Selected terrorist attacks and related incidents worldwide, Part 2: 2001-2010

complied by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 7 December 2017

See Selected terrorist attacks and related incidents worldwide: Introduction for explanation of criteria used and completeness and for sources.

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26 Mar 2001Machakos, Kenya6719(criminal) arson of secondary school
1 Apr 2001Rukum, Nepal3111Maoist attack on police post; 31 police killed, 11 injured and 23 kidnapped
1 Jun 2001Tel Aviv, Israel2112021 killed (including 1 Ukrainian), 120 injured in suicide bombing outside a disco in Tel Aviv (4 of those killed died the following days of injuries)
10 Aug 2001Luanda, Angola152146attack on train south of Luanda
11 Sep 2001United States29938900crashing of hijacked planes into World Trade Center, New York City, New York, Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, and site in Pennsylvania, USA
18 Sep 2001West Palm Beach, Florida, United States110anthrax-laced letters mailed to West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, and New York City, New York, USA
9 Oct 2001Washington, DC, United States47anthrax-laced letters mailed to Washington, DC
1 Dec 2001Jerusalem, Israel1318811 killed (including 5 teenagers, 1 who died 8 Dec), 188 injured by two suicide bombings at Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall
17 Feb 2002Mangalsen, Acham, Nepal97?Maoist clashes kill 48 soldiers and 49 police
27 Mar 2002Netanya, Israel27140suicide bombing at Park Hotel during Passover
2 May 2002Bojaya, Choco, Columbia11980armed attack on village including bombing of church
7 May 2002Dalian, PR China1120(criminal) China Northern Airlines flight en route from Beijing to Dalian crashed into ocean off Dalian following on board fire set by a passenger
9 May 2002Kaspiysk, Dagestan, Russia43151bombing at parade
18 Jun 2002Jerusalem, Israel207419 killed (including 1 child and 1 teenager) and 74 injured (including many students) by a suicide bomber (one terrorist also killed) attack on a bus
19 Aug 2002Khankala, Chechnya, Russia12714Mi-26 helicopter carrying Russian troops shot down by terrorist-fired missile shortly before landing; 115 killed immediately, 12 died of injuries; 21 survivors included 14 injured
8 Sep 2002Bhimad, Sindhuli, Nepal4921attack by Maoists on police post
11 Oct 2002Grozny, Chechnya, Russia24?bombing of police station
12 Oct 2002Kuta, Indonesia202350car bombing outside nightclub
23-26 Oct 2002Moscow, Russia170656hostage taking and attempted rescue in theater (includes 41 terrorists killed)
11 Nov 2002Changde, Hunan, PR China0193(criminal) poisoning of food at high school
14 Nov 2002Jumla, Nepal95?Maoist attacks kill 34 police, 4 soldiers, 2 civilians, and 55 terrorists
27 Dec 2002Grozny, Chechnya, Russia71640two car bombings outside government house
5 Jan 2003Tel Aviv, Israel2512023 killed, 120 injured by two suicide bombers (both terrorists also killed) who detonated bombs about 30 seconds apart near Central Bus Station, Tel-Aviv; those killed included 15 Israelis (1 soldier), 3 Chinese citizens (1 died 13 Jan), 2 Romanian citizens, 1 Ukrainian, 1 citizen of Ghana, and 1 Bulgarian
7 Feb 2003Bogota, Columbia36201car bombing of social club
12 May 2003Znamenskoye, Chechnya, Russia59200truck bombing at government complex
11 Jun 2003Jerusalem, Israel1810117 killed (including 1 soldier, 1 citizen of Eritrea, and 1 Israeli who died 12 Jun), over 100 injured by suicide bombing on bus
