomradiotherapy accidentA-mr?01+?m  
05 Feb 1989San Salvador, El Salvadorirradiator accidentA-ir80012 Co-60 
20 Mar 1989Moscow, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
04 Aug 1989Russia, USSRradiography accidentA-rg?01 Ir-192 
14 Aug 1989Zagorsk, Sergiev Posad, Russia, USSRaccelerator accidentA-a?01   
30 Oct 1989Moscow, Russia, USSRx-ray accidentA-x?01   
1989Bangladeshaccident with industrial sourceA-s23001 Ir-192 
1989Beijing, PRCaccidental exposure to sourceA-s8902 Co-60 
1989PR Chinaradiography accidentA-rgL01 Ir-192 
1989Paks, Hungaryaccidental exposure to sourceA-sL01   
1989Hazira, Gujarat, Indiaradiography accidentA-rgL01 Ir-192 
1989Witbank, Transvaal, South Africaradiography accidentA-rg22501 Ir-192 
27 Feb 1990Kalinin, Russia, USSRaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?01 Ir-192 
13 Mar 1990Moscow, Russia, USSRaccelerator accidentA-a?01   
29 Mar 1990United Statesfluoroscopy accidentA-mxL01m  
19 Jun 1990Honolulu, Hawaii, USAingestion of radioisotopeA-iL01xI-131 
21 Jun 1990Soreq, Israelaccident at commerical irradiation facilityA-ir1,50010 Co-60 
25 Jun 1990Shanghai, PRCirradiator accidentA-ir1,20025 Co-60 
13 Sep 1990Kharkov, Ukraine, USSRaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?01 Ir-192 
01 Nov 1990Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia, USSRradiography accidentA-rg?01 Ir-192 
10 Dec 1990 - 20 Dec 1990Zarragosa, Spainradiotherapy accidentA-mrL189m  
1990Sasolburg, Transvaal South Africaorphaned sourceA-osL04xCo-60 
24 Aug 1991Bratsk, Irkutsk, Russia, USSRattempted homicide using radioactive sourceI-a?01xCs-137 
13 Aug 1991Forbach, Franceirradiator accidentA-irL03   
26 Oct 1991Nesvizh, Belarusirradiator accidentA-ir1,25010 Co-60 
11 Dec 1991Maryland, USAirradiator accidentA-irL01   
? 1977 - 1991United Kingdomradiography accidentA-rgL10 Ir-192 
09 Jan 1992Riazan', Russiaradiography accidentA-rg?02 Ir-192 
25 May 1992Axay, Kazakhstanradiography accidentA-rg?01 Ir-192 
16 Nov 1992 - 21 Nov 1992Indiana (city), Pennsylvania, USAradiotherapy accidentA-mrL10mIr-192 
17 Nov 1992Hanoi, Vietnamirradiation accidentA-irL01   
19 Nov 1992Jilin, Xinzhou, PRClost industrial sourceA-os>80036xCo-60 
19 Nov 1992 - 27 Nov 1992Wuhan, PR Chinairradiator accidentA-ir36003   
1992Switzerlandradiography accidentA-rgL01 Ir-192 
1992San Antonio, Texas, USAradiotherapy accidentA-mrL01mI-131 
14 Apr 1993Moscow, Russiahomicide using radioactive sourceI-a?10xCs-137 
12 Jul 1993Vologda, Russiaaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?01 Ir-192 
07 Aug 1993Dimitrovograd, Russiaaccident at nuclear reactor siteA 01   
09 Nov 1993Tula region, Russiaaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?01 Ir-192 
1993United Kingdomradiography accidentA-rgL01   
28 Apr 1994Tokyo, Japanx-ray accidentA-xL01   
21 Oct 1994 - 18 Nov 1994Tammiku, Estoniaexposure to stolen sourceI-t40014xCs-137 
28 Nov 1994Voronezh, Russiaradiography accidentA-rg?01 Ir-192 
1994Texas City, Texas, USAradiography accidentA-rgL01   
~ Feb 1995 - 07 Jul 1995Zheleznodorozhny, Moscow region, Russiacriminal act using radioactive sourceI-a80010xCs-137 
18 Mar 1995Pervouralsk, Russiaradiography accidentA-rg?01 Ir-192 
23 May 1995Smolensk, Russiaaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?01 Ir-192 
11 Sep 1995Moscow, Russiaaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?01 Cs-137 
03 Oct 1995Nizhny Novgorod, Russiaradiography accidentA-rg?01 Ir-192 
1995Franceradiography accidentA-rgL01 Ir-192 
1995Franceorphaned sourceA-osL01xCs-137 
1995Tyler, Texas, USAradiotherapy accidentA-mrL01mI-131 
01 Oct 1994 - 15 Feb 1996Republic of China (Taiwan)intentional poisoning using radioactive materialI-a?01xP-32 
05 Jan 1996Jilin, Xinzhou, PRCexposure to lost sourceA-os29001 Ir-192 
23 Feb 1996Moscow, Russiaaccelerator accidentA-a?01   
27 Feb 1996 - 05 Mar 1996Houston, Texas, USAexposure to stolen sourceI-tL01xCo-60 
08 Jun 1996Nizhny Novgorod, Russiaradiography accidentA-rg?01 Ir-192 
Jun 1996 - 09 Oct 1997Lilo Training Center, Tbilisi, Georgialost sourcesA-os590011 Ra-226, ? 
