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Mumbai, India--11 July 2006

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 26 November 2017

Date: 11 July 2006

Location: Mumbai, India

Type of event: terrorism


Multiple bombs exploded during evening rush hour on commuter trains in and near Mumbai, India. Eight explosions occurred on trains over a period of 11 minutes beginning at 6:24 PM, spread 30 km through the western suburbs of Mumbai. The first explosion caused limited injuries on a train near the Khar railway station in Mumbai at 6:24. Other explosions near downtown Mumbai occurred at 6:24 at Bandra station, 6:26 at Mahim, and 6:30 at Matunga. Further up the western rail line one explosion occurred at Jogeshwari at 6:25, one at Mira Road at 6:29, and two at Borivali at 6:35. The explosions, all in first class cars, used RDX and pencil-sized timers and were powerful enough to significantly damage the train cars, each carrying up to 500 passengers during rush hour. At Jogeshwai, the explosion occurred just as the train left the station, injuring bystanders on the train platform as well; at the Matunga station, the explosion damaged the train platform roof. The train system was quickly shut down by authorities and phone services were disrupted, but both trains and phones were resuming operations about four hours later. Recovery efforts were complicated by rains about an hour after the bombings. Reports on 12 July indicate 200 killed and 714 injured. A few hours before the bombings, 8 tourists were killed and 39 tourists and others injured in grenade attacks by Islamic terrorists in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, but there is no current indication of a link between the attacks.

Consequences: 209 killed, 714 injured


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