Selected terrorist attacks and related incidents worldwide, Part 1: 1880-2000

complied by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 7 December 2017

See Selected terrorist attacks and related incidents worldwide: Introduction for explanation of criteria used and completeness and for sources.

Part 2: 2001-2010
Part 3: 2011-2015
Part 4: 2016-present

13 Mar 1881St. Petersburg, Russia120assassination of Alexander II in bomb attack en route to the Winter Palace
2 Jul 1881Washington, DC, United States10President James Garfield shot by Charles J. Guiteau in Washington, DC, died 19 Sep
4 May 1886Chicago, Illinois, United States1260bomb thrown during labor rally at Haymarket Square kills 7 policemen, many injured; police fire into crowd, killing 4; 8 anarchists accused
28 Feb 1890Washington, DC, United States10Kentucky Representative William Taulbee shot outside U.S. Capitol by Charles Kincaid; Taulbee died 11 March
7 Nov 1893Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain3080anarchist bombing of Liceu theater during opera performance
24 Jun 1894Lyons, Rhone, France10French president Sadi Carnot assassinated in stabbing attack by Italian anarchist
8 Aug 1897Mondragon, Gipuzkoa, Spain10Spanish prime minister Canovas assassinated in shooting attack by Italian anarchist
6 Sep 1901Buffalo, New York, United States11President William McKinley shot by Leon Czolgosz in Buffalo, NY, died 14 Sep
25 Aug 1906St. Petersburg, Russia2833bombing of dacha in assassination attempt on Russian premier Pyotr Stolypin by 3 socialist suicide bombers; Stolypin and two of his children were injured
1 Oct 1910Los Angeles, California, United States2120bombing by labor activists at The Los Angeles Times building caused partial collapse of the building; two bombs at other locations were defused
28 Jun 1914Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina221Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary and his wife assassinated, precipitating World War I; bombing attempt missed them but injured 20; the Archduke and his wife were fatally shot while attempting to visit injured in a hospital
16 Sep 1920New York City, New York, United States38300bomb in horse-drawn wagon exploded near Morgan bank in lower Manhattan
4 Nov 1921Toyko, Japan10Japanese premier Hara Takashi assassinated in stabbing attack by Korean right-wing terrorist
13 Dec 1921Bolgard, Bessarabia, Romania100?bombing of Siguranzia palace in Bolgard (Ograd?) in Bessarabia
16 Apr 1925Sophia, Bulgaria160500bombing by communist terrorists of Sveta Nedelya Cathedral during funeral; cathedral dome collapsed, killing mostly officials attending the funeral
18 May 1927Bath, Michigan, United States4658(criminal) explosion of bomb placed in school, followed by suicide bombing
9 Oct 1934Marseilles, Bouches-du-Rhone, France412King Alexander of Yugoslavia and French foreign minister Louis Marthou assassinated in shooting attack by Croatian nationalist; 1 other killed, 12 injured; terrorist killed by police and crowd
21 Jun 1936Jerusalem, British Palestine42?Arab terrorists attack train near Jerusalem, killing 40 Arabs and 2 Jews
6 Jul 1938Haifa, British Palestine2379Irgun bombing in Arab market
25 Jul 1938Haifa, British Palestine6646Irgun bombing in market, killing 65 Arabs and 1 Jew
26 Aug 1938Haifa, British Palestine2127bombing in Arab vegetable market
25 Nov 1940Haifa, British Palestine267172bombing and sinking of ship carrying Jewish immigrants
20 Jul 1944Rastenburg, Germany113attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler with a bomb kills one, injures Hitler and 12 others
19 Apr 1946Nuremberg, FR Germany02283cyanide poisoning of bread for SS prisoners in Camp Stalag 13 near Nuremberg
22 Jul 1946Jerusalem, British Palestine9145Irgun Zvai Leumi group bombs British offices at the King David Hotel, after telephoned warning
1 Mar 1947British Palestine2240Irgun bombing of officer's club in Bevingrad, killing 20 and injuring 30; bombings at 15 other sites in Palestine killing 2, injuring 10
3 Dec 1947Arras, France2040Paris-Lille mail express train derailed near Arras, probably by communist terrorists
12 Dec 1947British Palestine27?Haganah terrorists attack Arab quarters in Ramleh and Haifa, Palestine
4 Jan 1948Haifa, British Palestine15100bombing of Arab headquarters