1 Aug 2003Mozdok, North Ossetia, Russia5082truck bombing of hospital
19 Aug 2003Jerusalem, Israel2413323 killed (including 2 infants--one American--3 children, 3 teenagers, and 1 Philippino, also 1 Israeli who died 23 Aug, 1 who died 5 Sep, and 1 who died 12 Sep), 133 injured in suicide bombing in Jerusalem on bus filled with Jewish worshippers
29 Aug 2003Najaf, An-Najaf, Iraq125500car bombing outside mosque
4 Oct 2003Haifa, Israel226021 killed (including 1 who died of injuries 9 Oct., 1 who died 15 Oct., and 4 children), 60 injured by suicide bombing in a restaurant
20 Nov 2003Istanbul, Turkey30400suicide bombings of British consulate and bank
5 Dec 2003Stavropol, Stavropol, Russia47186bombing on train
1 Feb 2004Irbil, Irbil, Iraq109256two suicide bombings of political party offices
6 Feb 2004Moscow, Russia41134bombing of subway
10 Feb 2004Iskandariyah, Babil, Iraq71150truck bombing at police station
21 Feb 2004Barlonyo, Uganda23960armed attack and arson at refugee camp
27 Feb 2004Manila, Philippines1189bombing and fire on ferry near Manila
2 Mar 2004Iraq188652suicide bombings at shrines in Karbala and Kadhimiya
3 Mar 2004Bhojpur, Nepal32?32 security forces killed in attack on communication towers
11 Mar 2004Madrid, Spain1911876bombings of four trains
14 Mar 2004Ashdod, Israel121610 killed, 16 injured in twin suicide bombings (5 killed immediately by first explosion, second explosion killed 3 immediately and fatally injured 2) (two terrorists also killed) at the port of Ashdod; the terrorists may have intended to reach chemical storage facilities
21 Mar 2004Bedi, Myagdi, Nepal71216Maoist attack on district jail; 51 security forces and 20 civilians killed
21 Apr 2004Basra, Basra, Iraq74100car bombings at police stations and police academy
9 May 2004Grozny, Chechnya, Russia2446bombing at stadium
16 May 2004Baghdad, Iraq02attempted use of IED with artillery shell containing binary sarin agents
22 Jun 2004Nazran, Ingushetia, Russia61?bandit raid
24 Jun 2004Iraq103324bombings in Mosul and Baghdad; armed attacks in Ramadi and Baquba
28 Jul 2004Baquba, Diyala, Iraq7056suicide car bombing of police recruit gathering
24 Aug 2004Glubokoye, Rostove, Russia460bombing of airliner
24 Aug 2004Buchalki, Tula, Russia430suicide bombing of airliner near Buchalki
1-3 Sep 2004Beslan, North Ossetia, Russia372747hostage taking at school (includes 35 terrorists killed)
30 Sep 2004Baghdad, Iraq4269car bombing at public ceremony
15 Dec 2004Sisnekhola, Arghakhanchi, Nepal21?21 soldiers killed in attack
19 Dec 2004Najaf, An-Najaf, Iraq54130suicide car bombing at funeral ceremony
19 Jan 2005Barbote, Ilam, Nepal23?23 soldiers killed in attack
28 Feb 2005Hilla, Babil, Iraq135130car bombing outside medical clinic
10 Mar 2005Mosul, Ninewa, Iraq51?suicide bombing at Shiite funeral
4 May 2005Erbil, Iraq60150suicide bombing at police recruiter offices
6 May 2005Suwayrah, Iraq2645car bombing at marketplace
1 Jun 2005Kabul, Afghanistan2052suicide bombing at mosque entrance during funeral of cleric opposed to Taliban
6 Jun 2005Mudhekhola, Chitwan, Nepal3972landmine attack by Maoists killed 36 civilians and 3 soldiers, injured 72
7 Jul 2005London, England, United Kingdom56784bombings of three subway trains and one bus
13 Jul 2005Baghdad, Iraq2750car bombing of gathered children
16 Jul 2005Musayyib, Babil, Iraq100150suicide bombing in marketplace near gas tanker and mosque
