Selected terrorist attacks and related incidents worldwide, Part 3: 2011-2015

complied by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 7 December 2017

See Selected terrorist attacks and related incidents worldwide: Introduction for explanation of criteria used and completeness and for sources.

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Part 2: 2001-2010
Part 4: 2016-present

18 Jan 2011Tikrit, Salah Al-Din, Iraq61150bombing of police station
24 Jan 2011Domodedovo IAP, Moscow, Russia37178suicide bombing at baggage claim area of airport
19 Feb 2011Jalalabad, Nangarhar, Afghanistan4271shooting attack on bank, with terrorists detonating suicide bombs inside bank
8 Mar 2011Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan24120car bombing at gas station
28 Mar 2011Ja'ar, Yemen12145accident or possible sabotage resulting in explosion at ammunition factory
29 Mar 2011Tikrit, Salah Al-Din, Iraq6895armed attack
1 Apr 2011Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, Pakistan4165two suicide bombings at Sufi shrine during festival
13 May 2011Shabqadar, Charsadda, Pakistan82140two suicide bombings at constabulary
25 Jun 2011Azra, Logar, Afghanistan3825suicide car bombing of hospital
28 Jun 2011Kabul, Afghanistan22?attack on hotel by gunmen, some detonating suicide bombs; 12 civilians killed plus 9 attackers
13 Jul 2011Mumbai, India26130three bombings at a bazaar, opera house, and a school bus stand, during evening rush hour
22 Jul 2011Norway77151car bombing in Oslo followed by shooting attack at youth political rally in Utoya
19 Aug 2011Jamrud, Ghundai, Pakistan48100suicide bombing at mosque
13 Sep 2011Kabul, Afghanistan25?attack on US embassy, NATO headquarters, and police stations
13 Sep 2011Peshawar, Pakistan518Taliban attack on school bus kills 4 children and bus driver
15 Sep 2011Samar Bagh, Dir, Pakistan3163suicide bombing at funeral
20 Sep 2011Quetta, Baluchistan, Pakistan266shooting attack on bus
4 Oct 2011Mogadishu, Somalia7142truck bombing at government complex
4 Nov 2011Damaturu, Yobe, Nigeria100100bombings and shooting attacks on churches, police headquarters, government buildings, and banks
6 Dec 2011Afghanistan75176suicide bombing of Shia shrine in Kabul, bombing near mosque in Mazar-i-Sharif, and bombing in Kandahar
22 Dec 2011Baghdad, Iraq69?bombings in Shiite neighborhoods at markets, cafes, and government buildings
25 Dec 2011Nigeria4257bombings by Boko Haram at five churches and a police station on Christmas Day
5 Jan 2012Iraq73158four bombings in Baghdad, one bombing at checkpoint near Nasiriyah
6 Jan 2012Damascus, Syria2663car bombing
14 Jan 2012Iraq53?bombing of Shiite pilgrims in southern Iraq
20 Jan 2012Kano, Nigeria17850multiple bombings and gun attacks
28 Jan 2012Baghdad, Iraq33?suicide car bombing at Shiite funeral procession
10 Feb 2012Aleppo, Syria28235twin car bombings
19 Feb 2012Baghdad, Iraq20?suicide car bombing targeting police at academy in eastern Baghdad
23 Feb 2012Iraq55?car bombings near school in Musayyib, restaurant in Baghdad, and other locations
Mar 2012Yahya Khel district, Paktika, Afghanistan90poisoning and armed attack on police
5 Mar 2012Haditha, Al Anbar, Iraq25?shooting attack kills 25 police officers
17 Mar 2012Damascus, Syria27140attack on Syrian Air Force Intelligence building and police headquarters
20 Mar 2012Iraq46?attacks in Karbala, Kirkuk, and other locations
31 Mar 2012Esfandi, Ghazni, Afghanistan20acid attack on children
17 Apr 2012Rustaq, Takhar, Afghanistan0171water poisoning at girls' school
19 Apr 2012Iraq30?bombings in 10 cities
10 May 2012Damascus, Syria55372twin suicide attacks
22 May 2012Taloqan, Takhar, Afghanistan084water poisoning attack on girls' school
26 May 2012Taloqan, Takhar, Afghanistan040poisoning attack on girls' school
28 May 2012Takhar province, Afghanistan0124gas poisoning at girls' school
Jun 2012Shirin Hazara, Bamyan, Afghanistan02gas poisoning attack on girls' school
2 Jun 2012Taloqan, Takhar, Afghanistan024poisoning attack on girls' school
3 Jun 2012Farkhar, Takhar, Afghanistan065poisoning attack on girls' school
4 Jun 2012Iraq23?suicide car bombing at Shiite religious affairs office
5 Jun 2012Rustaq, Takhar, Afghanistan060poisoning attack on girls' school
13 Jun 2012Iraq9331216 car bombings during Shiite pilgrimage, including 2 bombings at Hilla restaurants, 3 in Kirkuk, one each in Mosul, Balad, and Karbala, 4 in Baghdad's Karrada