24 Jul 1996Gilan, Iranlost industrial radiography sourceA-os45001 Ir-192 
22 Aug 1996 - 27 Sep 1996San Jose, Costa Ricaradiotherapy accidentA-mrL781mCo-60 
17 Jun 1997Arzamas-16, Sarov, Russiacriticality accident with uranium assemblyAC4,85010 * U 
30 Sep 1997Italyradiography accidentA-rg8901 Co-60 
29 Nov 1997Grozny, Russiaaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?03 Co-60 
02 Dec 1997Volgograd, Russiaaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?01 Ir-192 
1997Georgialost sourceA-os?1?xCo-60 
Jan 1998Harbin, PR Chinasource accidentA-s50001 Co-60 
18 Mar 1998Moscow, Russiaaccidental exposure to sourceA-s?01 Co-60 
06 Oct 1998Kansas City, Missouri, USAradiotherapy accidentA-mrL0 (+2 F)0mI-131 
31 Dec 1998Aransas Pass, Texas, USAradiography accidentA-rgL01 Ir-192 
10 Dec 1998 - 08 Jan 1999Istanbul, Turkeylost radiograpy sourcesA-os310010xCo-60636 Ci
20 Feb 1999Yanango, Perulost sourceA-os15001 Ir-192 
26 Apr 1999 - 28 Apr 1999Henan, PRClost sourceA-os61004xCo-60 
04 Aug 1999Houston, Texas, USAradiotherapy accidentA-mrL01mI-131 
13 Sep 1999Grozny, Russiaattempted theft of sourcesI-thigh33cCo-60 
30 Sep 1999 - 01 Oct 1999Toki-mura, Ibarakin, Japancriticality accident with uranium solutionAC1,80021 * U 
1999Kingisepp, Russiaexposure to stolen sourceI-t?30c  
24 Jan 2000 - 20 Feb 2000Samut Prakarn, Thailandlost radiography sourceA-os20037xCo-60 
Mar 2000Xuchang, PR Chinasource accidentA-s14001 Co-60 
05 Jun 2000 - 03 Jul 2000Meet Halfa, Qaluobiya, Egyptlost radiography sourceA-os75025xIr-192 
16 Aug 2000Samara, Russialost radiography sourceA-os27503 Ir-192 
13 Oct 2000Dubna, Russiaaccelerator accidentA-a?01   
Aug 2000 - 24 Mar 2001Panama City, Panamaradiotherapy accidentA-mrL1711m  
06 Feb 2001Nizhny Novgorod, Russiax-ray accidentA-xL04   
27 Feb 2001Bialystok, Polandradiotherapy accidentA-mrL05m  
24 Jun 2001Stavropolskij Kraj, Russiaradiography accidentA-rg?01 Ir-192 
01 Aug 2001Salavat, Russiaradiography accidentA-rg?02 Ir-192 
summer 2001Kandalaksha, Russiaexposure to stolen sourceI-t?04c  
02 Dec 2001 - 02 Feb 2002Liya, Georgiaexposure to stolen sourceI-t57012cSr-90 
11 May 2002 - 19 Jul 2002Guangzhou, PRCintentional exposure using radioactive sourcesI-a150075xIr-192 
01 Sep 2002Nizhny Novgorod, Russiaradiography accidentA-rg?01 Ir-192 
09 Jun 2003 - 11 Jun 2003Houston, Texas, USAradiotherapy accidentA-mrL01m  
08 Aug 2003Anderson, Indiana, USAradiotherapy accidentA-mrL01mI-131 
