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Mohammad, Afghanistan--9 July 2009

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 3 December 2017

Date: 9 July 2009

Location: Mohammad, Afghanistan

Type of event: terrorism


A truck bomb exploded along a highway 45 km south of Kabul, Afghanistan, in a village near Mohammad. The truck was loaded with explosives covered with a load of wood and had run off the main Afghan highway and overturned. The truck exploded as police officers approached the truck to check it. The truck had come to rest in a stream between two schools and near some shops. The explosion killed 4 police officers, 16 primary students (ages 8-12) at the schools, and 5 other civilians, including shopkeepers; 5 civilians were injured. Two shops were completely destroyed, many homes collapsed with some partially collapsing up to 200 meters away, and debris was reportedly thrown 2 km away.

Consequences: 25 killed, 5 injured


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Last modified 3 December 2017.
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