16 Jun 2012Baghdad, Iraq26?two car bombings during Shiite pilgrimage
19 Jun 2012Karta-e-Sol, Bamyan, Afghanistan047gas poisoning attack on girls' school
22 Jun 2012Sar-e-Pul province, Afghanistan0118gas poisoning at girls' school
23 Jun 2012Sar-e-Pul, Sar-e-Pul, Afghanistan094poisoning attack on girl's school
25 Jun 2012Sar-e-Pul province, Afghanistan090poisoning attack on girl's high school
25 Jun 2012Lashkargah, Afghanistan040poisoning at police academy
28 Jun 2012Iraq22?bombings and shooting attacks in Shiite neighborhoods or targeting security forces
30 Jun 2012Sar-e-Pul, Sar-e-Pul, Afghanistan053poisoning attack on girl's school
Jul 2012Jawzjan province, Afghanistan0100gas poisoning at girls' school
2 Jul 2012Sheberghan, Jawzjan, Afghanistan0255gas poisoning at girls' school
3 Jul 2012Iraq40?bombings in six locations
7 Jul 2012Jawzjan province, Afghanistan060poisoning attack on girl's school
23 Jul 2012Iraq116299multiple bombings in Taji; bombings in Mosul, Baghdad, Dhuluiya, Baquba, and Diyala
31 Jul 2012Baghdad, Iraq27?attacks on two police headquarters
14 Aug 2012Zaranj, Nimruz, Afghanistan30130three suicide bombings targeting national police
16 Aug 2012Iraq106342five bombings in Baghdad, suicide bombing in Tal Afar, six bombings in Kirkuk, two bombings each in Daquq and Garma, car bombings in Kut and Husainiya, bombing in Tuz Khurmato, and attacks by gunmen in Mushahda, Falluja, Al-A'amiriya, and Baaj
4 Sep 2012Dur Baba, Nangarhar, Afghanistan207119 killed in suicide bombing at funeral (1 terrorist also killed)
9 Sep 2012Iraq106424seven bombings in Baghdad; two bombings in Amara; three bombings in Kirkuk; attack on Dujail army base; bombings in Taji, Maysan, Tuz Khormato, Nasiriyah, Basra, Tal Afar, Hawija, and Ar Riyad
26 Oct 2012Maimana, Faryab, Afghanistan4059suicide bombing by 15-year-old terrorist at mosque
6 Nov 2012Baghdad, Iraq3323suicide bombing at military base
27 Nov 2012Iraq30123three car bombings in Baghdad, three car bombings in Kirkuk; bombings in Hawija, Tuz Khormato, and Khan Bani Saad; and shooting attack in Kirkuk province
Dec 2012Afghanistan??poisoning attack on police
Dec 2012Afghanistan??poisoning attack on police
14 Dec 2012Newtown, Connecticut, United States283(criminal) shooting attack at elementary school kills 20 children and 6 adults; shooter killed himself and had killed his mother earlier that day
17-19 Dec 2012Pakistan80shooting attacks on workers administering polio vaccines: 1 killed on 17 Dec, 4 killed in Karachi and 1 in Peshawar on 18 Dec, 2 in Charsadda and 1 child worker in Peshawar on 19 Dec
19 Dec 2012Spin Boldak district, Kandahar, Afghanistan4?poisoning attack on police
31 Dec 2012Swabi, Pakistan717 polio vaccination workers killed in shooting attack
Jan 2013Panjwai district, Kandahar, Afghanistan30poisoning attack on police
10 Jan 2013Pakistan120222bombings at security checkpoint, billiards hall, nearby street, and market in Quetta, and bombing at mosque in Mingora
16 Jan 2013Iraq41248multiple bombings against Kurdish targets in Kirkuk, Tuz Khurmato, Tikrit, Baghdad, Hawija, and Baiji
16-19 Jan 2013Amenas, Illizi, Algeria80?hostage taking at oil facility, with up to 800 hostages initially, and Algerian troops retaking the facility after 3 days; 11 Algerians, 37 foreign workers, and 32 terrorists killed; foreigners killed included 10 Japanese, 8 Philippine citizens, 5 Norwegians, 5 British, and 3 Americans
17 Jan 2013Iraq28107multiple bombings targeting Shiite pilgrims in Dujail, Hilla, Karbala, Baghdad, Mosul, and Tuz Khurmato
23 Jan 2013Tuzkhurmatu, Selahaddin, Iraq2570suicide bombing at funeral ceremony in Shiite mosque
Feb 2013Andar district, Ghazni, Afghanistan?0poisoning attack on police
3 Feb 2013Kirkuk, Kirkuk, Iraq3070suicide bombing and armed attack on police complex
4 Feb 2013Taji, Baghdad, Iraq22?suicide bombing attack on militia
8 Feb 2013Iraq35100two bombings in Baghdad market, two bombings in Hilla, and bombing near Karbala
8 Feb 2013Kano, Nigeria909 polio vaccination workers killed in two separate shooting attacks
16 Feb 2013Quetta, Baluchistan, Pakistan89191bombing at market in Hazara Shitte neighborhood
17 Feb 2013Baghdad, Iraq37131eight car bombings and two roadside bombings in Shiite neighborhoods
27 Feb 2013Afghanistan20?poisoning and shooting attack kills 17 police officers in Habib Godala, Ghazni province; 3 police officers killed in attack in Kandahar province