2003 - 13 Nov 2003Kola Harbor, Russiaexposure to stolen sourcesI-t??1+?cSr-90 
26 Jan 2004 - 22 Mar 2004South Bend, Indiana, USAradiotherapy accidentA-mrL03mCs-137 
~03 Sep 2004 - 24 Sep 2004St. Petersburg, Russiaintentional poisoning using radioactive substanceI-a?10x  
21 Oct 2004Shandong Jining, PR Chinairradiator accidentA-ir2,00020 Co-60 
02 Nov 2004 - 16 Nov 2004Columbus, Ohio, USAradiotherapy accidentA-mrL01mI-131, I-123 
Nov 2004Lyon, Franceradiotherapy accidentA-mrL10m  
May 2004 - May 2005Epinal, Franceradiotherapy accidentA-mrL113m  
Jun 2005Harbin, PR Chinalost sourceA-os16003?Ir-192 
14 Dec 2005 - 15 Dec 2005Nueva Aldea, Chilelost radiography sourceA-os15004 Ir-192 
05 Jan 2006 - 01 Feb 2006Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdomradiotherapy accidentA-mrL10m  
11 Mar 2006Fleurus, Belgiumirradiator accidentA-ir46001 Co-60 
26 May 2006Florence, South Carolina, USAradiotherapy accidentA-mrL01mI-131, Tc-99m 
~ Aug 2006Dakar, Senegal, and Abidjan, Ivory Coastradiography accidentA-rg?04 Ir-192 
01 Nov 2006London, United Kingdomintentional poisoning using radioactive substanceI-a?12xPo-210 
Aug 2007Clinton, Michigan, USAtheft of sourcesI-tL?01?c  
22 Oct 2007Tecnos, Spainradiography accidentA-rg7201 Co-60 
23 Jan 2008Arcata, California, USAmedical radiography accidentA-mxL01m  
Feb 2008 - Aug 2009Los Angeles, California, USAmedical radiography accidentA-mxL02+m  
23 Mar 2008Rades, Tunisiaorphaned sourceA-os20001 Ir-192 
08 Apr 2008Taiyuan, Shanxi, PR Chinairradiator accidentA-ir145014 Co-60 
03 Mar 2009Jinju, Argus, Republic of Korearadiography accidentA-rg2001 Ir-192 
Apr 2009Ecuadororphaned sourceA-osL01   
12 Mar 2010 - Apr 2010Mayapuri, New Delhi, Indiaorphaned sourceA-os?17xCo-60 
03 Jun 2010Turmero, Aragua, Venezuelaorphaned sourceA-osL01 Ir-192 
11 Mar 2011 - 02 Apr 2011Fukushima Daiichi, Fukushima, Japanearthquake/tsunami-produced accidents at power reactorsA-PR24 (L)02 (17) ?
14 Jun 2011Stamboliyski, Bulgariairradiator accidentA-ir53005 Co-60 
12 Sep 2011Lavaca, Texas, USAradiography accidentA-rgL01   
11 Jan 2012 - 12 Jan 2012Chilca, Canete, Peruradiography accidentA-rg46003 Ir-192 
02 Dec 2013 - 04 Dec 2013Hueypoxtla, Mexico, Mexicoradiotherapy source theftI-t?03xCo-60 
May 2014Nanjing, PR Chinalost sourceA-os15001 ? 
08 Aug 2019Nyonoksa, Russiaexplosion of experimental reactorAC-Rlarge4 (5)6 (13)x ?
02 Jan 2020Xinxiang, Henan, PR Chinaradiography accidentA-mx9501m  
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