Database of radiological incidents and related events--Johnston's Archive

Nuclear tests causing radiation casualties and non-radiation casualties

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 29 January 2009

This is a listing of nuclear tests resulting in acute casualties, including injuries not caused by ionizing radiation. It is a subset of the Database of Radiological Incidents and Related Events, plus four events involving only blast and flash injuries, indicated by (*). Links in the table are to more detailed incident summaries.

Notes on table:

datelocation/link to entrytype of accident/eventcodehighest dose (rem)deathsinjuriespublicsourcerelease
01 Mar 1954Bikini Atoll, Pacific Oceanfallout from atmospheric nuclear testNT300193+x* NW 
14 Sep 1954Totsk range, Russia, USSRnuclear testNT?0? * NW 
22 Nov 1955* Semipalatinsk test site, Kazakhstan, USSRblast effects from nuclear testNTlow0 (2)0 (47)xno rad. inj.
30 Oct 1961* Novaya Zemlya, Russia, USSRthermal flash effects from nuclear testNTlow00 (1) no rad. inj.
26 Oct 1962* Pacific Ocean near Johnston Islandthermal flash effects from nuclear testNTlow00 (2) no rad. inj.
14 Oct 1969Novaya Zemlya, Russia, USSRventing from underground nuclear testNT800? * NW 
31 May 1974Semipalatinsk test site, Kazakhstan, USSRventing from underground nuclear testNT1500100x?* NW 
15 Feb 1984* Nevada Test Site, Nevada, USApit collapse from underground nuclear testNTlow0 (1)0 (14) no rad. inj.

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Last modified 29 January 2009.
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