23 Jul 2005Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt88200multiple bombings in resort area: car bombing at hotel killed 64, second car bombing at market killed 17, package bomb at pedestrian walkway killed 7
7 Aug 2005Pili, Kalikot, Nepal50?attack on base by Maoists
31 Aug 2005Baghdad, Iraq965?(accident) stampede at religious gathering prompted by false reports of a suicide bomber
14 Sep 2005Baghdad, Iraq182679multiple suicide bombings and shooting attacks
29 Sep 2005Balad, Salah Al-Din, Iraq95101three car bombings at marketplace, bank, and police station
13 Oct 2005Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia85150armed attack on town
29 Oct 2005New Delhi, Delhi, India62210three bombings in New Delhi
18 Nov 2005Khanaqin, Diyala, Iraq7790suicide bombings at mosques
19 Nov 2005Iraq3760bombings in Abu Sayda and Baghdad
5 Jan 2006Iraq124203bombings in Karbala, Ramadi, and Baghdad
16 Jan 2006Afghanistan2634bombing at playground during festival in Spin Boldak, and bombing in Kandahar
9 Feb 2006Rambhapur, Nawalparasi, Nepal21?attack by Maoists; 16 soldiers, 1 civilian, and 4 terrorists killed
28 Feb 2006Panena, Arghakhanchi, Nepal29?clash between Maoists and Nepalese soldiers; 11 soldiers and 18 terrorists killed
12 Mar 2006Baghdad, Iraq62250car bombings and mortar attacks on markets in Sadr City, Baghdad
7 Apr 2006Baghdad, Iraq900suicide bombers at Shiite Baratha mosque
15 Jun 2006Kabithigollewa, Sri Lanka6480mine explosion against bus
1 Jul 2006Baghdad, Iraq7796car bombing striking police patrol in Al-Ula market, Sadr City, Baghdad
11 Jul 2006Mumbai, India209714seven bombings on commuter trains
17 Jul 2006Mahmudiya, Babil, Iraq6063shooting attack by multiple gunmen at funeral and Shiite marketplace
18 Jul 2006Kufa, An-Najaf, Iraq59132car bombing in marketplace next to Shia mosque, detonated after inviting people looking for work into the vehicle
2 Aug 2006Baghdad, Iraq5213detonation of bombs buried in soccer fields in use by children in west Baghdad killed 12, and mortar attack on another soccer game killed 3; roadside bombing killed 23 soldiers; suicide bombing killed 14
6 Aug 2006Israel1521515 killed, 215 injured by Hezbollah rockets (175) fired from southern Lebanon: 12 soldiers killed, 15 injured near Kibbutz Kfar Giladi, north of Kiryat Shmona while preparing to enter Lebanon; 3 killed, 200 injured in Haifa in strikes on several apartment buildings
13 Aug 2006Baghdad, Iraq72148five bombings in Shiite neighborhood, Zaafaraniya, Baghdad; first destroyed an apartment building, with subsequent bombings timed to hit rescuers in the area
31 Aug 2006Baghdad, Iraq67?
8 Oct 2006Numaniyah, Wasit, Iraq7700possible poisoning of food
16 Oct 2006Habarana, Sri Lanka103150suicide bombing of military convoy near Habarana
21 Oct 2006Ramadi, Al-Anbar, Iraq04car bombing with chlorine tanks
23 Nov 2006Baghdad, Iraq202260five car bombings and two mortar attacks in Sadr City, Baghdad
2 Dec 2006Baghdad, Iraq61125car bombings in shopping areas of Sadriya and Hafidh Al Qadhi, both in Baghdad
12 Dec 2006Baghdad, Iraq70296suicide bombing of truck after inviting people in square looking for work
16 Jan 2007Baghdad, Iraq70118car bombings and suicide bombing near Mustansiriya University
22 Jan 2007Iraq101186bombings in Baghdad and Baquba
28 Jan 2007Ramadi, Al-Anbar, Iraq160suicide bombing with dump truck carrying chlorine tank
1 Feb 2007Hilla, Babil, Iraq73150suicide bombings in marketplace
3 Feb 2007Baghdad, Iraq137334truck bombing in marketplace
12 Feb 2007Baghdad, Iraq81150bombing of Shorja market