5 Jan 1948Jerusalem, British Palestine2517bombing of Semiramis Hotel
7 Jan 1948Jerusalem, British Palestine2150Irgun group bombs bus stop near Jaffa Gate, killing 17 Arabs and 3 terrorists
17 Jan 1948Kfar Elzion, British Palestine35?Arab terrorists machine gun Jewish men traveling from Kfar Elzion
22 Feb 1948Jerusalem, British Palestine54?Arab terrorists bomb armored trucks
29 Feb 1948Rehoboth (Rehovot), British Palestine2835Jewish terrorists bomb Cairo-Haifa train with landmines; 28 British soldiers killed
31 Mar 1948Haifa, British Palestine40160Sternists using land mines bomb Cairo-Haifa train near Haifa
9 Sep 1949Sault au Cochon, Quebec, Canada230(criminal) Quebec Airways flight bombed near Sault au Cochon
1 Nov 1950Washington, DC, United States21in assassination attempt on President Harry Truman, two Puerto Rican nationalists try to shoot their way into Blair House; 2 killed, including 1 terrorist
12 Aug 1952Brazil240Brazilian airline crashes after explosion of bomb on board
11 Apr 1955Great Natuna Island, Sarawak, Indonesia163airliner en route from Hong Kong to Jakarta, Indonesia, crashed after bomb exploded on board; bombing may have been assassination attempt on Chinese premier who had planned to be aboard but cancelled
20 Aug 1955Philippeville (Skikda), Algeria37?FLN attack
1 Nov 1955Longmont, Colorado, United States440(criminal) United Air Lines DC-8 exploded and crashed near Longmont, CO, destroyed by bomb planted by John Graham in insurance plot to kill his mother, a passenger
1 Nov 1958Punta Tabaio, Cuba173Cubana Airlines flight hijacked from Miami by members of 26th of July Movement; plane crashed near Punta Tabaio, Cuba, killing 17 of 20 aboard
6 Jan 1960Boliva, North Carolina, United States340(criminal) National Airlines flight bombed in insurance plot, crashing near Boliva, NC
4 Mar 1960Havana, Cuba75200(accident) French freighter carrying explosives explodes in Havana harbor, Cuba, later attributed to accidental causes
10 May 1961Ghadames, Libya780Air France airliner en route from Fort Lamy, Chad, to France crashed in Libya after bomb exploded on board
2 May 1962Algiers, Algeria62100OAS terrorist car bombing
16 May 1962Algiers, Algeria42?terrorist gun attack
22 May 1962Unionville, Missouri, United States440(criminal) Continental flight bombed
8 Oct 1962Isabela de Sagna, Cuba20?Alpha 66 raid in Isabela de Sagna, Cuba
22 Nov 1963Dallas, Texas, United States12President John Kennedy shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, himself later fatally shot by Jack Rudy before trial
1 May 1964San Ramon, California, United States440(criminal) Frank Gonzalez, intending to commit suicide, shot pilot of Pacific Air Lines flight, causing plane to crash
15 May 1965Algiers, Algeria5125OAS attack
8 Jul 1965100 Mile House, British Columbia, Canada520(criminal?) Canadian Pacific Airways plane crashed after mid-air bombing over British Columbia
20 Apr 1966Assam, India5484anti-Indian Naga rebels bomb train
22 Oct 1966Aden, Yemen300Aden Airways plane crashed shortly after takeoff from Aden after bomb exploded on board
12 Oct 1967Rhodes, Greece660British European Airways plane suffers bomb explosion in cabin; plane broke up during descent and crashed into ocean
22 Dec 1969Nha Trang, Vietnam34?bomb exploded on Air Vietnam Douglas DC-6B on approach to airport; aircraft landed but overshot the runway, crashing into a school and other buildings; 10 of 77 aboard were killed plus 24 killed on ground
21 Feb 1970Wurenlingen, Switzerland470Swiss airliner departing Zurich, Switzerland, for Tel Aviv suffered midair bomb explosion shortly after takeoff and crashed while attempting to return to Zurich; bombing claimed by PFLP; similar explosion on same day aboard an Austrian Airlines plane caused no injuries
21 Apr 1970Manila, Philippines360Philippine Air Line plane crashed after bomb exploded aboard
8 May 1972Ben-Gurion APT, Israel10?Israeli forces storm a hijacked Belgian Sebena airliner at Ben Gurion Airport; fatalities include 1 passenger, 5 Israeli soldiers, and all 4 terrorists
30 May 1972Ben-Gurion APT, Israel287826 killed (including 20 Puerto Ricans), 78 injured in attack with guns and grenades at Ben Gurion Airport; two terrorists also killed
15 Jun 1972Pleiku, Vietnam810(criminal?) Cathay Pacific Airways airliner en route from Bangkok to Hong Kong crashed after board exploded aboard
