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Budennovsk, Russia--14 June 1995

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 26 November 2017

Date: 14 June 1995

Location: Budennovsk, Russia

Type of event: terrorism


About 75 Chechen guerrillas entered Budennovsk, Russia, and attacked a police station, killing 42. The guerrillas then seized a hospital and took about 1,600 hostages. The terrorists killed 5 hostages on 14 June and 6 on 15 June (including 2 police offiers). While about 400 hostages were released, Russian troops surrounded the hospital and made two unsuccessful assaults over the next few days. These assaults freed about 200 hostages but resulted in many civilian casualties, most from a resulting fire in the hospital. A deal was eventually negotiated with the guerrillas under which they were permitted to return to Chechnya on 19 April with about 200 hostages, mostly women and children, who were released at the Chechen border. Those killed include 18 policemen, 17 Russian servicemen, 94 Russian civilians, and about 14 terrorists; 415 civilians and 20 Russian troops were injured.

Consequences: 143 killed, 435 injured


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Last modified 26 November 2017.
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