Incidents of Mass Casualty Terrorism

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 29 August 2021

Chronological listing of identified terrorist incidents resulting in 100 or more fatalities (all times local)--see links for incident details:

13 Dec 1921Bolgard, Bessarabia, Romania100?bombing of Siguranzia palace in Bolgard (Ograd?) in Bessarabia
16 Apr 1925Sophia, Bulgaria160500bombing by communist terrorists of Sveta Nedelya Cathedral during funeral; cathedral dome collapsed, killing mostly officials attending the funeral
25 Nov 1940Haifa, British Palestine267172bombing and sinking of ship carrying Jewish immigrants
18 May 1973Chita, Siberia, USSR1000mid-air bombing of Aeroflot airliner over Siberia
4 Dec 1977Malaysia1000crash of hijacked Malaysian Boeing 747 airliner in Straits of Johore near Malaysia
20 Aug 1978Abadan, Iran47710arson of theater
20 Nov-5 Dec 1979Mecca, Saudi Arabia240600hostage taking at Grand Mosque (includes 87 terrorists killed)
23 Sep 1983United Arab Emirates1120crash of Gulf Air flight following mid-air bombing over the UAE
23 Oct 1983Beirut, Lebanon301161simultaneous truck bombings of U.S. Marine and French barracks
14 May 1985Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka15085armed attack on crowds
23 Jun 1985multiple3314mid-air bombings of Air India flight off Cork, Ireland, killing 329; bomb intended for second Air India flight exploded in Narita Airport, Japan, killing 2 and injuring 4
6 Nov 1985Bogota, Columbia100?50 M-19 terrorists seize Palace of Justice in Bogota, Columbia; 12 judges killed, palace is stormed, fire results and kills all terrorists and additional hostages
18 Apr 1987Alut Oya, Sri Lanka12764Tamil Tiger roadway ambush of Sinhalese in five vehicles near Alut Oya
21 Apr 1987Columbo, Sri Lanka106295Tamil Tiger bombing of bus depot
29 Nov 1987Burma1150mid-air bombing of Korean Air flight near Burma
21 Dec 1988Lockerbie, Scotland, United Kingdom27012mid-air bombing of Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, Scotland
19 Sep 1989Bilma, Niger1710mid-air bombing of French UTA flight near Bilma
27 Nov 1989Bogota, Columbia110?mid-air bombing of Avianca flight in Bogota, killing all 107 aboard plus 3 on the ground
3 Aug 1990Kathankudy, Sri Lanka14070armed attack at two mosques
13 Aug 1990Eravur, Sri Lanka12279armed attack at mosque
2 Oct 1990Guangzhou, PR China13249crash of hijacked PRC airliner
12 Mar 1993Mumbai (Bombay), India3171,40015 bombings throughout city
22 Sep 1993Sukhumi, Georgia10626crash of airliner struck by missile
19 Apr 1995Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States169675truck bombing of federal building, causing partial collapse
14-19 June 1995Budennovsk, Stavropol, Russia143435hostage taking at hospital and two failed rescue attempts
23 Nov 1996Moroni, Comoros12748crash of hijacked Ethiopian Air flight off Comoros during forced landing off shore
29 Aug 1997Algeria238?attacks at Sidi Moussa and Hais Rais
22 Sep 1997Ben Talha, Algeria277?armed attack
30 Dec 1997Ami Moussa, Algeria272?armed attack
4 Jan 1998Algeria182?attacks at Had Chekala, Remka, and Ain Tarik, Algeria
11 Jan 1998Sidi Hamed, Algeria10370attack on movie theater and mosque
7 Aug 1998multiple3034,954truck bomb explodes outside U.S. embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, destroying adjacent office building; 244 killed, 4,877 injured; within five minutes, a truck bomb explodes outside U.S. embassy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; 12 killed
3 Nov 1998Mitu, Columbia13830FARC rebels attack police barracks with rockets, killing police officers and 10 civilians