18 Feb 2007Baghdad, Iraq63120car bombing of market near checkpoint
19 Feb 2007Ramadi, Al-Anbar, Iraq216suicide bombing with car carrying chlorine tanks
20 Feb 2007Taji, Baghdad, Iraq9150bombing of chlorine tanker truck near restaurant
21 Feb 2007Baghdad, Iraq673explosion of car bomb carrying chlorine tanks
24 Feb 2007Habaniya, Al-Anbar, Iraq5648fuel truck bombing near Sunni mosque, police station and school
6 Mar 2007Hilla, Babil, Iraq137310two suicide bombings and additional attacks
16 Mar 2007Al-Anbar, Iraq8352two suicide bombings in Falluja and one in Ramadi, all trucks carrying chlorine tanks resulting in chemical releases
27 Mar 2007Tal Afar, Ninewa, Iraq153351two truck bombings
28 Mar 2007Falluja, Al-Anbar, Iraq071truck bombing involving chlorine in attack on government center
29 Mar 2007Iraq137251multiple bombings in Baghdad, Khalis, and Mahmudiya
2 Apr 2007Kirkuk, Kirkuk, Iraq12200truck bombing of police station next to school
6 Apr 2007Ramadi, Al-Anbar, Iraq3550suicide bombing with truck carrying chlorine tanks
16 Apr 2007Blacksburg, Virginia, United States3317(criminal) shooting attack at Virginia Polytechnic Institute
18 Apr 2007Baghdad, Iraq193197multiple bombings
25 Apr 2007Baghdad, Iraq12truck bombing involving chlorine
28 Apr 2007Karbala, Karbala, Iraq74173suicide car bombing at checkpoint near mosque
30 Apr 2007Ramadi, Al-Anbar, Iraq610explosion of chlorine tanker near restaurant
13 May 2007Makhmour, Irbil, Iraq5070suicide truck bombing
15 May 2007Abu Sayda, Diyala, Iraq3250bombing at open air market involving chlorine release
20 May 2007Zangoura, Iraq011truck bombing involving chlorine at police checkpoint
3 Jun 2007Diyala, Iraq065suicide car bombing using chlorine tanks at US military forward operating base
19 Jun 2007Baghdad, Iraq87200car bombing near Shiite mosque
3-10 Jul 2007Islamabad, Pakistan10229hostage taking and army storming of mosque
7 Jul 2007Armili, Iraq182270multiple suicide truck bombings in Armili and area, Iraq
14 Jul 2007Mirashan, North Waziristan, Pakistan2429suicide car bombing of soldiers
16 Jul 2007Kirkuk, Kirkuk, Iraq85183three car/truck bombings at market, police patrol, and offices
19 Jul 2007Pakistan5195three suicide attacks in different towns
26 Jul 2007Baghdad, Iraq92127truck bombing near market in Karrada district, Baghdad
1 Aug 2007Baghdad, Iraq49?suicide bombing at gas station
6 Aug 2007Qubbak, Iraq2850truck bombing of residential area
14 Aug 2007Iraq5201500multiple car bombings in Al-Adnaniyah and Al-Qataniyah
4 Sep 2007Rawalpindi, Pakistan25?two suicide bombings
18 Oct 2007Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan141540bombing of motorcade for former prime minister Bhutto
25 Oct 2007Swat valley, Pakistan21?suicide bombing attack on army convoy; 21 killed, including 17 soldiers
6 Nov 2007Baghlani-jadid, Baghlan, Afghanistan77100suicide bombing at public ceremony
11 Dec 2007Algiers, Algeria41170two car bombings at Constitutional Court and United Nations offices
21 Dec 2007Charsadda, Pakistan72101suicide bombing in mosque
10 Jan 2008Lahore, Pakistan22?suicide bombing of police gathered outside High Court
18 Jan 2008Basra, Basra, Iraq70?armed attack on religious festival
1 Feb 2008Baghdad, Iraq99130suicide bombings at two pet markets
16 Feb 2008Parachinar, Pakistan47?suicide car bombing of election office
17 Feb 2008Kandahar, Kandahar, Afghanistan10595suicide bombing at dogfighting festival
24 Feb 2008Iskandariyah, Babil, Iraq63100suicide bombing of Shiite pilgrimage
