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Al-Qataniyah and Al-Adnaniyah, Iraq--14 August 2007

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 26 November 2017

Date: 14 August 2007

Location: Iraq: Al-Qataniyah and Al-Adnaniyah

Type of event: terrorism


Multiple truck bombings in Al-Qataniyah and Al-Adnaniyah, Iraq, killed and injured hundreds. Four truck bombs reportedly carrying 2 tons of explosives were set off within minutes of each other in the two small villages, targeting members of the Yazidi sect in northern Iraq. Early reports said the trucks were gas tankers, but later reports indicated they were garbage trucks driven into the two villages and announced to be carrying food rations; after crowds gathered around the trucks, they were detonated. Hundreds of clay houses were destroyed, burying many victims. Both villages were largely destroyed, with 1,000 houses destroyed and 500 damaged. On 17 August the Sinjar governor reported that 344 were known dead, with 400 injured and 70 others missing. Subsequent estimates of the number of fatalities ranged from 360 to 500. On 21 August the Iraqi Red Crescent Society reported that between 500 and 525 were killed and 1,500 injured, of which perhaps 300 were injured seriously. Of 300 patients transported to Sinjar, all had been taken home by relatives by 21 August, most fearing for their safety; 15 remained hospitalized at Tal Afar.

Consequences: 520 killed, 1,500 injured


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Last modified 26 November 2017.
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