Chronology of Terrorist Attacks in Israel
Part II: 1968-1977

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 4 December 2017

18 Mar 1968Eilat, Negev2282 killed, 28 children injured in landmine attack on school bus in Negev desert north of Eilat
18 Aug 1968Jerusalem01010 injured (including 2 Americans) by attack with three grenades in Jewish section of Jerusalem
4 Sep 1968Tel Aviv171three bombings in and near a bus station
13 Sep 1968Baniyas, Golan Heights5?attack on military police headquarters in Baniyas in the Golan Heights
19 Sep 1968Jenin, West Bank141 soldier killed, 4 soldiers injured in ambush near Jenin
9 Oct 1968Hebron, West Bank047grenade attack by Arab at Jews praying at the Tomb of the Patriarchs
5 Nov 1968Hebron, West Bank06bombing at the Tomb of the Patriarchs injures 6, including 2 Jews and 4 Arabs (3 children)
22 Nov 1968Jerusalem1255car bombing of Mahaneh Yehuda market
21 Feb 1969Jerusalem220bombing in supermarket
25 Feb 1969East Jerusalem01bombing at British consulate
6 Mar 1969Jerusalem02929 injured (mostly students) by bomb in cafeteria at Hebrew University
6 Mar 1969Al Bireh, West Bank01explosion of grenade at bank
15 May 1969Gaza03535 Arabs injured by grenade attacks in Gaza, Jabaliya, Kahn Yunis, Rafa, and Deir el Balah
17 Jun 1969Kallia1?1 American killed in shelling attack
20 Jun 1969Jerusalem15three bombings near Western Wailing Wall
7 Aug 1969El Hamma2122 killed (including 1 soldier), 12 soldiers injured in bombing of bus near El Hamma
2 Sep 1969Qiryat Shemona252 killed (including 1 child), 5 injured by shelling attack, fired from Lebanon
22 Oct 1969Haifa420bombings of two apartments
19 Nov 1969Khan Yunis, Gaza15grenade attack at bank; 1 child killed
27 Dec 1969Hebron, West Bank1?1 American killed in shooting attack on bus near Hebron
1 Jan 1970Jerusalem151 Arab killed, 5 people injured by grenade attack in marketplace
1 Jan 1970Hebron, West Bank2?2 Arabs killed by grenade thrown at Israeli army vehicle
23 Feb 1970Halhoul, West Bank12shooting attack on bus; 1 American killed, 2 Americans injured
22 May 1970Avivim122212 killed, 19 injured (mostly children) in attack on school bus with three bazooka rockets
6 Nov 1970Tel Aviv234two bombs exploded 20 minutes apart in bus station
7 Jul 1971Tel Aviv430rocket attack on Tel Aviv suburb
16 Sep 1971Jerusalem161 child killed, 6 people injured (including 5 Americans) by grenade attack
16 Jan 1972Gaza131 American killed, 3 people injured in attack in Gaza
8 May 1972Ben-Gurion APT10?Israeli forces storm a hijacked Belgian Sebena airliner at Ben Gurion Airport; fatalities include 1 passenger, 5 Israeli soldiers, and all 4 terrorists
30 May 1972Ben-Gurion APT287826 killed (including 20 Puerto Ricans), 78 injured in attack with guns and grenades at Ben Gurion Airport; two terrorists also killed
20 Jun 1972Golan Heights23rocket attack on bus in Golan Heights
11 Jul 1972Tel Aviv09grenade attack in bus terminal
20 Sep 1972Jerusalem011 postal worker injured by letter bomb in Jerusalem; second letter bomb in Tel Aviv caused no injuries; one letter was addressed to Shimon Peres
29 Sep 1972Jerusalem03bombing of Jerusalem supermarket
21 Feb 1973Sinai108?Libyan Boeing 727 airliner shot down straying over Sinai by Israel, fearing it to be hijacked; 108 killed, 5 survive
4 Dec 1973Jerusalem018grenade attack in shopping area
11 Apr 1974Qiryat Shemona181618 killed (including 8 children), 16 injured in attack by three terrorists on residential building
15 May 1974Maalot27134PLO attack on Israeli collective farm
13 Jun 1974Shamir Kibbutz7?3 killed (plus four terrorists) in gun battle following invasion of the Shamir Kibbutz
24 Jun 1974Nahariya784 killed, 8 injured in attack when terrorists seized hostages in apartment building (three terrorists also killed)
26 Jun 1974Nahariya5?3 killed (plus terrorists) in gun battle near Nahariya
18 Nov 1974Beit She'an423attack at Beit She'an; terrorists seized an apartment building after which 18 were injured jumping from windows; 5 were injured during gun battle which also killed three terrorists
30 Nov 1974Rihaniya111 Moslem killed, 1 Moslem injured in home invasion
6 Dec 1974Rosh Hanikra122 injured in raid on Rosh Hanikra kibbutz (one terrorist also killed)
11 Dec 1974Tel Aviv2661 killed, 66 injured in bombing at movie theater (one terrorist also killed)
20 Dec 1974Jerusalem013bomb explosion on crowded street
22 Dec 1974Jerusalem022 injured (including 1 American child and 1 Arab) by grenade attack on bus
2 Feb 1975Jerusalem02bombing on bus
8 Feb 1975El Arish, Sinai131 Arab boy killed, 3 other children injured by bombing in El Arish, northern Sinai