5 Sep 1972Munich, FR Germany17?Munich massacre: seven Black September terrorists take Israeli dorm in Olympic village, allowed passage to airport with hostages where sharpshooters fire; 11 Israeli athletes and 1 policeman (plus 5 terrorists) killed
21 Feb 1973Sinai, Egypt1085(accident) Libyan Boeing 727 airliner shot down straying over Sinai by Israel, fearing it to be hijacked; 108 killed, 5 survive
19 Mar 1973Ben Me Thuot, Vietnam620Air Vietnam flight en route from Saigon to Ban Me crashed after bomb exploded aboard
25 Mar 1973Atucha 1 NPS, Argentina00Atucha I nuclear reactor construction site stormed by 15 members of People's Revolutionary Army; guards and staff were held hostage while slogans were painted on walls
18 May 1973Chita, Siberia, USSR1000mid-air bombing of Aeroflot airliner over Siberia
17 Dec 1973Rome, Italy3440Pan-Am airliner at Rome airport firebombed by five NAYLP terrorists, killing 30 on the plane and 2 in the terminal and injuring 40; the terrorists shot and killed another person while hijacking a second plane; 1 hostage was killed and another injured before the plane stopped in Athens; in Kuwait the hostages were released
15 May 1974Maalot, Israel27134PLO attack on Israeli collective farm
17 May 1974Dublin, Ireland35180three car bombings by Protestant terrorists
8 Sep 1974Ionian Sea, Greece880TWA flight originating in Israel blown up by NAYLP over Ionian Sea after departing Athens for US by NAYLP
15 Sep 1974Phan Rang Air Base, Vietnam750Air Vietnam flight en route from Danang to Saigon was hijacked and crashed attempting to land at Phan Rang Air Base possibly when hijacker set off grenades
21 Nov 1974Birmingham, England, United Kingdom21168PIRA bombs two pubs
2 Mar 1975Nairobi, Kenya27100bombing of bus
15 Aug 1975Brennilis NPS, Brittany, France00two bombs exploded at Mt. d'Arree NPS compound, damaging an air chimney for plant buildings; reactor temporarily downed for inspection
30 Sep 1975Lebanon600(accident?) Maley Hungarian airliner crashes off Lebanon coast, cause unknown
21 Dec 1975Vienna, Austria3?PFLP terrorists hold 11 OPEC oil ministers hostage in Vienna after killing 3
1 Jan 1976Al Qaisumah, Saudi Arabia820Middle East airliner destroyed by midair bombing en route from Beirut to Dubai, crashing near Al Qaysumah, Saudi Arabia
6 Oct 1976Barbados780Cubana airliner crashes after CORU bomb explodes on board shortly after departing Barbados; 78 killed, including 57 Cubans, 11 Guyanese, 5 North Koreans, and 5 crew
15 Dec 1976Baghdad, Iraq40300bombing at airport
4 Dec 1977Malaysia1000crash of hijacked Malaysian Boeing 747 airliner in Straits of Johore near Malaysia
18 Dec 1977Lemoniz NPS, Spain10four ETA terrorists attack guard post at Lemoniz NPS, Spain; 1 terrorist killed; ETA later claimed to have planned to bomb the reactors
26 Jan-13 Feb 1978multiple013Arab Revolutionary Army Palestinian Commandos poison Israeli citrus products with mercury; about 13 people injured in three European countries, including 5 children
11 Mar 1978Tel Aviv, Israel517243 killed (including 1 American), 72 injured in shooting attack on Tel Aviv beach; thirteen PLO/al-Fatah terrorists land by boat on beach near Tel Aviv and seize a bus, engaging police in gun battle during which bus explodes (nine terrorists also killed)
17 Mar 1978Lemoniz NPS, Spain214bomb exploded in steam generator of Lemoniz NPS killing 2 construction workers and injuring 14, ten minutes after ETA phoned warning; caused $6,000,000 damage
20 Aug 1978Abadan, Iran47710arson of theater
3 Sep 1978Rhodesia48?Air Rhodesia airliner shot down by SAM
18 Nov 1978Guyana91811(criminal) shooting attack on US Congressman Leo Ryan and others at Port Kaituma, killing 5 and injuring 11, followed by mass suicide of 913 members of People's Temple cult in Jonestown and Georgetown, latter including 276 children killed
12 Jan 1979Rhodesia59?Air Rhodesia airliner shot down in Rhodesia by ZAPU using SAM-7
13 Jun 1979Lemoniz NPS, Spain1?ETA bombing at Lemoniz NPS turbine room in Spain kills 1 worker
4 Nov 1979-20 Jan 1981Tehran, Iran053Following Islamic revolution in Iran, mob stormed US embassy and took 66 Americans hostage; 13 were released in Nov 1979, 1 in July 1980, remaining 52 on 20 Jan 1981; most were tourtured during captivity
20 Nov-5 Dec 1979Mecca, Saudi Arabia240600hostage taking at Grand Mosque (includes 87 terrorists killed)