6 Mar 2008Baghdad, Iraq68120two bombings in Shiite Karrada district
15 Apr 2008Iraq5380car bombings in Baquba and Ramadi
17 Jun 2008Baghdad, Iraq6375truck bombing in al-Hurriya neighborhood
7 Jul 2008Kabul, Afghanistan58141suicide bombing of Indian embassy
19 Aug 2008Dera Ismail Khan, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan2935suicide bombing in emergency room of hospital
21 Aug 2008Wah, Punjab, Pakistan7094two suicide bombings at entrance to Pakistan Ordnance Factories
10 Sep 2008Maskanai, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan2550attack on mosque
15 Sep 2008Balad Ruz, Diyala, Iraq2232suicide bombing at party in residence
20 Sep 2008Islamabad, Pakistan54266bombing of hotel
22 Sep 2008Hawara, West Bank044 injured (1 soldier, 3 Palestinians) in acid attack by Palestinian woman at Hawara crossing near Nablus; Israeli soldier was blinded
10 Oct 2008Orakzai, Pakistan110165truck bombing of anti-Taliban tribal meeting
30 Oct 2008Assam, India84470twelve bombings in Guwahati, Kokrajhar, Barpeta Road, and Bongaigaon
12 Nov 2008Kandahar, Kandahar, Afghanistan015acid attack on school girls
26-29 Nov 2008Mumbai, India174370multiple shooting and grenade attacks and hostage takings (includes 9 terrorists killed)
11 Dec 2008Kirkuk, Kirkuk, Iraq50109suicide bombing inside restaurant
24 Dec 2008Doroma, Orientale, DR Congo1890armed attack on village
Feb 2009Ndorumo, Masisi, DR Congo90?armed attack on village
Feb 2009Byarenga, Walikale, DR Congo40?armed attack on village
Feb 2009Langira, Walikale, DR Congo20?armed attack on village
5 Feb 2009Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, Pakistan3151suicide bombing at mosque
13 Feb 2009Iskandariyah, Babil, Iraq3276suicide bombing of Shiite pilgrimage
20 Feb 2009Dera Ismail Khan, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan3285suicide bombing at funeral procession
27 Mar 2009Jamrud, Ghundai, Pakistan83158suicide attack on mosque
5 Apr 2009Chakwal, Punjab, Pakistan24101suicide bombing outside Shia religious center
6 Apr 2009Baghdad, Iraq3491six bombings in mainly Shiite neighborhoods
12 Apr 2009Mianga, DR Congo45?armed attack on village
23 Apr 2009Iraq8463suicide bombings in Muqdadiyah and Baghdad
24 Apr 2009Baghdad, Iraq66127two suicide bombings at mosque in Kadhimiyah area, Baghdad
26 Apr 2009Charikar, Kapisa, Afghanistan045gas poisoning attack on girls' school
27 Apr 2009Shalio, Walikale, DR Congo50?armed attack on village
27 Apr 2009Biriko, Walikale, DR Congo49?armed attack on village
29 Apr 2009Baghdad, Iraq41?three car bombings in Sadr City, Baghdad
10 May 2009Busurungi, DR Congo8624armed attack on village
11 May 2009Charikar, Kapisa, Afghanistan062gas poisoning attack on girls' school
12 May 2009Kunduz, Afghanistan0104gas poisoning at girls' school
20 May 2009Baghdad, Iraq4170car bombing near restaurants in Shiite Shula district, northwest Baghdad
5 Jun 2009Hayagai Sharqai, Upper Dir, Pakistan49?suicide bombing at mosque
10 Jun 2009Batha, Thi-Qar, Iraq2870car bombing in crowded market
20 Jun 2009Taza Khurmatu, Kirkuk, Iraq83251suicide truck bombing in crowd of worshippers at Shiite mosque, also destroying 95 homes
22 Jun 2009Iraq2661attacks in Baghdad, Diyala, and Ninewa
24 Jun 2009Baghdad, Iraq72127bombing of marketplace in Sadr City, Baghdad
30 Jun 2009Kirkuk, Kirkuk, Iraq27?car bombing in market
Jul 2009Kyamatembe, Masisi, DR Congo22?armed attack on village
9 Jul 2009Tal Afar, Ninewa, Iraq3684two suicide bombings
9 Jul 2009Logar, Afghanistan255truck bombing near highway