13 Sep 1999Moscow, Russia130150bombing of apartment building
31 Oct 1999Atlantic Ocean, Massachusetts, United States2170intentional crash of Egypt Air flight off Nantucket Island by copilot
10 Aug 2001Luanda, Angola152146attack on train south of Luanda
11 Sep 2001United States2,9938,900crashing of hijacked planes into World Trade Center, New York City, New York, Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, and site in Pennsylvania, USA
2 May 2002Bojaya, Choco, Columbia11980armed attack on village including bombing of church
19 Aug 2002Khankala, Chechnya, Russia12714Mi-26 helicopter carrying Russian troops shot down by terrorist-fired missile shortly before landing; 115 killed immediately, 12 died of injuries; 21 survivors included 14 injured
12 Oct 2002Kuta, Indonesia202350car bombing outside nightclub
23-26 Oct 2002Moscow, Russia170656hostage taking and attempted rescue in theater (includes 41 terrorists killed)
29 Aug 2003Najaf, An-Najaf, Iraq125500car bombing outside mosque
1 Feb 2004Irbil, Irbil, Iraq109256two suicide bombings of political party offices
21 Feb 2004Uganda23960armed attack and arson at refugee camp
27 Feb 2004Manila, Philippines1189bombing and fire on ferry near Manila
2 Mar 2004Iraq188652suicide bombings at shrines in Karbala and Kadhimiya
11 Mar 2004Madrid, Spain1911,876bombings of four trains
24 Jun 2004Iraq103324bombings in Mosul and Baghdad; armed attacks in Ramadi and Baquba
1-3 Sep 2004Beslan, North Ossetia, Russia372747hostage taking at school (includes 35 terrorists killed)
28 Feb 2005Hilla, Babil, Iraq135130car bombing outside medical clinic
16 Jul 2005Musayyib, Babil, Iraq100150suicide bombing in marketplace near gas tanker and mosque
14 Sep 2005Baghdad, Iraq182679multiple suicide bombings and shooting attacks
5 Jan 2006Iraq124203bombings in Karbala, Ramadi, and Baghdad
11 Jul 2006Mumbai, India209714seven bombings on commuter trains
16 Oct 2006Habarana, Sri Lanka103150suicide bombing of military convoy near Habarana
23 Nov 2006Baghdad, Iraq202260five car bombings and two mortar attacks in Sadr City, Baghdad
22 Jan 2007Iraq101186bombings in Baghdad and Baquba
3 Feb 2007Baghdad, Iraq137334truck bombing in marketplace
6 Mar 2007Hilla, Babil, Iraq137310two suicide bombings and additional attacks
27 Mar 2007Tal Afar, Ninewa, Iraq153351two truck bombings
29 Mar 2007Iraq137251multiple bombings in Baghdad, Khalis, and Mahmudiya
18 Apr 2007Baghdad, Iraq193197multiple bombings
3-10 Jul 2007Islamabad, Pakistan10229hostage taking and army storming of mosque
7 Jul 2007Armili, Iraq182270multiple suicide truck bombings in Armili and area, Iraq
14 Aug 2007Iraq5201,500multiple car bombings in Al-Adnaniyah and Al-Qataniyah
18 Oct 2007Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan141540bombing of motorcade for former prime minister Bhutto
17 Feb 2008Kandahar, Kandahar, Afghanistan10595suicide bombing at dogfighting festival
10 Oct 2008Orakzai, Pakistan110165truck bombing of anti-Taliban tribal meeting
26-29 Nov 2008Mumbai, India174370multiple shooting and grenade attacks and hostage takings (includes 9 terrorists killed)
24 Dec 2008Doroma, Orientale, DR Congo189?armed attack on village
26-30 Jul 2009Maiduguri, Borno, Nigeria780?armed attack on city by Boko Haram
19 Aug 2009Baghdad, Iraq104568multiple bombings at government sites
25 Oct 2009Baghdad, Iraq155721two vehicle bombings at government buildings
28 Oct 2009Peshawar, Pakistan119213car bombing at marketplace
8 Dec 2009Baghdad, Iraq127448five car bombings