2 Aug 1980Bologna, Italy85300Armed Revolutionary Nuclei bomb at railway station
26 Sep 1980Munich, FR Germany13312Wehrsportsgruppe Neo-Nazi bomber kills himself and 12 others, injures 312
Nov 1980Paris, France00Red Army faction efforts to manufacture botulinum toxin discovered in Paris police raid, following threats to poison water of German towns
31 Dec 1980Nairobi, Kenya2081bombing of Norfolk hotel
30 Mar 1981Washington, DC, United States04President Ronald Reagan and 3 others injured in attempted assassination by Hinkley
1 Oct 1981Beirut, Lebanon83300car bombing by FLP of PLO office
6 Oct 1981Cairo, Egypt1328Egyptian president Anwar al-Sadat assassinated by Al Takfir Wal Higra group
10 Oct 1981Porton Down, England, United Kingdom00Dark Harvest Commando deposits anthrax-infected soil at chemical warfare center in Porton Down, obtained from Hebridean isle of Gruinard (contaminated by wartime experiments)
28 Nov 1981Damascus, Syria64?Moslem Brotherhood car bombing
15 Dec 1981Beirut, Lebanon61100Islamic Jihad suicide bomber drives car bomb into Iraqi embassy
9 Feb 1982Tokyo-Haneda Airport, Japan24149(criminal) pilot intentionally crashed Japan Air Lines passenger aircraft into Toyko Bay short of runway; 24 passengers were killed; the pilot was among 150 aboard who survived
1 Oct 1982Tehran, Iran60700truck bombing in public square
15 Dec 1982Baghdad, Iraq76?bombing
20 Dec 1982Koeberg NPS, South Africa00ANC exploded four bombs at Koeberg NPS, South Africa, damaging the nonoperational of the two reactors
18 Apr 1983Beirut, Lebanon63?truck bomb destroyed U.S. embassy, killing 63, including 17 Americans
23 Sep 1983United Arab Emirates1120crash of Gulf Air flight following mid-air bombing over the UAE
9 Oct 1983Rangoon, Burma22?bombing by North Korean agents killed 17 top South Korean officials and 4 others; South Korean president is among injured; 1 terrorist killed
23 Oct 1983Beirut, Lebanon301161simultaneous truck bombings of U.S. Marine and French barracks
18 Jul 1984San Ysidro, California, United States2219(criminal) shooting attack at McDonalds restaurant
2 Aug 1984Madras, Tamil Nadu, India4019suitcase explodes in Madras airport
29 Aug 1984The Dalles, Oregon, United States02followers of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh use water to infect two officials with salmonella; both sickened, one hospitalized
31 Aug 1984Kabul, Afghanistan27207explosion in departure lounge in Kabul airport
9-19 Sep 1984The Dalles, Oregon, United States0751salmonella poisoning in restaurants by followers of Bhadwan Shree Rajneesh
20 Sep 1984Beirut, Lebanon23?Islamic Jihad truck bombing of U.S. Embassy
12 Oct 1984Brighton, England, United Kingdom4?IRA bombing of hotel; intended target, Margaret Thatcher, escaped injury
8 Mar 1985Beirut, Lebanon91200Lebanese agents connected to CIA assassination plot against Shaykh Fadlallah set off car bomb, killing 80; Hizballah retaliation kills 11
21 Apr 1985Haifa, Israel20?Israeli navy sinks ship with Fatah terrorists attempting to land near Haifa; 20 terrorists killed
14 May 1985Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka15085armed attack on crowds
23 Jun 1985multiple3314mid-air bombings of Air India flight off Cork, Ireland, killing 329; bomb intended for second Air India flight exploded in Narita Airport, Japan, killing 2 and injuring 4
15 Sep 1985Philippines35?terrorists throw grenades into theater
7 Oct 1985Egypt1?Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro with 80 passengers hijacked near Port Said, Egypt, by Palestine Liberation Front; 1 American passenger killed; political crisis topples Italian government
6 Nov 1985Bogota, Columbia100?50 M-19 terrorists seize Palace of Justice in Bogota, Columbia; 12 judges killed, palace is stormed, fire results and kills all terrorists and additional hostages
24 Nov 1985Malta5921Egyptian Boeing 737 hijacked after departing Athens, flown to Malta where Egyptian forces storm plane
27 Dec 1985multiple23140Abu Nidal attacks on El Al counters at airports in Rome, Italy, and Vienna, Austria; 19 killed, 137 injured (4 terrorists also killed and 3 injured)
5 Apr 1986West Berlin, FR Germany2204Syrian- and Libyan-sponsored bombing of discotheque kills one U.S. soldier and one other