3 Mar 2013Monguno, Nigeria20?Boko Karam attack on military base
4 Mar 2013Akashat, Anbar, Iraq5710attack on Syrian soldiers under Iraqi escort near Akashat; 48 Syrian soldiers and 9 Iraqi soldiers killed
14 Mar 2013Baghdad, Iraq3050multiple bombings of government buildings
19 Mar 2013Baghdad, Iraq6515015 car bombings, plus other bombings and attacks mostly on Shia neighborhoods
3 Apr 2013Farah, Farah, Afghanistan5510036 civilians and 12 security officers killed in attack by 9 terrorists on courthouse where other terrorists were being tried; first two attackers detonated suicide car bomb, others attacked with guns
6 Apr 2013Iraq2260suicide bombing at political rally
15 Apr 2013Iraq41313six car bombings in Kirkuk, three car bombings in Tuz Khurmato, two car bombings in Baghdad, and car bombings in other cities
15 Apr 2013Boston, Massachusetts, United States3264two bombings at Boston Marathon kill 3 (including 1 child) and injure 183 (including 8 children)
18 Apr 2013Taloqan, Takhar, Afghanistan018poisoning attack on girls' school; 18 children injured
18 Apr 2013Baghdad, Iraq3225suicide bombing inside restaurant, with partial collapse of building during rescue operations
21 Apr 2013Taloqan, Takhar, Afghanistan074poisoning attack on girls' school; 74 children injured
22 Apr 2013Baga, Nigeria18777Boko Haram attack on village
25 Apr 2013Kunduz province, Afghanistan60poisoning and armed attack on police outpost
26 Apr 2013Helmand province, Afghanistan3011bus crashed into wreckage of truck attacked by Taliban
29 Apr 2013Iraq52154three car bombings in Baghdad, two car bombings in Amara
1 May 2013Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan0150poisoning attack on girls' school; 150 children injured
11 May 2013Reyhanli, Turkey46100two car bombings near town hall and post office; 850 buildings damaged; officials arrested 9 Syrians for the attacks
14 May 2013Balkh province, Afghanistan0150poisoning attack on girls' school; 150 children injured
May 2013Faryab province, Afghanistan080poisoning attack on girls' school; 80 children injured
15 May 2013Iraq3524multiple bombings in Shia neighborhoods of Baghdad; bombings in Kirkuk
16 May 2013Iraq21?multiple attacks
17 May 2013Iraq76130twin bombings at Sunni mosque in Baquba, two bombings in Sunni neighborhoods in Baghdad, and bombings in Madian and Fallujah
17 May 2013Bazdarra, Malakand, Pakistan21120bombings of two mosques
20 May 2013Iraq113329bombings in Baghdad, Hilla, Basra, Balad, Makhachkala, Jisr Diyala, Samarra, Mosul, Baiji, Rutba, Baquba, and Tuz Khormato, and armed attacks in Haditha
21 May 2013Iraq23100bombings in Tarmiya, Tuz Khormato, Kirkuk, and Baghdad
23 May 2013Niger3550attacks on military base and French uranium mine; 24 soldiers, 1 French worker, and 10 terrorists killed
25 May 2013Sukma, Chhattisgarh, India2732ambush on official convoy using landmine and guns; fatalities included 3 government officials, one dying of injuries 11 June
27 May 2013Baghdad, Iraq71200at least thirteen car bombings in Shiite neighborhoods
1 Jun 2013Maimana, Faryab, Afghanistan077poisoning attack on girls' school; 77 children injured
1 Jun 2013Behsud, Afghanistan020poisoning attack on girls' school; 20 children injured
3 Jun 2013Paktika province, Afghanistan1426attack by suicide bomber on motorcycle targeting schoolchildren during lunch break; 10 children killed along with 2 soldiers and 1 police officer; 16 children and 10 soldiers injured
10 Jun 2013Iraq94289bombings in Mosul, Judaida al-Shat, Tuz Khormato, Taji, Kirkuk, Baghdad, Madain, Tammuz, Tikrit, Dibis, Baquba, Falluja, Alillai, and Iskandariyah
16 Jun 2013Iraq51?multiple attacks
18 Jun 2013Baghdad, Iraq3160two bombings near and inside a Shia mosque
22 Jun 2013Iraq24?multiple bombings
24 Jun 2013Iraq42107eight car bombings at markets and other sites in Baghdad; car bombing in Mosul; suicide bombing at university in Tikrit
26 Jun 2013Turpan, Xinjiang, PR China273mob attack with knives on police station and government building kills 9 security personnel, 8 civilians; 10 terrorists killed by police
27 Jun 2013Iraq22?bombings of soccer spectators at four coffee shops in Baghdad and Baquba, bombing of café in Jbela, and bombing in Iskandariyah
30 Jun 2013Pakistan4968bombings at mosque in Quetta, convoy in Peshawar, and convoy in Waziristan
1 Jul 2013Iraq27?multiple bombings against Shiite targets
2 Jul 2013Iraq45?multiple bombings in Baghdad, Diyala, and Amara
