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Baghdad, Iraq--13 July 2005

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 3 December 2017

Date: 13 July 2005

Location: Baghdad, Iraq

Type of event: terrorism


At 10:50 AM a suicide car bomb was driven into a group of children receiving toys and candy from U.S. soldiers in Baghdad. Neighborhood children were gathered around U.S. soldiers next to their Humvee. The terrorist drove into the group of children before detonating the bomb, killing at least 24 Iraqi children (most from 10 to 13 years in age, but including one 5-year-old and one infant), 2 Iraqi adults, and 1 U.S. soldier. The 50 injured included 20 children and 3 U.S. soldiers. Two nearby houses were destroyed by the explosion; several of those killed and injured were in the houses.

Consequences: 27 killed, 50 injured


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Last modified 3 December 2017.
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