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Libya Arab Airlines flight 114--21 February 1973

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 2 December 2017

Date: 21 February 1973

Location: Isma'iliya, Sinai, Egypt

Type of event: accident


A Libyan airliner en route from Benghazi, Libya to Cairo, Egypt erroneously flew over Israeli-controlled Sinai territory due to navigational failures and loss of visual references in a sandstorm. Israel scrambled two Phantom fighters which attempted to contact the airliner to order it to land at an Israeli air base. The pilots did not understand the instructions and believed the fighters were Egyptian. The Israeli aircraft fired on the airliner, damaging its control systems leading to a crash landing.

Consequences: 108 killed, 5 injured


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Last modified 2 December 2017.
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