3 May 1986Bandaranaike IAP, Sri Lanka2141bomb exploded in cargo on Air Lanka Flight after it arrived at Colombo, Sri Lanka, from Dubai
5 Sep 1986Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan21101Abu Nidal terrorists hijack Pan Am Boeing 747 in Karachi; 21 passengers shot and killed, over 100 injured
5 Sep 1986New York City, New York, United States030tear gas bomb set off 5 minutes before end of Russian dance troupe performance at New York City's Metropolitan Opera House by Jewish extremists
6 Sep 1986Istanbul, Turkey22?two Abu Nidal terrorists attack synagogue in Istanbul, kill 22 Jewish worshippers and themselves
25 Dec 1986Arar, Saudi Arabia62?Iraqi airliner hijacked, probably by Iranians in Saudi Arabia and crashes; 62 killed, 45 survive
31 Dec 1986San Juan, PR, Puerto Rico97140(criminal) three employees set fire in Dupont Plaza Hotel; most fatalities were in the hotel casino; the employees were in a labor dispute with the hotel's management
15 Mar 1987India24?bombs derail train
18 Apr 1987Alut Oya, Sri Lanka12764Tamil Tiger roadway ambush of Sinhalese in five vehicles near Alut Oya
21 Apr 1987Columbo, Sri Lanka106295Tamil Tiger bombing of bus depot
6 Jul 1987Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India38?Sikh ambush of bus near Chandigarh, India, kills 38 Hindu
6 Jul 1987Jaffna, Sri Lanka27?Tamil Tigers bomb army camp on Jaffna Peninsula
14 Jul 1987Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan72300twin car bombs and two other bombs in shopping area
6 Sep 1987Zamboanga City, Philippines19140water poisoning with pesticide at constabulary
5 Oct 1987Sri Lanka20?Tamil Tigers kill 8 soldiers being held hostage in Sri Lanka after 12 captured Tigers commit suicide
9 Oct 1987Kabul, Afghanistan27?car bombing at mosque
9 Nov 1987Colombo, Sri Lanka32?Sinhalese bomb on road
29 Nov 1987Burma1150mid-air bombing of Korean Air flight near Burma
7 Dec 1987near Paso Robles, California, USA430(criminal) Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771 crashed after a recently fired employee aboard shot several crewmembers
10 Apr 1988Rawalpindi, Pakistan1003000(accident) explosion at army ammunition depot near Rawalpindi, initiated attributed to sabotage but later attributed to accidental causes
23 Apr 1988Tripoli, Lebanon69125truck bomb explodes in market
1 May 1988Sri Lanka26?Tamil bombing of bus
21 Jun 1988India24?Sikh bombing of Hindu market
8 Jul 1988Jalalabad, Nangarhar, Afghanistan31?truck bombing
17 Aug 1988Bahawalpur, Pakistan32?32 killed, including President Zia of Pakistan, aboard plane when it explodes approaching Bahawalpur
13 Sep 1988India2060Sikh terrorists fire into crowd in northern India
4 Nov 1988Punjab, India4254Sikh bombings
21 Dec 1988Lockerbie, Scotland, United Kingdom27012mid-air bombing of Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, Scotland
11 Feb 1989India20?Bodo extremists explode bomb on bus in northern India
4 Mar 1989Peru39?Sendero Luminoso attack
13 Apr 1989Trincomalee, Sri Lanka3856Tamil car bombing
16 May 1989Beirut, Lebanon22100car bombing, kills 22 including Sunni Muslim leader
27 Jun 1989Shanghai, PR China2411bomb explodes on train in Shanghai
21 Aug 1989Atlanta, Georgia, United States015gas canister in parcel explodes at NAACP regional office
19 Sep 1989Bilma, Niger1710mid-air bombing of French UTA flight near Bilma
22 Nov 1989Beirut, Lebanon24?car bombing kills Lebanese president and 23 others
27 Nov 1989Bogota, Columbia110?mid-air bombing of Avianca flight in Bogota, killing all 107 aboard plus 3 on the ground
6 Dec 1989Bogota, Columbia521000truck bombing at federal police building in Bogota
Jan 1990Baku, Azerbaijan??Azerbaijani rebels attack Soviet military depot near Baku where nuclear weapons are stored; Soviet troops repel the attack, and nuclear warheads are quickly removed from the base
25 Mar 1990New York City, New York, United States870(criminal) arson fire in social club
Apr 1990Tokyo, Japan00Aum Shinrikyo cult members attempt to disseminate botulinum toxin from automobile near parliament building
12 Apr 1990Alto Pauralli, Peru24?Sendero Luminoso attack
19 Apr 1990Pathanket, Peru50?Sendero Luminoso attack
14 Jul 1990Sri Lanka35?Tamil Tigers kill 35 Muslims in ambush of buses
3 Aug 1990Kathankudy, Sri Lanka14070armed attack at two mosques
13 Aug 1990Eravur, Sri Lanka12279armed attack at mosque
