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Baghdad, Iraq--25 October 2009

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 26 November 2017

Date: 25 October 2009

Location: Baghdad, Iraq

Type of event: terrorism


Bombs were detonated in two vehicles near government buildings in Baghdad, Iraq. About 10:30 AM a vehicle (either a van, a bus, or a stolen water department pickup truck) was driven alongside the Justice Ministry building and 1000 kg of explosives in the vehicle were detonated, virtually destroying the ministry building as well as the building of the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works across the street. One minute later and 400 meters away, a vehicle (either a van or a bus) carrying 700 kg of explosives blew up next to the Baghdad Provincial Council building, destroying that building. As of late 26 Oct. casualties were reported at 160 killed and 540 injured, with an unknown number missing. At least 25 staff members of the Baghdad Provincial Council were killed. Casualties at the Justice Ministry building include many children from two day care centers associated with the Justice Ministry. Official reports are that 20 children were killed, most of them in a minivan just leaving the center. Other children were killed in the playground of one day care center. Those injured included at least 3 American civilians. By 26 October authorities had arrested 76 people in connection with the bombings.

Consequences: 155 killed, 721 injured


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