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Moscow, Russia--13 September 1999

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 26 November 2017

Date: 13 September 1999

Location: Moscow, Russia

Type of event: terrorism


At 5:00 a bomb exploded in the Kashirskoye Shosse apartment building in Moscow, Russia, killing 130 and injuring 150. Explosive had been placed in a rented room in the building. The explosion was one of four similar attacks on apartment bombings in a period of 12 days: the others occured on 4 Sept. (62 killed), 10 Sept. (92 killed), and 16 Sept. (17 killed), bringing a total of 301 fatalities for the four attacks. The Russian prime minister initially attributed the attack to terrorists from the republic of Chechnya.

Consequences: 130 killed, 150 injured


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Last modified 26 November 2017.
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