Chronology of events related to the war with terrorism
Part 3: after 11 September to end of 2001

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 31 March 2002

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12 Sep NATO invokes the mutual defense provision of its charter for the first time
12 Sep 5 survivors pulled from rubble of World Trade Center
13 Sep With limitations, air traffic resumes in the U.S.
13 Sep Secretary of State Colin Powell names Osama bin Laden as prime suspect
14 Sep Congress authorizes use of force against those responsible for 11 September attacks
17 Sep Wall Street financial markets reopen
18 Sep Earliest known postmark date for letters carrying anthrax
19 Sep U.S. forces begin deployment to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, the Persian Gulf, and Diego Garcia
20 Sep President Bush issues ultimatum to Taliban, demanding that Osama bin Laden be turned over
24 Sep U.S. freezes assets of terrorist-supporting organizations
28 Sep United Nations calls on all member nations to stop harboring terrorists
1 Oct Muslim militants kill 40 in attack on Indian legislative building in Jammu and Kashmir
5 Oct Employee of American Media Inc. dies of inhalation anthrax
7 Oct U.S. begins air strikes on targets in Afghanistan
8 Oct Tom Ridge sworn in as head of new Office of Homeland Security
9 Oct U.S. completes destruction of 7 terrorist training camps in Afghanistan
15 Oct Letter containing anthrax is opened in Senator Tom Daschle's office, forcing closure of the Hart office building
19 Oct First reports of U.S. ground operations in Afghanistan
22 Oct Two Washington DC area postal workers die of inhalation anthrax
28 Oct Gunmen kill 16 at a Christian church service in Behawalpur, Pakistan
29 Oct U.S. Justice Dept. issues a general terrorism alert
31 Oct Hospital worker in New York City dies of inhalation anthrax
Congress passes new antiterrorism bill, to be implemented over the next two years
2 Nov Homeland Defense Secretary Ridge issues general terrorism alert
6 Nov President Bush warns that Al Qaeda is trying to obtain weapons of mass destruction
9 Nov Northern Alliance captures Mazar-e Sharif
12 Nov American Airlines Flight 587 crashes in New York City, apparently due to wake-induced damage to aircraft
12 Nov Northern Alliance captures Kabul
15 Nov Several foreign aid workers, including 2 Americans, are flown out of Afghanistan after being liberated from the Taliban
16 Nov Mohammed Atef, deputy of bin Laden, killed in U.S. air strikes
18 Nov Taliban declares it will no longer protect Osama bin Laden
21 Nov Connecticut retiree dies of inhalation anthrax
Nov Congress passes airline security bill
25 Nov Representatives from Afghanistan meet in Bonn, Germany, to begin planning interim post-Taliban government
26 Nov U.S. Marines landed in Afghanistan
26 Nov Northern Alliance captures Konduz; uprising by captured Taliban soldiers kills U.S. CIA employee
27 Nov Konduz prison uprising put down with several hundred Taliban killed
1 Dec Two suicide bombings in Jerusalem, Israel, kill 12
2 Dec Suicide bombing in Haifa, Israel, kills 15
3 Dec Israel strikes headquarters of the Palestinian Authority in Gaza
3 Dec U.S. officials issue third terrorism alert
4 Dec Pakistan allows U.S. to interview two of its nuclear scientists under arrest for ties to Al Qaeda
4 Dec Afghan delegates in Bonn reach agreement on interim government
6 Dec Northern Alliance captures Khondahar
11 Dec U.S. confirms that 100 special forces are in Somalia providing counterterrorism support
12 Dec Palestinian gunmen kill 10 in an ambush of a bus near the Jewish settlement of Emmanuel
12 Dec Israel cuts off contact with Yassir Arafat, head of Palestinian Authority
13 Dec U.S. releases captured video in which Osama bin Laden discusses planning the 11 September attack and expresses satisfaction with the results
13 Dec terrorist attack on Indian national parliament kills 12
18 Dec President Bush designates 11 September as Patriot Day
19 Dec Last fires extinguished at the World Trade Center site
22 Dec Man with possible ties to Al Qaeda attempts to ignite explosives on an American Airlines flight from Paris to Miami; passengers subdue him and the plane lands in Boston
22 Dec Border tensions develop between India and Pakistan, including sanctions and gun battles
22 Dec Hamid Karzai sworn in as Afghanistan's interim prime minister

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© 2002 by Wm. Robert Johnston.
Last modified 31 March 2002.
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