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Baghdad, Iraq--14 September 2005

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 26 November 2017

Date: 14 September 2005

Location: Baghdad, Iraq

Type of event: terrorism


Multiple attacks in Baghdad, Iraq, killed 182 and injured 679. Terrorists invaded homes in Taji before dawn, dragged people into the street, and shot 17 to death. In the Kadhimiya district about 6:30 AM a suicide bomber driving a van attracted a group of mostly Shia workers with the promise of employment, then blew up the vehicle, killing 114 and injuring at least 160. Later that morning in Adhmaiya, Badhdad, gunmen killed 4 police officers. Rescuers responding to this attack were struck by a suicide car bomber which killed 3 Iraqi soldiers and 4 police officers. About 10:00 AM a suicide bomber struck a convoy in west Baghdad, killing 3 soldiers. About 10:10 AM a suicide bomber attack in Shula, northwest Baghdad, killed 4 civilians and injured 22. At 1:22 PM an explosion occurred in downtown Baghdad, possibly targeting a US military convoy; a subsequent exchange of gunfire with terrorists injured 14 Iraqi police officers. About 2:00 PM two police stations in western Baghdad were attacked by gunmen, injuring 3 police officers. A mortar attack in eastern Baghdad killed one civilian in a car. A shooting attack killed an Iraqi army officer and injured one civilian in southern Baghdad. At 9:55 PM a mortar attack on a market killed 2 and injured over 50. A suicide bomber attacked a US Humvee in eastern Baghdad, injuring 2 US soldiers. Another suicide bomber attack during the day failed to cause injuries.

Consequences: 182 killed, 679 injured


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