6 Jul 2013Mamudo, Yobe, Nigeria42?attack by Boko Haram on boarding school in Mamudo village, near Potiskum; 41 students and 1 teacher killed, either shot or died when buildings were set on fire; some students as young as 10
11 Jul 2013Iraq41?multiple bombings and shootings
12 Jul 2013Kirkuk, Iraq3827bombing in café
13 Jul 2013Baghdad, Iraq2124two bombings near Sunni mosques
19 Jul 2013Iraq20?attack at Sunni mosque
20 Jul 2013Baghdad, Iraq30?multiple car bombings
29 Jul 2013Iraq50200multiple car bombings
6 Aug 2013Baghdad, Iraq41100multiple bombings
8 Aug 2013Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan2850suicide bombing at funeral for policeman
11 Aug 2013Baghdad, Iraq6130011 bombings at cafes, markets, and restaurants in nine districts of Baghdad during Eid al-Fitr festival
15 Aug 2013Baghdad, Iraq33?multiple bombings
15 Aug 2013Beirut, Lebanon27?car bombing in Shia area of south Beirut
22 Aug 2013Iraq24?multiple attacks
23 Aug 2013Baghdad, Iraq2550suicide bombing in park
23 Aug 2013Tripoli, Lebanon42400two bombings outside mosques
28 Aug 2013Baghdad, Iraq68200multiple car bombings
7 Sep 2013Mogadishu, Somalia3050car bombing at restaurant, followed by suicide bombing targeted responders to the first explosion
15 Sep 2013Iraq53?multiple car bombings and other attacks
17 Sep 2013Benisheik, Borno, Nigeria143?ambush of civilians near Benisheik, on highway between Maiduguri and Damaturu: Boko Haram militants set up fake military checkpoint and kill 143 civilians
21 Sep 2013Iraq100160three bombings at funeral in Sadr City, Baghdad; other bombings and shooting attacks in Baghdad, Beiji, and Mosul
21 Sep 2013Nairobi, Kenya59175armed attack and hostage taking at shopping mall by 5-10 gunmen; 1,000 hostages freed; at least 4 foreigners killed
22 Sep 2013Peshawar, Pakistan83145two suicide bombings outside Christian church
26-27 Sep 2013Gamboru Ngala, Nigeria27?Boko Haram terrorists attack village twice in two days, killing 6 civilians on 26 September and 21 on 27 September
29 Sep 2013Gujba, Yobe, Nigeria78?Boko Haram attack on agricultural college dormitories: 78 male teenagers shot and killed
29 Sep 2013Peshawar, Pakistan42100car bombing at market
20 Oct 2013Iraq5575multiple bombings and attacks: suicide car bombing at a café in Amil neighborhood of Baghdad killed 38; 11 killed in suicide bombings in Rawa at a checkpoint, a police station, the mayor's house, and two at the coucil building; suicide bombing in Samarra at a police officer's house killed 6
23 Oct 2013Ramadi district, Anbar, Iraq28?bridge bombed
27 Oct 2013Iraq66120ten bombings in Baghdad killed 42, injured 70; suicide car bombing and separate drive-by shooting killed 16, injured 30 in Mosul; bombing at market in Tarmiyah killed 4, injured 11; mortar attack on homes in Madain killed 4, injured 9
28 Oct 2013Beijing, PR China538attack at Tiananmen Square: car driven through crowds, then set on fire with 3 terrorists inside
7 Nov 2013Iraq30?multiple bombings, including a double suicide car bombing against a military base
19 Nov 2013Beirut, Lebanon25151two suicide bombings, one on a motorcycle and the second in a car, at the Iranian embassy
29 Nov 2013Bwabwata National Park, Namibia330(criminal) pilot intentionally crashed LAM flight TM470 passenger aircraft
5 Dec 2013Sana'a, Yemen52162suicide car bombing at the defense ministry followed by a shooting attack at a hospital
5 Jan 2014Baghdad, Iraq2055six bombings
9 Jan 2014Baghdad, Iraq2325suicide bombing at military recruiting site
14 Jan 2014Maiduguri, Borno, Nigeria4350bombing in commercial area of Maiduguri
15 Jan 2014Baghdad, Iraq4088six bombings
17 Jan 2014Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan2112suicide bombing and armed attack on restaurant frequented by foreigners; 21 killed, including 2 Americans, 2 British, 2 Canadians, 2 Lebanese, 1 Dane, 1 Russian, and 3 other foreigners
19 Jan 2014Bannu, Pakistan2624car bombing attack on army convoy at army checkpoint; 26 soliders killed
20 Jan 2014Baghdad, Iraq2667seven bombings
21 Jan 2014Taftan, Pakistan2430suicide car bomb attack on bus convoy of Shia pilgrims, setting fire to one bus; 24 killed and 30 injured; casualties included children
30 Jan 2014Baghdad, Iraq2450armed attack on government building
5 Feb 2014Baghdad, Iraq3235four bombings
14 Feb 2014al-Yadouda, Daraa, Syria47150car bombing outside mosque
17 Feb 2014Baghdad, Iraq2366four car bombings