10 May 2010Iraq111391multiple bombings in Hilla, Basra, al-Suwayra, Baghdad, Tarmiyah, Fallujah, Mosul, and Iskandariyah, and additional armed attacks in Baghdad
28 May 2010Khemasuli, West Bengal, India148180sabotage resulting in derailment of Jnaneswari express train and collision with second train
10 Jul 2010Kakaghund, Pakistan106115two suicide bombings
4 Nov 2011Damaturu, Yobe, Nigeria100100bombings and shooting attacks on churches, police headquarters, government buildings, and banks
20 Jan 2012Kano, Nigeria17850multiple bombings and gun attacks
23 Jul 2012Iraq116299multiple bombings in Taji, Mosul, Baghdad, Dhuluiya, Baquba, and Diyala
16 Aug 2012Iraq106342bombings in Baghdad, Tal Afar, Kirkuk, Daquq, Garma, Kut, Husainiya, Tuz Khurmato, and armed attacks in Mushahda, Falluja, Al-A'amiriya, and Baaj
9 Sep 2012Iraq106424bombings in Baghdad, Amara, Kirkuk, Taji, Maysan, Tuz Khormato, Nasiriyah, Basra, Tal Afar, Hawija, and Ar Riyad, and armed attack on Dujail army base
10 Jan 2013Pakistan120222bombings at security checkpoint, billiards hall, nearby street, and market in Quetta, and bombing at mosque in Mingora
22 Apr 2013Baga, Nigeria18777Boko Haram attack on village
20 May 2013Iraq113329bombings in Baghdad, Hilla, Basra, Balad, Jisr Diyala, Samarra, Mosul, Baiji, Rutba, Baquba, and Tuz Khormato, and armed attacks in Haditha
17 Sep 2013Benisheik, Nigeria143?ambush of civilian traffic on highway
21 Sep 2013Iraq100160bombings and shooting attacks in Baghdad, Beiji, and Mosul
16 Mar 2014Kaduna, Nigeria219?armed attacks on villages of Ungwar Sankwai, Ungwar Gata, and Chenshyi
7 May 2014Gamboru Ngala, Nigeria310?armed attack on market, after which many buildings were set on fire
20 May 2014Jos, Nigeria11856two car bombings at market and bus station
28 Nov 2014Kano, Nigeria121280bombing attack on mosque
16 Dec 2014Peshawar, Pakistan148124shooting and bombing attack on school
3-4 Jan 2015Baga and Doro Gowon, Nigeria700?300?armed attack and arson of villages by Boko Haram
20 Mar 2015Sanaa, Yemen142352two bombings at each of two mosques
2 Apr 2015Garissa, Kenya15279attack on college campus by multiple gunmen
25 Jun 2015Kobani, Syria146?three car bombings
1 Jul 2015Kukawa, Nigeria118?attack by 50 gunmen on village
17 Jul 2015Khan Bani Saad, Diyala, Iraq115170truck bombing in marketplace
20 Sep 2015Borno, Nigeria10897bombings at a mosque, market, and football game spectators in Maiduguri; bombing of market in Monguno
10 Oct 2015Ankara, Turkey102400two suicide bombings at political rally
31 Oct 2015Sinai, Egypt2240apparent mid-air bombing of Russian Airbus over Sinai after departing Sharm el-Sheikh airport; plane broke apart in midair
13-14 Nov 2015Paris, France137352shooting and hostage-taking at a theater; shooting attacks on three restaurants; four suicide bombings outside a soccer stadium and at a restaurant
16 Jan 2016Deir ez-Zor, Syria250?Islamic State militants attacks on two neighborhoods, killing families of pro-Syrian government individuals
21 Feb 2016Syria140279four suicide bombings near Shia shrine in Sayyida Zeinab; two car bombings in pro-Syrian government neighborhoods of Homs
23 May 2016Jableh and Tartus, Syria184200multiple bombings
27 May 2016Baghdad, Iraq101194multiple bombings
3 Jul 2016Baghdad, Iraq324225truck bombing in market area, setting fire to crowded shopping mall
24 Nov 2016Hillah, Iraq12595suicide car bombing at gas station
17 Mar 2017Mosul, Iraq10736ISIS terrorists held over 100 civilians in a building rigged with explosives, then had two snipers on the roof invite a U.S. airstrike which triggered the explosives; 101 killed in the building’s collapse plus 4 killed in neighboring buildings; 36 reported missing