2 Oct 1990Guangzhou, PR China13249crash of hijacked PRC airliner
9 Oct 1990India60?arson on train in southern India by People's War Group
16 Feb 1991Medellin, Columbia21126car bombing outside bullring
21 May 1991India19?suicide bomber kills former Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and 17 others plus herself; LITE suspected
12-15 Sep 1991Johannesburg, South Africa99?attacks on commuters in townships near Johannesburg
16 Oct 1991Killeen, Texas, United States2420(criminal) shooting attack at Luby's restaurant
Mar 1992Pridniestroviye, Transdnestr, Moldova00box of radioactive material reportedly stolen from Pridniestroviye, Transdnestr, CIS; thieves threatened to blow up the material if fighting in Moldova was not stopped
17 Mar 1992Buenos Aires, Argentina30252car bomb destroys Israeli embassy; Islamic Jihad authenticated claim of responsibility
3 Oct 1992Hakurk, Iraq60?armed attack
26 Feb 1993New York City, New York, United States61040truck bombing in garage of World Trade Center
28 Feb 1993Waco, Texas, United States8625(criminal) Branch Davidian cult members kill 4 ATF agents, injure 16, when agents raided their compound in Waco, TX; 10 cult members killed; compound was sieged until 19 Apr when another raid was attempted and the compound burned down
12 Mar 1993Mumbai (Bombay), India317140015 bombings throughout city
17 Mar 1993Calcutta, West Bengal, India80100bombing destroyed two apartment buildings
24 Apr 1993London, England, United Kingdom144car bomb explodes in London financial district, damage estimated at one billion US$
early Jun 1993Tokyo, Japan00Aum Shinrikyo cult members attempt to disseminate botulinum toxin in downtown Toyko, Japan, from an automobile
late Jun 1993Tokyo, Japan00members of Aum Shinrikyo cult disseminate anthrax for four days from roof of building in eastern Toyko, Japan
22 Sep 1993Sukhumi, Georgia10626crash of airliner struck by missile
21 Jan 1994Ormancik, Turkey16?attack with chemical grenades on village of Ormancik
25 Feb 1994Hebron, West Bank3925039 Palestinians killed, 250 injured in shooting attack by Jewish extremist at Cave of the Patriarchs
Mar 1994Barnaul, Altai Krai, Russia3?(criminal) shooting by solider at SS-25 ICBM site
6 Apr 1994Kigali IAP, Rwanda120plane shot down during landing approach, killing presidents of Burundi and Rwanda, 2 other Burundi officials, 5 other Rwanda officials, and 3 French crew members
13 Jun 1994Suleimaniyah, Iraq5140armed attack at funeral
27 Jun 1994Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan7270sarin nerve gas attack, attributed to Aum Shinrikyo
18 Jul 1994Buenos Aires, Argentina87201Jewish community center destroyed by car bomb
20 Jul 1994Colon, Panama210Alas Chiricanas commuter flight suffered on board bomb explosion and crashed; 12 passengers were Jewish; bombing was claimed by anti-Israeli terrorists
21 Aug 1994near Tizounine, Morocco440(criminal) pilot intentionally crashed Royal Air Maroc Flight 630 passenger aircraft about 10 minutes after takeoff
11 Oct 1994multiple530(criminal) mass suicide/murder by members of new age cult in Cheiry and Granges-Sar-Salvan, Switzerland, and Morn Heights, Canada
19 Oct 1994Tel Aviv, Israel237522 killed (including one Dutch), 75 injured by suicide bombing (one terrorist killed) on bus
22 Jan 1995Netanya, Israel246922 killed (including 20 soldiers), 69 injured by two separate suicide bombers (both terrorists killed) at the Beit Lid junction near Netanya (three of the soldiers killed died after the bombing of injuries, one of whom died 16 December 1996)
31 Jan 1995Algiers, Algeria42256car bombing by Islamic Salvation Front
25 Feb 1995Karbi, Anglong, Assam, India2728bombing of Indian train in Karbi, Anglong
25 Feb 1995Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan2227shooting attack by four Sunni gunmen entering two Shia mosques
27 Feb 1995Zakho, Iraq76141car bombing
15 Mar 1995Tokyo, Japan00members of Aum Shinrikyo cult plan to disperse botulinum toxin from three briefcases in subway of Toyko, Japan, but one cult members substitutes non-toxic substance
20 Mar 1995Toyko, Japan125511sarin nerve gas attack in subway
4 Apr 1995Ipil, Philippines5344shooting attack by Abu Sayyaf, Muslim separatists
19 Apr 1995Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States169675truck bombing of federal building, causing partial collapse