20 Feb 2014Musayyib, Iraq2235mortar attack on market
23 Feb 2014Yobe, Nigeria59?attack by Boko Haram on rural boarding school in which explosives, guns, and knives were used against teenage boys in dormitories before the school buildings were set on fire
27 Feb 2014Baghdad, Iraq3668multiple bombings in Baghdad; bombing of motorcycle shops in Sadr City killed 27, injured 43; car bombing in Sadr City killed 5, injured 14; bombing on bus in Shaab neighborhood killed 4, injured 11
27 Feb 2014Michika, Adamawa, Nigeria37?armed attacks on city of Michika and villages of Shuwa and Kirchinga
1 Mar 2014Kunming, PR China33143attack by 8 terrorists with knives on passengers at a railway station; 4 terrorists killed
2 Mar 2014Maiduguri, Nigeria50?truck bombing in market; many children killed
2 Mar 2014Mainok, Nigeria39?armed attack on village; village was largely destroyed
8 Mar 2014Malaysia2390(unknown cause) Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared en route from Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing, PR China; on 15 March authorities reported that the plane was detected flying to the west over the Indian Ocean with its fate undetermined as of March 2015
9 Mar 2014Hilla, Iraq45157suicide car bombing at checkpoint
14 Mar 2014Pakistan2089bombings in Sarband and Quetta
16 Mar 2014Kaduna, Nigeria219?armed attack on villages of Ungwar Sankwai, Ungwar Gata, and Chenshyi by Fulani attackers using guns and machetes
9 Apr 2014Islamabad, Pakistan24120bombing at marketplace
14 Apr 2014Abuja, Nigeria88200two bombs exploded at bus station
14 Apr-Jun 2014Chibok, Borno, Nigeria1276Boko Haram attack on school, 1 soldier killed and 329 teenage girls kidnapped; 53 subsequently escaped but 276 were still missing in June 2014; Boko Haram spokespersons have stated some girls have been sold into slavery, apparently some outside of Nigeria
21 Apr 2014Iraq33?multiple bombings
7 May 2014Gamboru Ngala, Nigeria310?Boko Haram attack on town: shooting attack on market was followed by attacks throughout town during which many buildings were set on fire; 310 killed, including 16 police officers
13 May 2014Iraq34?multiple bombings
20 May 2014Jos, Nigeria11856car bombing at market, followed 30 minutes later by car bombing at bus terminal; attack attributed to Boko Haram
22 May 2014Urumqi, Xinjiang, PR China4394suicide attack on market with bombs and two car bombs; 39 civilians and 4 terrorists killed
24 May 2014Mogadishu, Somalia102car bombing followed by attack with guns and bombs on Somali parliament building kills 10 including 4 police officers; 2 parliament members injured
28 May 2014Bangui, Central African Republic30?Catholic church attacked using guns and grenades
29 Jun 2014Kwada, Nigeria50?shooting attack by Boko Haram on worshippers outside Christian church
14 Jul 2014Dille, Nigeria27?Boko Haram attacks on three Christian churches
15 Jul 2014Orgun district, Paktika, Afghanistan4267suicide car bombing in marketplace
11 Aug 2014Doron Baga, Borno, Nigeria2897Boko Haram attack on several villages
22 Aug 2014Diyala, Iraq64?shooting attack on mosque
23 Aug 2014Baghdad and Kirkuk, Iraq42?multiple bombings
6 Sep 2014Mediterranean Sea near Malta4508(criminal) ship carrying migrants and refugees from Egypt to Malta intentionally rammed and sunk by human traffickers; 8 survivors; passengers were Palestinian, Syrian, Egyptian and Sudanese
15 Sep 2014Balad, Iraq011chlorine bomb attack by ISIS on defending Iraqi troops
21 Sep 2014Camp Saqlawiyah, Iraq020chlorine bomb attack by ISIS on defending Iraqi troops
9 Oct 2014Sana'a, Yemen4775suicide bombing at rally in Tahrir Square
11 Oct 2014Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq38?multiple car bombings in Shiite neighborhoods
16 Oct 2014Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq50?multiple attacks on Shiite neighborhoods in and near Baghdad
20 Oct 2014Iraq33?multiple attacks on Shiite neighborhoods
21 Oct 2014Kobani, Iraq08bomb attack with chemical agent on town by ISIS; 1 child injured
22 Oct 2014Ottawa, Ontario, Canada23shooting attack on Canadian parliament building
27 Oct 2014Iraq38?two car bombings
1 Nov 2014Baghdad, Iraq2453suicide truck bombing at checkpoint killed 20, injured 53; two additional bombings, also targeting Shi'ite pilgrims
2 Nov 2014Baghdad, Iraq4475multiple bombings