15 Apr 2017Rashidin, Syria126100suicide car bombing targeting buses carrying refugees; fatalities included 80 children
21 Apr 2017Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh, Afghanistan266160attack on military base by 10 terrorists claiming to be transporting injured soldiers; suicide bombings and shooting attacks targeted soldiers at the base mosque; 10 terrorists killed
19 May 2017Brak al-Shati Airbase, Libya141?armed attack on airbase, killing soldiers and civilians
31 May 2017Kabul, Afghanistan150400truck bombing in square near foreign embassies
14 Oct 2017Mogadishu, Somalia358228truck bomb attack at intersection near hotels, restaurants, and government offices; 56 people missing
4 Nov 2017Deir ez-Zor, Syria100140suicide car bombing at refugee center
23 Nov 2017Bir al-Abed, Sinai, Egypt305128attack on mosque with bombs followed by shooting attack on fleeing survivors; 27 children among those killed
15 Jan 2018Baghdad, Iraq38105two suicide bombings at street market
27 Jan 2018Kabul, Afghanistan103235suicide bombing in ambulance at a police checkpoint
13 Jul 2018Mastung, Pakistan150300suicide bombing at election rally
25 Jul 2018As-Suwayda, Syria221180armed attacks and bombings by Islamic State terrorists
19 Nov 2018Mitile, Borno, Nigeria118150Boko Haram attack on military base
16-18 Dec 2018Bongende, Bandundu, DR Congo339111Batende tribe attacks on villages
21 Jan 2019Maidan Shar, Wardak, Afghanistan12954suicide vehicle bombing at security base; 3 attackers among those killed
23 Mar 2019Mopti, Mali1600armed attack on villagers in Ogossagou and Welingara
21 Apr 2019Colombo, Negombo, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka259500eight explosions on Easter Sunday: suicide bombings at St. Anthony’s Shrine and three hotels in Colombo, St. Sebastian’s church in Negombo, and a church in Batticaloa; two more explosions in Colombo as police pursued leads; at least 36 foreigners among those killed
09 Jun 2019Darak, Cameroon1019Boko Haram attack on military forces killed 37 soldiers and civilians and injured 9; 64 attackers also killed
10 Dec 2019Inates, Niger12812Boko Haram attack on military base killed 71 soldiers, injured 12; 57 attackers also killed
24 Dec 2019Arbinda, Burkina Faso122armed attack on village killed 35 civilians, mostly women, and 7 soldiers; 80 attackers also killed
28 Nov 2020Jere, Nigeria11014Boko Haram armed attack on village, mostly using bladed weapons; a number of women were kidnapped
24-28 Mar 2021Palma, Mozambique100armed attack by 200 fighters on town, killing dozens and destroying much infrastructure over 4 day period; victims included foreigners in besieged hotel; about 20,000 residents fled
05 Jun 2021Solhan, Burkina Faso16040armed attack on village; at least 20 children among those killed; government reports indicate most attackers were child soldiers
20 Aug 2021Arbinda, Burkina Faso160armed attack on convoy killed 59 civilians and 21 soldiers; 80 attackers also killed
26 Aug 2021Kabul, Afghanistan182170suicide bombing at airport gate among crowds attempting to leave Afghanistan, followed by gunfight; casualties included multiple children killed, 13 U.S. soldiers killed and 20 more injured

The following incidents are criminal in nature, not considered terrorism:

The following incidents are accidents which have either been misidentified by some sources as terrorist attacks, or where terrorism cannot be ruled out.

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