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Baghlani-jadid, Afghanistan--6 November 2007

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 3 December 2017

Date: 6 November 2007

Location: Baghlani-jadid, Afghanistan

Type of event: terrorism


A suicide bombing targeted a public event in Baghlani-jadid, Afghanistan. Afghan lawmakers were visiting a sugar factory and were being greeted by schoolchildren lined along the street when the attack occurred. Security personnel began shooting into crowds afterwards, firing for 3-5 minutes. The 77 killed included 6 Afghan lawmakers, 5 teachers, 5 adult civilians and police officers, and 61 children, all boys ranging in age from 8 to 18. Reports of the number injured vary, but include 93 students, at least 3 teachers, and possibly additional adults. Earlier reports of 106 injured of whom 84 were hospitalized may include some who later died of wounds. Five of those hospitalized were suffering from bullet wounds, and one lawmaker who died may have been killed by gunfire. On 17 November it was reported that a preliminary UN report found that up to two-thirds of the casualties were hit by bullets fired by bodyguards.

Consequences: 77 killed, 100 injured


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