8 Nov 2014Baghdad and Ramadi, Iraq33101six car bombings in Baghdad, including one each in Karrada, Ameen, Zafraniyah, and Sadr city, and two in Amil; suicide car bombing in Ramadi, killing 5 soldiers
12 Nov 2014Baghdad, Yusifiya, and Diyala province, Iraq2641car bombing and suicide bombing at police building in Baghdad, killing 11 including 6 police, injuring 21; suicide bomb attack on army colonel's convoy in Diyala province, killing 6; suicide car bombing at army checkpoint in Yusifiya, killing 6 and injuring 20
23 Nov 2014Yahyakhel district, Paktika, Afghanistan6167suicide bombing targeting a volleyball match; 10 police officers among those killed, at least 3 children injured
28 Nov 2014Kano, Nigeria121280bombings by two Boko Haram suicide bombers at mosque; targeted mosque was led by an emir who is critical of Boko Haram
2 Dec 2014Kormey, Mandera, Kenya360overnight attack on quarry workers
4 Dec 2014Iraq37?multiple car bombings
11 Dec 2014Gajiganna, Borno, Nigeria3017Boko Haram attack on village
14 Dec 2014Gumsuri, Borno, Nigeria32185armed attack on village; 32 men killed and 185 women kidnapped
14 Dec 2014Afghanistan2118suicide bombing attack on military bus in Kabul, shooting attack on workers cleared mines, and assassination of government official in Kabul
15-16 Dec 2014Sydney, New South Wales, Australia34hostage taking at cafe
16 Dec 2014Peshawar, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan148124shooting and bombing attack on military boarding school; child casualties include 132 killed and 121 injured
16 Dec 2014Radaa, Bayda, Yemen31?twin car bombings; first one struck a checkpoint while a schoolbus was passing, killing 16 primary schoolgirls; second struck near home of a tribal leader, killing 10
22 Dec 2014Mandera, Kenya280bus attacked by gunmen near Mandera
24 Dec 2014Madain, Iraq3355suicide bombing attack on pro-Iraqi Sunni fighters waiting for paychecks
27 Dec 2014Mozogo, Cameroon233Boko Haram attack on village
31 Dec 2014Ibb, Yemen4970suicide bombing at gathering at cultural center
3-4 Jan 2015Baga and Doro Gowon, Nigeria700300Boko Haram attack on Baga and nearby Doro Gowon; about 3,100 homes and other structures destroyed or damaged by fire in Doro Gowon, about 620 in Baga; estimates of death toll range from 150 to 2,000
6 Jan 2015Al Anbar, Iraq2521two suicide bombings followed by armed attack
7 Jan 2015Sana'a, Yemen3766car bombing targeting students outside police academy
8 Jan 2015Paris, France1220shooting attack by two Al Qaeda gunmen on newspaper office; paper was targeted because of its publications mocking Islam; 18 newspaper employees and 2 police killed
11 Jan 2015Maiduguri, Borno, Nigeria2024suicide bombing by 10-year-old girl in market
23 Jan 2015near Mosul, Iraq030truck bomb with chlorine-filled tanks used against Iraqi troops
25 Jan 2015Mamasapano, Philippines64?terrorist attack during counterterrorism operations killed 44 police, 3 civilians, and 17 terrorists
4-5 Feb 2015Fotokol, Cameroon90500shooting and arson attack on village by 800 Boko Haram terrorists; churches and mosques burned
8 Feb 2015Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq37?multiple bombings
11 Feb 2015Baghdad and Tikrit, Iraq34?militant attacks on security forces in Baghdad and Tikrit
13 Feb 2015Peshawar, Pakistan2267shooting and bombing attack at mosque
25 Feb 2015Potiksum and Kano, Nigeria3454suicide bombings at bus stops
26 Feb 2015Biu, Nigeria3517suicide bombing at bus station and second attack with three bombs thrown from cars
7 Mar 2015Maiduguri, Borno, Nigeria58143suicide bombings at markets
18 Mar 2015Tunis, Tunisia2540shooting and attempted hostage taking at museum; at least 19 foreign tourists killed
20 Mar 2015Sana'a, Yemen142352four bombings at two mosques
24 Mar 2015Prads-Haute-Bleone, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France1500(criminal) copilot intentionally crashed Germanwings Flight 4U9525 passenger aircraft; those killed included 70 Germans, 51 Spaniards, and citizens of 17 other countries
26-27 Mar 2015Mogadishu, Somalia2428suicide car bombing outside hotel, followed by armed attack; authorities took 12 hours to retake hotel; 18 civilians and 6 gunmen killed
2 Apr 2015Garissa, Kenya15279attack on a college campus by multiple gunmen; 148 students, 3 police officers, 3 soldiers, and 4 terrorists killed
6 Apr 2015Kwajaffa, Nigeria243armed attack by Boko Haram on village
11 Apr 2015Sohrab dam near Turbat, Balochistan, Pakistan203attack by gunmen on labor camp at bridge construction site, targeting foreign workers
