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Kaspiysk, Russia--9 May 2002

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 3 December 2017

Date: 9 May 2002

Location: Kaspiysk, Dagestan, Russia

Type of event: terrorism


A bomb was set off at a Victory Day parade in Kaspiysk, Dagestan, Russia. The parade (commemorating the anniversary of victory in World War II) was in the main street of Kaspiysk. A shrapnel-packed bomb hidden in shrubbery by the street was detonated as a military band passed. Initial fatalities included 34 killed, including 19 soldiers, 12 children, and a number of World War II veterans. By the following day additional deaths from injuries brought the total to 41 killed, including 17 children; subsequently the death toll rose to 43. Over 150 were injured, including at least 31 children. The Russian authorities announced the arrest of 18 individuals in connection with the attack, reportedly masterminded by Rapani Khalilov, a Dagestani Muslim religious leader.

Consequences: 43 killed, 151 injured


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Last modified 3 December 2017.
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