26-30 Jul 2009Maiduguri, Borno, Nigeria7800armed attack on city by Boko Karam
31 Jul 2009Baghdad, Iraq29130bombings outside five Shiite mosques in Baghdad as worshippers were leaving
Aug 2009Mashango, Masisi, DR Congo81?armed attack on village
7 Aug 2009Iraq57217bombings in Shrekhan Sufla and Baghdad
10 Aug 2009Iraq52270bombings in Khazna Tabtah and Baghdad
13 Aug 2009Sinjar, Ninewa, Iraq2150two suicide bombings in restaurant in Kalaa neighborhood of Sinjar
15 Aug 2009Ndorumo, Masisi, DR Congo50?armed attack on village
17 Aug 2009Nazran, Ingushetia, Russia25164car bombing at police headquarters
19 Aug 2009Baghdad, Iraq104568multiple bombings at government sites
26 Aug 2009Kandahar, Kandahar, Afghanistan4166three car bombings
10 Sep 2009Wardek, Iraq2127suicide truck bombing in residential area; second truck bomber stopped and killed
18 Sep 2009Kohat, Pakistan33?suicide car bombing at hotel near marketplace
29 Sep 2009Kandahar, Afghanistan3039roadside bombing of bus in Maywand district, en route from Herat to Kandahar
9 Oct 2009Peshawar, Pakistan50120suicide car bombing at market; bomb was detonated while driving past a bus
11 Oct 2009Ramadi, Al-Anbar, Iraq2525two bombings in car park struck reconciliation meeting between government officials and civilians, followed by suicide bombing at hospital
12 Oct 2009Alpuri, Shangla, Pakistan4146suicide car bombing by 12-year-old terrorist targeting military convoy near market
15 Oct 2009Pakistan37?armed attacks in Lahore and suicide bombing in Kohat
24 Oct 2009Pakistan25?Taliban attack and suicide bombings on Pakistani airbase
25 Oct 2009Baghdad, Iraq155721two vehicle bombings at government buildings
28 Oct 2009Peshawar, Pakistan119213car bombing at marketplace
2 Nov 2009Rawalpindi, Pakistan3560suicide bombing at bank
10 Nov 2009Charsadda, Pakistan24?suicide bombing in market
27 Nov 2009Lykoshino, Tver, Russia2897bombing and derailing of train
4 Dec 2009Rawalpindi, Pakistan4081attack on mosque with guns and grenades, followed by suicide bombings
8 Dec 2009Baghdad, Iraq127448five car bombings
28 Dec 2009Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan43?suicide bombing at Shia procession
30 Dec 2009Iraq3055attacks in Ramadi and roadside bombing in Khalis
1 Jan 2010Shah Hasan Khan, Bannu, Pakistan8887suicide car bombing at volleyball game
14 Jan 2010Najef, An-Najaf, Iraq2572three bombings near Imam Ali shrine
25 Jan 2010Baghdad, Iraq3680car bombings of four hotels used by foreign journalists and businessmen
26 Jan 2010Baghdad, Iraq2280car bombing destroys Ministry of Interior forensics laboratory
1 Feb 2010Baghdad, Iraq41106suicide bombing targeting Shiite pilgrims in northeast Baghdad headed for Kerbala
3 Feb 2010Karbala, Iraq20117motorcycle bombing near pilgrims outside Kerbala
5 Feb 2010Karbala, Karbala, Iraq43141multiple bombings targeting Shiite pilgrims
18 Feb 2010Dars, Khyber, Pakistan26150bombing at Lashkar-e-Islam mosque next to market
3 Mar 2010Baquba, Diyala, Iraq2942two suicide bombings at government office and party headquarters, following by suicide bombing at hospital emergency room
7 Mar 2010Iraq36?bombings, rocket and mortar attacks on election day in Baghdad, Mosul, Fallujah, Ba'quba, and Samarra
26 Mar 2010Khalis, Diyala, Iraq5973two bombings at coffee shop
29 Mar 2010Moscow, Russia40100two suicide bombings on subway
3 Apr 2010Baghdad, Iraq25?armed attack in Sunni neighborhood of southern Baghdad
4 Apr 2010Baghdad, Iraq42201three car bombings in embassy area, striking Iranian embassy, Egyptian consulate, German and Spanish embassies, and diplomatic housing areas