18 Apr 2015Jalalabad, Nangarhar, Afghanistan33115suicide bombing outside bank, claimed by ISIS
8 May 2015Balad Ruz and Kanaan, Iraq2259two suicide bombings at mosques in Balad Ruz, killing 18 and injuring 41; suicide car bombing attack on worshippers leaving mosque in Kanaan killed 4, injured 18
9 May 2015Kumanovo, Macedonia2230gunbattle between suspected Albanian terrorists and police; 8 police and 14 gunmen killed
13 May 2015Karachi, Pakistan4627armed attack on bus of Ismaili Shia pilgrims near Safoora Chowrangi
22 May 2015Qatif, Saudi Arabia2181suicide bombing at Shia mosque
26 May 2015Nawzad, Helmand, Afghanistan26?armed attack and seige of police compound; 19 police and 7 soldiers killed
1 Jun 2015Tharthat, Anbar, Iraq4163attack by three suicide bombers on police base, killing police and militiamen
4 Jun 2015Yola, Adamawa, Nigeria29?two suicide bombings at main market
15 Jun 2015N'Djamena, Chad; Potiskum, Yobe, Nigeria38101four suicide bombings at two police buildings in N'Djamena, Chad; two suicide bombings in Potiskum, Nigeria
17 Jun 2015Monguno, Nigeria63?civilian self-defense fighters found a bag in a Boko Haram camp; they took the bag to nearby town for inspection when it exploded while surrounded by onlookers
17 Jun 2015Charleston, South Carolina, United States91gunman kills 9 in attack at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church on a Bible study group; South Carolina state congressman among those killed; 1 injured
23 Jun 2015Maiduguri, Borno, Nigeria22?suicide bombing by two women
24 Jun 2015Debiro Hawul and Debiro Bi, Borno and Gujba, Yobe, Nigeria60?shooting and arson attacks on Debiro Hawul and Debiro Bi, Borno, killed 50; suicide bombing by 12-year-old girl in Gujba, Yobe, village market killed 10
25 Jun 2015Kobani and Brakh Bootan, Syria146?three car bombings by ISIS in Kobani killed 146; shooting attack on civilians in Brakh Bootan
26 Jun 2015Sousse, Sousse, Tunisia3939gunman attacked tourists at hotel beachfront; 38 killed including 30 tourists from UK, 3 from Ireland, 2 from Germany, and 1 each from Belgium, Russia, and Portugal; 39 injured, including 25 from the United Kingdom, 7 Tunisians, 3 Belgians, and 1 each from Germany, Russia, and the Ukraine; gunman was shot and killed
26 Jun 2015Kuwait City, Kuwait27300suicide bombing at Shia mosque, Imam Sadiq, by Islamic State affiliate
26 Jun 2015Leego, Somalia7060suicide car bombing attack on gate of African Union base followed with attack by multiple gunmen; 50-70 soldiers killed; 20 Burundian soldiers and 40 Somali civilians missing and presumed kidnapped
30 Jun 2015Monguno, Borno, Nigeria48?shooting attacks at two villages
1 Jul 2015Kukawa, Nigeria118?attack by 50 gunmen on village
1 Jul 2015Sheikh Zuweid, Rafah, and El-Arish, Egypt8855multiple attacks on military and police stations in the Sinai region, including three suicide bombings and armed attacks on at least 6 military checkpoints; 50 Egyptian soldiers and 38 attackers killed, at least 55 soldiers injured
3 Jul 2015Mussa, Nigeria31?armed attack on village
6 Jul 2015Jos, Plateau, Nigeria5167bombing of restaurant and of a mosque
7 Jul 2015Zaria, Kaduna, Nigeria2650suicide bombing at a government building where schoolteachers were lined up seeking employment
12 Jul 2015Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq2981suicide bombings in marketplace and checkpoint; three other bombings, two in commercial areas
13 Jul 2015Camp Chapman, Khost, Afghanistan3310suicide car bombing at checkpoint near Camp Chapman; those killed included 12 children, 15 other civilians, and 6 guards
17 Jul 2015Khan Bani Saad, Diyala, Iraq115170truck bombing in marketplace
17 Jul 2015Gombe and Damaturu, Nigeria6475two bombings in Gombe marketplace kill 50, injure 75; twin suicide bombings at prayer grounds in Damaturu
20 Jul 2015Suruc, Turkey32100suicide bombing targeting a socialist youth group
26 Jul 2015Maroua, Cameroon2079suicide bombing by a 12-year-old girl at a bar
7 Aug 2015Kabul, Afghanistan44426multiple bombings: 27 police recruits killed and 26 injured by suicide bombing at a police academy; 15 killed and 400 injured (including 15 children injured) by a truck bombing in a residential area near an army base
10 Aug 2015Diyala, Iraq58101suicide vehicle bombing in Huwaidar marketplace killed 51 including some children; suicide car bombing at checkpoint east of Baquba killed 7