8 Feb 1975Ashdod00several shops destroyed by bombing; no injuries
14 Feb 1975Jerusalem2?two terrorists in Jerusalem killed by premature explosion of bomb they were preparing during a state visit by Henry Kissinger
6 Mar 1975Tel Aviv181211 killed, 12 injured (seven terrorists also killed) in Tel Aviv attack: terrorists land by two boats on a Tel Aviv beach, fire at cars and soldiers, killing 2 soldiers; terrorists then seize a hotel which is stormed by Israeli troops at 0530; explosions kill 1 hostage, 1 soldier and 6 terrorists; 6 hostages and 1 terrorist are injured
28 Mar 1975Jerusalem01313 injured by bombing of bus at intersection during Passover/Good Friday; second bombing causes no injuries
4 May 1975Jerusalem13bombing of apartment building
11 May 1975Jerusalem02derailing of freight train near Jerusalem caused by sabotage
17 May 1975Ein Fashkha, West Bank020explosion of bomb in picnic box
17 May 1975multiple02two separate bombings in Ramallah and El Bira
5 Jun 1975Qiryat Shemona03rocket attack on Qiryat Shemona and grenade attack on bus in Jerusalem
8 Jun 1975Beit Lid, West Bank1?terrorist attempts to attack hitchhikers and soldiers using grenades; terrorist killed by soldiers
15 Jun 1975Kfar Yuval57terrorists seize farmhouse, killing 1 person, injuring 6, and taking family hostage; Israeli soldiers storm farmhouse and kill all four terrorists plus 1 hostage
15 Jun 1975Nahariya353 killed (1 died 16 Jun of injuries), 5 injured by three rockets fired into Nahariya
4 Jul 1975Jerusalem137213 killed (including 2 children), 72 injured (including 2 Americans) in bombing at Zion Square; bomb was in an abandoned refrigerator on a sidewalk surrounded by pre-Sabbath shopping crowds
3 Oct 1975Tel Aviv02bombing at railroad station
27 Oct 1975Jerusalem088 injured (including 2 Swiss, 2 Israelis, and 2 Arabs) by car bomb in front of hotel
13 Nov 1975Jerusalem6426 teenagers killed (including 1 American and 1 Dutch), 42 injured by bomb in luggage cart outside ice cream shop; second bomb defused
20 Nov 1975Ramat Magshimim32terrorists invaded a school dormitory in Ramat Magshimim in the Golan Heights
23 Nov 1975Shuafat, West Bank011 soldier injured by bombing
9 Jan 1976Jerusalem08bombing at supermarket
3 May 1976Jerusalem1291 killed (died 17 May of injuries), 29 injured by bomb on motor scooter in traffic near the Wailing Wall
11 May 1976Tel Aviv03bombing in movie theater
25 May 1976Ben-Gurion APT291 guard killed (plus one terrorist), 9 injured by premature explosion of suitcase bomb in Ben-Gurion Airport; second bomb exploded causing no injuries
28 May 1976Israel242 police officers killed, 4 civilians injured by bomb during attempted defusing
18 Jul 1976Tel Aviv01111 injured (8 Israelis, 3 Palestinians) by bomb on bus in suburb of Tel Aviv
25 Jul 1976Batala, West Bank131 soldier killed, 3 soldiers injured by bombing in restaurant in Batala refugee camp
30 Jul 1976Jerusalem022 French citizens injured by package bomb on sidewalk
8 Aug 1976Hebron, West Bank033 injured (1 soldier, 2 civilians) in shooting attack on bus and army patrol vehicle near Hebron
4 Dec 1976Israel30three young Palestinians killed while building bomb
24 Apr 1977Hebron, West Bank028bombing on bus
28 May 1977Jerusalem05bombing on bus
6 Jul 1977Petah Tiqva122bombing in market in Petah Tiqva near Tel Aviv
20 Jul 1977Nahariya05bomb in supermarket
28 Jul 1977Tel Aviv08bombing in market
28 Jul 1977Jerusalem02bombing near movie theater
29 Jul 1977Be'er Sheva029bombing in market
16 Aug 1977Afula09bombing on bus
17 Aug 1977Nablus, West Bank06bombing in Nablus; bomb was thrown at an Israel army vehicle and bounced off
25 Aug 1977Netanya033 injured (including 2 children) by bomb in sidewalk trash can
27 Aug 1977Gaza01bombing
11 Sep 1977Be'er Sheva010bombing in bus station
19 Sep 1977Gaza211 soldier stabbed by resident in Gaza; soldiers fire and kill the assailant and 1 bystander
23 Sep 1977Qiryat Shemona02rocket attack on Qiryat Shemona
2 Oct 1977Jerusalem03bombing at bus station
15 Oct 1977Jerusalem02two bombings
4 Nov 1977Jerusalem03explosion of bomb removed from bus
6 Nov 1977Nahariya3?3 killed (1 died 8 Nov) by rocket attack on Nahariya
13 Nov 1977Jerusalem252 Palestinians killed, 5 injured in separate bombings in Jerusalem: first bomb killed one Palestinian, injured 4 people near an Arab school; three hours later a second bomb killed 1 Palestinian teenager, injured 1 man near a nursery school
3 Dec 1977Jerusalem06bombing in market
12 Dec 1977Be'er Sheva12525 injured in grenade attack; Israeli who threw grenades also killed
28 Dec 1977Tel Aviv22bombing

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