19 Apr 1995Yokohama, Japan0272tear gas attack
5 May 1995Tokyo, Japan00hydrogen-cyanide gas bomb found in Shinjuku Station before going off
13 May 1995Japan00gas bomb explodes at airport in Japan
15 May 1995Tokyo, Japan00gas fumes from chemical weapon at station near Toyko
14-19 June 1995Budennovsk, Stavropol, Russia143435hostage taking at hospital and two failed rescue attempts
26 Jun 1995Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan33?attack by Muslim militants
4 Jul 1995Japan04four hydrogen cyanide gas bombs found
8 Aug 1995Colombo, Sri Lanka2550Tamil Tiger suicide bombing at government building, kills 24 plus bomber
31 Aug 1995Sri Lanka28?Tamil rebels hijack Sri Lankan ferry with 136 passengers, later freed after hijackers sink two naval gunboats
5 Nov 1995Israel1?1 killed: Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin assassinated by a member of an extremist Jewish group
22 Dec 1995Peshawar, Pakistan32117car bombing at bazaar
9 Jan 1996Kizlyar, Dagestan, Russia230hostage taking
31 Jan 1996Columbo, Sri Lanka911400suicide truck bombing of Central Bank
25 Feb 1996Jerusalem, Israel288026 killed (including 9 soldiers and 3 Americans), 80 injured (including 3 Americans) by two suicide bombings on buses in Jerusalem; first bombing killed 23 (including 3 Americans) and injured at least 50; second bombing 30 minutes later killed 3, injured at least 25
3 Mar 1996Jerusalem, Israel20719 killed (including 3 soldiers, 1 Ethiopian, and 7 Romanians), 7 injured by suicide bombing (one terrorist killed) on bus in Jerusalem; one of the Romanians died on 9 Mar of wounds
4 Mar 1996Tel Aviv, Israel1416313 killed (including 1 soldier and 5 teenagers), 163 injured (including 2 Americans) by suicide bombing at Dizengoff Center
28 Apr 1996Bhai Pheru, Pakistan4026bombing on bus
15 Jun 1996Manchester, England, United Kingdom0206IRA truck bomb explodes at shopping center
26 Jun 1996Dhahran, Saudi Arabia19515truck bombing at U.S. military housing complex near Dhahran
17 Jul 1996East Moriches, New York, United States2300(accident?) mid-air explosion of TWA 800, attribution to accidental explosion has been disputed; victims included 20 children and 38 French citizens
17 Jul 1996Sri Lanka70600bombing of train
24 Jul 1996Sri Lanka54?two bombs on train
16 Nov 1996Kaspiysk, Dagestan, Russia67?bombing of Russian border guard housing; 20 children killed
23 Nov 1996Moroni, Comoros12748crash of hijacked Ethiopian Air flight off Comoros during forced landing off shore
17 Dec 1996-22 Apr 1997Lima, Peru17?23 members of Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement seize Japanese Ambassador's residence, with several hundred hostages, all but 72 later released; Peruvian soldiers storm the compound 22 April and save all but one hostage; 1 hostage, 2 soldiers, and 14 guerillas killed
29 Dec 1996India3861bombing of express train
13 Jan 1997Lahore, Pakistan23?bombing
26 Mar 1997Rancho Sante Fe, California, United States390(criminal) discovery of mass suicide by 39 members of Heaven's Gate cult, tied by cult members to Comet Hale-Bopp
7 Jul 1997Lehra Khanna, Runjab, India3367bombing of express train
30 Jul 1997Jerusalem, Israel1817816 killed (including 1 American), 178 injured (including 2 Americans) by two suicide bombings in Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem; three of those killed died subsequently of wounds (on 11 Aug, 29 Aug, 3 Oct)
29 Aug 1997Algeria238?attacks at Sidi Moussa and Hais Rais
4 Sep 1997Jerusalem, Israel81815 killed (including 1 American teenager), 181 injured by three suicide bombings in Ben-Yehuda pedestrian mall in Jerusalem
9 Sep 1997Sri Lanka3710rocket attack on Chinese merchant ship
22 Sep 1997Ben Talha, Algeria277?armed attack
7 Nov 1997Sidekan, Iraq57?attack on militia post
17 Nov 1997Luxor, Egypt6226gunmen of the Islamic Group fire on tourists in the Valley of the Kings near Luxor
19 Nov 1997Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India2335car bombing
19 Dec 1997Musi River delta, Sumatra, Indonesia1040(criminal) SilkAir Flight 185 aircraft broke up and crashed following rapid descent under control of the pilot; U.S. NTSB concluded the pilot likely intentionally crashed the aircraft; those killed included 46 Singapore citizens, 23 Indonesians, 10 Malaysians, 5 Americans
