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Kandahar, Afghanistan--17 February 2008

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 26 November 2017

Date: 17 February 2008

Location: Kandahar, Afghanistan

Type of event: terrorism


A suicide bombing at a dogfighting festival in Kandahar, Afghanistan, killed over 100. A suicide bomber detonated a bomb in a group of about 500 men gathered in a field about 15 km west of the center of Kandahar city. The attack killed police commander Abdul Hakim Jan (who may have been targeted by the bomber) along with 10-50 other police officers. Total reported deaths were 105-125, of whom perhaps 80 died immediately with about 20 dying of injuries by the following day; at least 65 more were injured.

Consequences: 105 killed, 95 injured


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Last modified 26 November 2017.
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