6 Apr 2010Dantewada, Chhattisgarh, India848armed Maoist attack on police officers
6 Apr 2010Baghdad, Iraq50?bombings of apartment buildings and market in Shiite and mixed neighborhoods, Baghdad
21 Apr 2010Kunduz, Afghanistan023gas poisoning attack on girls' school
23 Apr 2010Baghdad, Iraq54180bombings near Shiite mosques and cleric office
24 Apr 2010Kunduz, Afghanistan051gas poisoning attack on girls' school
25 Apr 2010Kunduz, Afghanistan013gas poisoning attack on girls' school
4 May 2010Kabul, Afghanistan025gas poisoning attack on girls' school
10 May 2010Iraq111391multiple bombings in Hilla, Basra, al-Suwayra, Baghdad, Tarmiyah, Fallujah, Mosul, and Iskandariyah, and additional armed attacks in Baghdad
11 May 2010Kunduz, Afghanistan030gas poisoning attack on girls' school
11 May 2010Kabul, Afghanistan06gas poisoning attack on girls' school
16 May 2010Tal Afar, Ninewa, Iraq25120two bombings at soccer match
21 May 2010Khalis, Diyala, Iraq3080van bombing in front of coffee shop in marketplace
28 May 2010Khemasuli, West Bengal, India148180sabotage resulting in derailment of Jnaneswari express train and collision with second train
28 May 2010Lahore, Pakistan93120shooting, hostage taking, and suicide bombing attacks at two Ahmadi mosques
Jun 2010Afghanistan030gas poisoning attack on girls' school
12 Jun 2010Ghazni City, Ghazni, Afghanistan060gas poisoning attack on girls' school
20 Jun 2010Baghdad, Iraq2652two simultaneous car bombings outside bank
1 Jul 2010Lahore, Pakistan42180suicide bombings at Sufi shrine
7 Jul 2010Baghdad, Iraq39136multiple bombings in Adhamiyah district, Baghdad, during Shia pilgrimage
10 Jul 2010Kakaghund, Pakistan106115two suicide bombings
11 Jul 2010Kampala, Uganda7571suicide bombings at two locations where crowds were watching World Cup match
15 Jul 2010Zahedan, Iran28270two suicide bombings at mosque
17 Aug 2010Iraq68169two bombings in Baghdad
21 Aug 2010Kabul, Afghanistan023gas poisoning attack on girls' school
25 Aug 2010Iraq57273multiple bombings and attacks: two bombings each in Baghdad and Ramadi, one each in Kut, Mosul, Muqdadiya, Falluja, Basra, Karbala, Mahmudiya, Tikrit, and Kirkuk, and armed attack on Baghdad checkpoint
25 Aug 2010Kabul, Afghanistan074gas poisoning attack on girls' school
28 Aug 2010Kabul, Afghanistan052gas poisoning attack on girls' school
31 Aug 2010Kabul, Afghanistan074gas poisoning attack on girls' school
3 Sep 2010Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan73160suicide bombing during Shia rally
9 Sep 2010Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia, Russia18173car bombing near market
19 Sep 2010Baghdad, Iraq21?several bombings in two neighborhoods
25 Oct 2010Punjab, Pakistan25?bombing at shrine
29 Oct 2010Balad Ruz, Diyala, Iraq2570suicide bombing of restaurant
31 Oct 2010Baghdad, Iraq5875attempted hostage taking at Catholic church
2 Nov 2010Baghdad, Iraq70?multiple bombings
5 Nov 2010Darra Adam Khel, Pakistan68?suicide bombing at mosque, resulting in roof collapse
24 Dec 2010Nigeria32?bombings of two churches on Christmas Eve by Boko Haram terrorists
2010Afghanistan0?gas poisoning attack on girls' school
2010Afghanistan0?gas poisoning attack on girls' school
2010Afghanistan0?gas poisoning attack on girls' school
2010Afghanistan0?gas poisoning attack on girls' school
2010Afghanistan0?gas poisoning attack on girls' school

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