13 Aug 2015Baghdad, Iraq76200truck bombing in Jameela marketplace in Sadr City
15 Aug 2015Baghdad, Iraq2485multiple bombings: 15 killed and 52 injured by bombing in Habibiya district; 2 killed and 8 injured by bombing in Taji; bombing in Madain market killed 3, injured 10; bombing in al-Askan market killed 2, injured 8; bombing in Jisr Diyala commerical area killed 2, injured 7
16 Aug 2015Shadi Khan, Attock, Pakistan2217two suicide bombings at guest house attacking mourners for a relative of retired home minister of Punjab
17 Aug 2015Bangkok, Thailand21121bombing in street outside Erawan shrine; those killed included 7 tourists from China and Hong Kong and 7 other tourists
3 Sep 2015Sana'a, Yemen3130two suicide bombings at al-Balili mosque
4 Sep 2015Al-Suwayda, Syria2650car bombing attack on convoy of vehicles carrying a senior Druze leader, followed by second car bombing targeting the hospital where victims were being taken
20 Sep 2015Borno, Nigeria10897bombings at a mosque, market, and football game spectators in Maiduguri; bombing of market in Monguno
2 Oct 2015Abuja, Nigeria2041suicide bombing near police station, bombing of a shopping mall, and bombing at a bus stop
2 Oct 2015Maiduguri, Borno, Nigeria1536five suicide bombings at a mosque and home of local leader; the five bombers were girls aged 9 to 15; three bombers attacked the mosque, one ran into a nearby bush, and one attacked the home
5 Oct 2015Iraq63123bombings in Diyala, al-Zubair, and Baghdad
10 Oct 2015Ankara, Turkey102400two suicide bombings at political rally outside Ankara central trail station
10 Oct 2015N'Djamena, Chad4150five suicide bombings, multiple each at a marketplace where 16 were killed and at a refugee camp where 22 were killed; those injured included 14 children
23 Oct 2015Nigeria42107suicide bombings in mosques in Yola and Maiduguri
23 Oct 2015Jacobabad, Pakistan2240suicide bombing targeting religious procession; 8 children killed
31 Oct 2015Sinai, Egypt2240apparent mid-air bombing of Russian Airbus over Sinai after departing Sharm el-Sheikh airport; plane broke apart in midair, killing 217 passengers and 7 crew
12 Nov 2015Beirut, Lebanon43239two suicide bombings in Bourj el-Barajneh market area
13-14 Nov 2015Paris, France137352six attacks by ISIS terrorists: shooting and hostage taking at theater by three terrorists, killing 87 before police stormed the site; 35 killed in shooting attacks on three restaurants; three suicide bombings at or near a soccer stadium; one suicide bombing at a restaurant; 129 killed plus 8 terrorists
17 Nov 2015Yola, Nigeria3280bombing at marketplace next to mosque
18 Nov 2015Kano, Nigeria17123two suicide bombings in marketplace; bombers were females ages 11 and 18
20 Nov 2015Bamako, Mali249shooting attack and hostage taking at Radisson Blu hotel; 170 hostages freed after Malian soldiers raided the hotel; fatalities included 6 Malians, 6 Russians, 3 Chinese, 2 Belgians, 1 Israeli, and 1 American, plus both attackers; 2 soldiers were injured
27 Nov 2015Dakasoye, Nigeria2338suicide bombing attack on Shia Muslim procession
2 Dec 2015San Bernardino, California, United States1623two attackers killed 14 and injured 21 at a county employee meeting and Christmas party; both attackers were killed hours later in a shootout with police in which 2 police officers were injured
5 Dec 2015Laouna Sangu, Chad33101suicide bombings by three females at marketplace
8 Dec 2015Kandahar, Afghanistan5936armed attack on market and school near airport; fatalities included 38 civilians, 10 Afghan soldiers, 2 policemen, and 9 terrorists; injured included 1 terrorist
11 Dec 2015Tell Tamer, Syria6080three truck bombings in Christian village at a Kurdish militia field hospital and the Souk Al Jumla marketplace
12 Dec 2015Warwara, Mangari and Bura-Shika, Borno, Nigeria3020machete and arson attacks on villages
13 Dec 2015Parachinar, Kurram, Pakistan2562bombing in marketplace
28 Dec 2015Maiduguri, Borno, and Madagali, Adamawa, Nigeria80121multiple bombings and shooting attacks overnight in Maiduguri killed 30; morning bombing outside a mosque in Maiduguri killed 20; two suicide bombings at market in Madagali killed 30
28 Dec 2015Homs, Syria3290car bombing followed by suicide bombing in Zahra district
29 Dec 2015Mardan, Pakistan2651suicide bombing targeting civilians lined up outside government office

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