30 Dec 1997Ami Moussa, Algeria272?armed attack
4 Jan 1998Algeria182?attacks at Had Chekala, Remka, and Ain Tarik, Algeria
11 Jan 1998Sidi Hamed, Algeria10370attack on movie theater and mosque
25 Jan 1998Wandhama, Kashmir, Pakistan23?gunmen attack Hindu families
1 Feb 1998Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India51?car bombing
14 Feb 1998Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India43200multiple bombings with at least four sequential car bombs and a suicide bomber
23 Feb 1998Sri Lanka79?Tamil Tigers in eight boats attack two Sri Lankan navy ship in suicide bombing, killing 28 terrorists and 51 soldiers and sailors
5 Mar 1998Columbo, Sri Lanka32300bombing of bus
22 May 1998Algiers, Algeria20?bomb explodes in marketplace in suburb of Algiers
7 Jun 1998Pakistan2675bomb explodes on express train in southern Pakistan
21 Jun 1998Doda, Kashmir, India25?shooting at Hindu wedding
26 Jul 1998Khelil, Algeria20?shooting attack
4 Aug 1998Himachal Pradesh, India3411gunmen attack construction site
7 Aug 1998multiple3034954truck bomb explodes outside U.S. embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, destroying adjacent office building; 244 killed, 4,877 injured; within five minutes, a truck bomb explodes outside U.S. embassy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; 12 killed
15 Aug 1998Omagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom29530two car bombings, with telephoned warning directing evacuees towards one bomb
31 Aug 1998Algiers, Algeria2510car bombing
11 Sep 1998Jaffna, Sri Lanka20?Tamil Tigers kill mayor of Jaffna, Sri Lanka and others in bombing
14 Sep 1998Zougala, Ain Defla, Algeria37?attack on village
18 Sep 1998Tiaret, Algeria29100bombing in market
18 Oct 1998Machuca, Columbia71100oil pipeline in Columbia sabotaged by ELN, causing fire in rural village
26 Oct 1998Columbia36?rebel soldiers murder and kidnap civilians from two villages in northern Columbia
29 Oct 1998Goteborg, Sweden63200(criminal) arson attack on dance hall
3 Nov 1998Mitu, Columbia13830FARC rebels attack police barracks with rockets, killing police officers and 10 civilians
8 Dec 1998Tadjena, Algeria81?machete attacks on three villages
28 Dec 1998Algeria3070armed groups attack villages of Khenis-Milana and Ain N'Sour in Algeria using mortars, bombs, and blades
2 Jan 1999Oued Laatache, Algeria22?villagers' throats slashed by Islamic militants in Oued Laatache, near El Bayadh
20 Feb 1999Jammu, India20?attack by Muslim militants
19 Mar 1999Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia, Russia64104bombing at outdoor market
4 Sep 1999Buinaksk, Dagestan, Russia6466car bombing of apartment building housing military families
9 Sep 1999Moscow, Russia94180bombing of apartment building in southeast Moscow
13 Sep 1999Moscow, Russia130150bombing of apartment building
16 Sep 1999Volgodonsk, Rostove, Russia17480car bombing
18 Sep 1999Gonegalle, Sri Lanka50?Tamil Tigers conduct machete attack, killing 46; 4 others killed in two nearby villages
31 Oct 1999Atlantic Ocean, Massachusetts, United States2170intentional crash of Egypt Air flight off Nantucket Island by copilot
21 Nov 1999Madhu, Sri Lanka3560Tamil Tigers shell a Catholic shrine
15 Jan 2000Guayabetal, Columbia50?guerrilla raid
26 Feb 2000Ozamis City, Philippines4530bombs explode on two buses on ferry arriving at Ozamis City
10 Mar 2000Colombo, Sri Lanka204614 civilians and 6 policemen killed in abortive suicide bombing on highway near Colombo
21 Mar 2000Kashmir, India40?gunmen kill Sikh villagers
26 May 2000Indonesia34?armed attack on Indonesian village
7 Jun 2000Sri Lanka22?suicide bombing in a suburb of Colombo
8 Jun 2000Jajarkot, Nepal37?Maoist attack on police post; 7 civilians, 9 police, and 21 terrorists killed
2 Jul 2000Chechnya, Russia42101suicide bombings in Argun, Gudermes, and Novogrozny
2 Aug 2000Kashmir, India93?several attacks by Muslim militants in Kashmir, India, against Hindu civilians
28 Aug 2000Columbia22?two attacks by rebels in Colombia
3 Sep 2000Columbia35?rebel attack on town in Colombia with mortars and explosives
8 Sep 2000West Timor, Indonesia20?pro-Indonesian militias kill villagers
11 Nov 2000Nizhny Kurchali, Chechnya, Russia3653ambush on troops
9 Dec 2000Alkham-Yurt, Chechnya, Russia2121car bombing near mosque

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